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Do you need to activate an ADSL or fiber optic line in your new apartment and want to save as much as possible? Do you live in an area where ADSL is unfortunately not yet available and are you looking for an alternative solution to connect to the  Internet without a landline ? I can help you if you want.

Below, in fact, you will find a list of the cheapest ADSL and fiber plans currently offered by Italian providers (some of which without a voice line), together with some offers that provide for the activation of a voice line but without fixed costs for calls and some alternative solutions that allow you to connect to the Internet using technologies other than the “classic” ones, such as the satellite connection.

Evaluate the various offers very carefully, carefully analyze the costs and limitations and choose the one that seems to you best suited to your needs. But I recommend: before subscribing to any type of subscription, read all the characteristics of the selected rate. Pay particular attention to activation costs, line connection costs and any contractual obligations, which often represent unwelcome surprises for those who change operators or activate a new user.


  • Internet offers without landlines
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  • Other interesting offers
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  • Comparison of Internet offers without landlines

Internet offers without landlines

If you are looking for an offer that allows you to use the Internet without a fixed line , below you will find, as I said at the beginning of the guide, a list of the most interesting plans in the category: analyze them all in detail and choose the most suitable one. to you.


If you are looking for a good Internet offer that does not include a fixed line, I suggest you take a look at the plans proposed by TIM . In fact, the operator’s price list includes interesting offers only for data in FWA or Fiber-Mixed Radio technology (optical fiber up to the Radio Base Station) and the final section on the LTE / LTE Advanced mobile network).

The first solution I propose is  TIM Super FWA , which costs € 24.90 / month (in non-promotional periods it costs € 29.90 / month) and allows you to enjoy an unlimited Internet connection with speeds up to 40 Mbps in download and 4 Mbps in upload and, at 2 euros / month more, it also includes unlimited calls to everyone. The modem is provided on a free loan for use and can be used both internally and externally, but in the latter case the installation must be carried out by a specialized technician at a cost of 99 euros (payable in a single solution or in 24 monthly installments of 4.13 euros). For the rest, the activation fee is 240 euros, to be paid in 24 monthly installments of 10 euros each (for new customers) and 192 euros in 24 installments of 8 euros each for those who are already clients. You can withdraw at any time by paying 25 euros for the deactivation of the service. Disney + is also included in the first month of subscription(then it costs 4.99 euros / month more, unless you deactivate it).

Another interesting plan made available by TIM, which makes it possible to use the Internet without a fixed line, is the one called  TIM FWA . It allows you to surf online with a speed of up to 30 Mbps in download and 15 Mbps in upload for a maximum of 200 GB of monthly traffic, after which navigation is blocked until the next renewal. The modem, the antenna and the data-only FWA SIM are included in the price, but you have to pay for the intervention of the technician at home, at a cost of 99 euros (which can be paid one-off or in installments of 4.20 euros / month for 24 months). In case of deactivation of the offer, a contribution of 25 euros must be paid. It costs 38.90 euros / month  (first month free).


Among the solutions that allow you to have Internet without a fixed line, Aruba is certainly worth mentioning  . The well-known Italian company that has been operating for years in the fields of Web hosting, cloud and online practices offers, in fact, various solutions to quickly surf online without having to activate a telephone line (and having to bear the related costs).

Going into more detail, the Aruba Fiber offer  for individuals  costs  € 17.49 / month for 12 months (instead of € 26.47 / month) for those who activate by January 31, 2022  and provide for a connection  up to 1Gbps in download  (with guaranteed minimum bandwidth of 40Mbps) and  up to 300Mbps upload  (with guaranteed minimum bandwidth of 20Mbps) with  assistance 24 hours via phone and chat , dynamic and static IPv6 IPv4 address (with static IPv4 address optional)  and  Wi-Fi router  option (you can request the  FRITZBox! 7530  for 2.20 euros / month more on the monthly fee or use a router you already own). L’activation is free even in the white areas and included in the price there is also a discount of up to 80% on various Aruba services : PEC -80%; Hosting -60%; Electronic invoicing -50%; -20% Digital Signature and 25 euro Cloud Voucher Services. You can withdraw within 30 days and get a full refund of the amount spent (in just 5 days); after this deadline it is possible to withdraw at any time with a 30-day notice at a cost of 20 euros . There is also the possibility to set up direct debit on current account.

