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IObit Software Updater is a free program for easy and fast automatic updating of the software installed on your computer. IObit Software Updater automatically updates outdated applications with one click.

For fruitful work in the Windows operating system, users install third-party software on their computers. Programs help you perform certain necessary actions.

It is very important to keep the versions of programs installed on your computer up to date. This is primarily about security issues. In new versions of the software, developers fix security vulnerabilities in programs, make changes, corrections and improvements in the program code, and add new functionality.

Some programs inform users about the released update and offer to upgrade, other applications need to be updated on their own. For the convenience of users, special programs have been created that monitor the status of the relevance of applications installed on the computer.

IObit Software Updater is a program for installing software updates on a computer. Main features of IObit Software Updater:

  • updating programs in one click;
  • updating individual programs;
  • automatic software updates;
  • creating a list of programs not subject to update;
  • installation of new programs on the computer.

IObit Software Updater works in Russian on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP operating systems. You can download IObit Software Updater from the official website of the Chinese company IObit, a well-known software developer.

Install the program on your computer and then run the application.

IObit Software Updater interface and settings

After launching the application, IObit Software Updater will scan your computer and identify programs that need to be updated. The main window of IObit Software Updater will display a list and number of outdated programs.

On the left is a vertical panel with a button for accessing the application settings, and two buttons for working with programs: “My programs” and “Recommendations”.

In the “Settings” section, in the “General” option, two options are activated by default:

  • Automatically create a system restore point before installing the program.
  • Automatically remove installed software packages.
The useful feature of creating a Windows restore point will help you roll back the system if something went wrong after updating the software. If the system restore point function is disabled on the computer, IObit Software Updater will prompt you to enable this option before performing application update operations.

The default location for downloading files is the hidden system folder “ProgramData”. The program includes an option to automatically remove program installers, so they will be temporarily located in this folder.

If you need to keep the software installation files on your PC, uncheck the box next to “Automatically remove installed software packages”. Select the Downloads folder or another folder on your computer to save the downloaded files.

In the “Update” option, the update method for installed programs is configured. By default, IObit Software Updater notifies you when updates are available. Here you can configure automatic scheduled updates.

Add the program to the “Auto Update List” to update the application automatically. If you don’t want a particular program to update automatically, remove the application from this list.

The “Blacklist” option will allow you to add programs to the list to prevent notifications about the release of updates for these applications. Update notifications will not be received until you remove the program from the blacklist.

The System Restore section will help you return your computer to the state it was in before the selected event. From here you can create a Windows recovery token. The latest restore point cannot be deleted for security reasons.

Running System Restore works like this:

  1. Select and then highlight a restore point.
  2. Click on the “Restore” button.

After that, the system restore tool for the operating system will start.

Updating software in IObit Software Updater

The main window of IObit Software Updater displays the number of outdated applications. The “Obsolete” section contains programs that have new versions. The “Latest” section contains programs that do not require updates.

Batch software update:

  1. Select programs to update. By default, all programs for which an update has been released are selected, they are marked as obsolete.
  2. To perform a batch software update, click the Update Now button.

Updating individual programs:

  1. Uncheck the boxes next to programs that should not be updated. For a selective update, click on the button with the options “Update”, “Automatic update”, “Ignore”.
  2. Click on the “Update” button.

Right-click on any program, select the update method. When updating automatically, IObit Software Updater will automatically update the program. Ignored program is blacklisted, updates of this application will no longer be offered.

The update process begins by creating a restore point, after that, the installation file is downloaded to the computer, and then the program is installed.

During the installation of the program, the following options are available to the user:

  • Automatically restart your computer.
  • Turn off your computer automatically.

If necessary, it is possible to stop the application update process. To do this, click on the “Stop” button.

During the update, depending on the program, a window of the application being updated may open to configure the installation settings.

In the final window, you will be informed about a successful update. It also contains information about outdated drivers and a suggestion to use the system cleanup of unnecessary files. To do this, you will need to install other programs produced by IObit.

Installing software with IObit Software Updater

IObit Software Updater has an integrated software installer function. The user has the ability to install new programs from the IObit Software Updater window, without visiting sites on the Internet, to download installation files.

Well-known, popular, time-tested applications are offered for installation on a computer, among them there are paid and free programs.

Hover your mouse over the “Recommendations” button. The menu will open a list of categories into which the proposed programs are grouped:

  • All programs – a list of all recommended programs.
  • Browsers – a list of Internet browsers.
  • Security – antivirus software.
  • Communication – instant messengers and email clients.
  • Multimedia – programs for working with multimedia.
  • Runtime programs are the means of the application execution environment.
  • Tools and Utilities – programs for working in Windows.

Move the mouse cursor to the program you are interested in, a window with explanations about this application will open.

Check the box next to the program that you want to install on your computer, click on the “Install” button. For batch installation, select several programs, click on the “Install Now” button.

Article Conclusions

The free IObit Software Updater program is designed to update outdated programs on your computer. Updates can be installed automatically or manually, update all programs, or only some. Before installing applications, a system restore point is created.

The IObit Software Updater program has functionality for installing new, recommended programs on your computer. The user only needs to select the appropriate application to install on the PC.

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