jamirah shutes

Jamirah Shutes is a Memphis women’s basketball player. She is an American basketball player and is known for her exceptional skills. She was born in 2000. Her journey in basketball started when she was six years old. She played basketball for the University of Memphis from 2019 to 2021. Jamirah’s father is also a former basketball player, and he introduced his daughter to the sport, which led her to become a basketball player. You might get more information about Jamirah Shutes in this article, so go through the article wisely.


Jamirah Shutes is known as an athlete for her talent and hard work and earned a reputation in the sports with her exceptional skills. She was born on 15 February 2000. She is 23 years old, and at present, she is living in Memphis. Her father, James was also known as a former basketball player, and Jamirah’s father was the one who introduced his daughter to sports, which led her to become a known athlete.


She attended high school in Tennessee, United States. She played basketball in her high school in Tennessee and gained a reputation as an outstanding player. After completing high school, she was admitted to the University of Memphis women’s basketball, the most prestigious college of basketball programs. She played for Memphis Tiger women’s basketball and contributed to the team’s success in her time. She has continued her studies focusing on social justice and activism and has spoken in public about the importance of education.

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Jamirah Shutes played for the University of Memphis Women’s basketball player for three years. She played the guard position for the team. She recorded a season-high points against Southern Illinois in 17 points and SMU in 7. Observing her impressive performance, The American Athletic Conference named Shutes All-Freshman Team. She set her new career of high points 31 against East Carolina. Later, For her outstanding performance, she was named to the AII-AAC. Although after playing for two seasons, Jamirah has significantly impacted the University of Memphis Tiger Women’s Basketball.


The basketball player was recently charged with an assault by campus police after punching Elissa Brett, a Falcons player at Bowling Green State University, in the shake-hand line between the two teams. After a brief conversation, Jamirah hit Brett’s face, and Brett fell onto the sideline. Jamirah’s teammate quickly grabbed her while Brett’s teammate checked on her. The Bowling Green stated that the incident is under the control of campus police. You can watch the incident at https://youtu.be/zuzrstabQzo


In conclusion, athletes are the ones who put in hard work from the very beginning in the field of sports, and those who have started their journey at a very early age must gain success. Jamirah is the one who started her journey from the very beginning. She was 6 when she began her journey in basketball, which made her become a known basketball player for her exceptional hard work and talent.

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