For companies, the Aruba Fiber plan is available  , which costs  € 14.34 + VAT / month for 12 months (instead of € 21.70 + VAT / month) for those who activate by January 31, 2022  and includes all the features of the homonymous plan for individuals; or there is  Fiber Aruba Extra  which costs  17.49 euros / month for 12 months (instead of 26.47 euros / month) for those who are activated by January 31, 2022  and also adds priority assistance  and  discounts up to 80% on Aruba products  (e.g. 80% discount on  Aruba PEC , 60% discount on Aruba hosting , 50% discount on  Aruba electronic invoicing , 20% discount on Aruba digital signature  and a 25 euro voucher for cloud services). It is possible to withdraw within the first month free of charge or, subsequently, at any time with a 30-day notice at a cost of 16.39 euros + VAT . Aruba Extra Fiber can also be activated by individuals, if interested in priority assistance and discounts on Aruba services.

The contract always lasts 24 months, but you can contact Support to request a 12-month offer.

It should be noted that Aruba is based on the Open Fiber network  , the wholesale only company that is building the fiber optic network in Italy by exploiting, where possible, the existing infrastructures or building new ones with low environmental impact, and which operates only with the technology  FTTH (fiber to the Home) , which guarantees the use of only one optical fiber for the entire network infrastructure. This means having stable and fast connections ideal for streaming, gaming, teleworking and distance learning.


Among the operators that allow you to have Internet without a fixed line there is also BBBell , an Italian company based in Turin that uses FWA technology based on radio waves to guarantee high-performance connectivity even in areas not reached by classic fiber or copper lines. .

Its plans for families, called FAMILY , include a connection up to 70 Mbps in download and 3, 5 or 7 Mbps in upload (perfect for playing online, watching movies and TV series in streaming and managing home automation devices) with minimum bandwidth guaranteed and declared and Public Static IP address . Latest generation Wi-Fi router and telephone channel (with the possibility to choose between metered calls and unlimited calls) are also included. The antenna necessary to establish the connection is on free loan (in promo compared to the 10 euro / month normally provided) and its possible replacement in case of breakdowns is also included.

The assistance is dedicated and can be of the Bronze or Silver type (with remote support within 8 working hours from the call and any on-site interventions within the following 2 or 3 working days). It should be emphasized that there are no external call centers but all calls are handled directly by internal company personnel. The offers start at 30 euros / month for the FAMILY 30 plan with a fee that remains fixed forever. Usually there is an activation fee of 40 euros, but often this cost is free. With the 36-month promo, for example, the activation costs and loan for use are free and the fee is discounted by 5 euros.Learn more and check coverage here .

BBBell, however, is not just connectivity via radio waves. For users who are reached by optical fiber , the company proposes the Kiara offer with bandwidth profiles up to 1 Giga in download and 300 Mbps in upload , minimum guaranteed and declared bandwidth , Public Static IP address , Wi-Fi router latest generation and telephone channel included. Also in this case there is the possibility to choose between metered calls and unlimited calls. The support is dedicated and direct (without external call centers), while prices start at 27 euros / monthwith a fee that remains fixed forever. The activation generally costs 20 euros, the loan for use of the devices 100 euros, but often these costs are free. Learn more and check coverage here .

For second homes or for those who use connectivity sporadically, the Click & Go offer is available, served via radio waves and connection profiles of your choice between 30, 40 and 50 Mega in download . This solution consists of rechargeable packages lasting one or more days or weeks , with prices starting from 5 euros for 1 day , 7 euros for 2 days , 14 euros a week and 24.50 euros two weeks (find the complete list here ). The top-up is done with a few clicks via the customer portal with secure payment by credit card. The offers include the latest generation Wi-Fi router and the Static Public IP address . The cost of supplying the antenna and its standard installation is instead 100 euros .


Cheapnet is another provider that deserves to be considered in an article focusing on what are the best solutions to have Internet without a fixed line: it is, in fact, an independent service provider that distributes the Internet connection on national soil. using transmission modes such as CMAX, WiMAX and HiperLAN. However, its price list also includes offers for ADSL and optical fiber.

So, if your home is reached by ADSL, you can evaluate the activation of the ADSL 20 Mega Home plan , which offers an unlimited Internet connection up to 20 Mega in download and up to 512 Kb / s in upload. It costs  36.90 euros / month .

If you have the possibility to take advantage of optical fiber, instead, I recommend Fibra X 1 Giga Home , which includes unlimited Internet connection up to 1000 Mega in download or Cheapnet VDSL 100 Mega. Both offers cost € 36.90 / month .

For those who live in an area not served by ADSL or optical fiber, however, there are offers that take advantage of wireless connectivity. Among these I point out  Wireless 20 Mega Single , which starting from 26.90 euros / month allows you to enjoy an unlimited connection up to 20 Mega in download and 1 Mega in upload without voice line, and the Wireless 30 Mega Family plan , that starting from € 29.90 / month allows you to get an Internet connection up to 30 Mbps in download and 3 Mbps in upload.

If you want something more, instead, you can opt for  Wireless 50 Mega Smart Single , which offers an unlimited connection up to 50 Mega in download and up to 10 mega in upload starting from 36.90 euros / month , and the plan Wireless 100 Mega Smart Family , which starting from € 39.90 / month offers an unlimited connection up to 100 Mega in download and up to 10 Mega in upload.

As for the activation of the aforementioned offers, this usually costs 122 euros, but in some periods of the year it is free or, in any case, highly discounted. The ADSL / Fiber offers have a 12-month contractual obligation and, in the event of withdrawal, 42.70 euros must be paid as deactivation costs. The wireless offers, on the other hand, do not have contractual obligations but, in case of deactivation, you have to pay 61 euros.


EOLO is a provider to which users who do not have the possibility to take advantage of the classic offers for the fixed line can contact, in fact it offers a radio wave solution to navigate up to 100 Mbps in download and 10 Mbps in upload. Recently, then, in the areas reached by the optical fiber, the manager also allows you to proceed with activation with the aforementioned technology.

EOLO più  is the flagship offer: it includes an unlimited Internet connection up to 30 Mbps in download and 3 Mbps in upload and free calls to national landlines and mobile phones. Activation and installation are free during the promo periods, while the modem, except for the existence of any discounts, costs 2 euros / month or 5 euros / month, depending on the equipment chosen. It costs 24.90 euros / month .

I would also like to point out the possibility of extending the offer by adding the + Entertainment , + Study and Work and + Safety packages   (the first two cost 5 euros / month more , the third 3 euros / month more and the first month is free), which allow you to reach a browsing speed of up to 1 Gb / s in download and up to 300 Mb / s in upload (depending on the activation technology), receive a static IP and take advantage of other benefits. Often and willingly, by activating the offer, the addition of a digital service is also proposed  for a specific period of time (eg 6 months of DAZN or NOW TV ).

Those who make occasional use of the Internet connection, on the other hand, can consider activating the EOLO QuandoVuoi plan  . It is based on a system that does not require the payment of fixed monthly fees. To use the service, therefore, timed top-ups must be purchased: from 2 days (at a cost of 6.90 euros), from 1 week (at a cost of 9.90 euros), from 2 weeks (at a cost of 19.80 euro) or from 3 months (at a cost of 99 euro). The browsing speed is up to 30 Mbps in download and 3 Mbps in upload. The modem must be paid for 49.90 euros or 99 euros off-the-shelf, depending on the device chosen. The installation costs 99 euros.

Aeolus offers have a 24-month contractual obligation: if you withdraw in advance, you have to pay 54.90 euros for the deactivation of the wireless technology or 24.90 euros in case of deactivation of the FTTH optical fiber to which the cost of the equipment must also be added. .


Linkem is a manager that offers the possibility of surfing online through a connection based on radio waves (therefore 4G / LTE-A / 5G technology), through some dedicated packages.

Its offer, which can be subscribed through an annual , monthly or prepaid subscription , provides the possibility of using an Internet connection without traffic limits with a maximum download speed of 30 Mbps. The indoor Wi-Fi router is on loan for free use, while the installation of the external antenna must be paid.

To get more into the merits, the  Linkem Senza Limiti Subscription offer , provides an unlimited connection up to 30 Mbps in download and 3 Mbps in upload + proprietary modem from internal or external (depending on the technology available at your address) and specific assistance. During the promo periods it costs 19.90 euros / month  for the first year (normally the fee is  26.90 euros / month ).

The activation of the offer usually costs 100 euros (but it is often discounted) and there is a contractual obligation of 24 months. In case of withdrawal, it is necessary to pay 23.40 euros for the deactivation, as well as return the devices (if they are not returned, a penalty of 100 euros must be paid for each of them). In case of early withdrawal, the amount relating to any discounts enjoyed must also be paid.

The offer is also available in a rechargeable version (it’s called  Linkem Without Limits Rechargeable ): it costs  99 euros one-time and allows you to surf without limits up to 30 Mbps in download and up to 3 Mbps in upload for 3 months. You can then top up your line by paying 27 euros for 1 month of navigation, 78 euros for 3 months of navigation, 120 euros for 5 months of navigation or 240 euros for 12 months of navigation.

Other interesting offers

As already mentioned above, today I want to offer you both “pure” offers, which do not include the voice line, and fiber + voice  or ADSL + voice offers  that do not have fixed costs for calls (and therefore can be taken seriously in consideration). Below you will find the most interesting solutions for this second category.


Vodafone has a main offer which is called  Internet Unlimited  and includes an unlimited fiber connection up to 1 Gigabit in download and up to 100 Mega in upload. In the case of ADSL coverage, the maximum speed of the Internet connection is 20 Mbps in download and 1 Mbps in upload.

The offer also includes free calls to everyone, the Vodafone Station modem, Vodafone Ready assistance, a data SIM with 30 GB per month and various digital services.

Activation can be free or cost 24 euros (1 euro / month for 24 months) and, in case of connection of a new line, an additional contribution of 1 euro / month must be paid for 48 months. There is a contractual obligation of 24 months: if not respected, 28 euros must be paid for the deactivation plus the one-off payment of the installment amounts relating to the accessory services deactivated before 48 months. In the event of migration to another operator or termination of the line, then, you have to pay 28 euros.


Also in the Fastweb price list there is an interesting offer that can be taken into consideration for those looking for a solution including an Internet connection and non-metered calls: this is Fastweb Casa , a plan that allows you to surf the Net without limitation via fiber. optical, with connection up to 1 Gbps in download and 100 Mbps in upload, or via ADSL, with a maximum speed of 20 Mbps in download and 1 Mbps in upload. The promotion also includes unlimited calls to all national landlines and mobile phones.

The FastGate modem, activation and assistance service are also made available at no cost. In case of deactivation, an amount of 29.95 euros will be paid (if this occurs after 30 days from the signing of the contract).


The speech made for the other managers is also valid for WINDTRE . Among the plans that the operator offers without fixed costs for calls, I would like to point out  Super Fibra , which includes a fiber optic connection up to 1 Gigabit in download and 100 Mega in upload (if there is no optical fiber, it is possible to activate the Internet 200/100 Unlimited and Internet 20 Unlimited variants that allow you to surf, respectively, up to 200 or 100 Mbps in download or up to 20 Mbps in download) + unlimited phone calls to all national fixed and mobile numbers and to landline numbers of Western Europe, USA and Canada.

The price of the offer also includes the modem, 12 months of Amazon Prime with Amazon Prime Video and unlimited browsing on your WINDTRE SIM, as long as you activate the UNLIMITED GIGA option. Activation is free (only those who activate the offer with FTTH technology in the White Areas must pay 99 euros, which can be paid in installments at 3.99 euros for 24 months). If you withdraw in advance, you must pay the remaining installments of the modem possibly purchased and a penalty equal to a subscription fee.

Comparison of Internet offers without landlines

If you want a broader overview of Internet offers without a fixed line, you can consult the SOS Tariffs website , which allows you to compare prices and characteristics of all tariffs currently offered by Italian providers.

How to use? Nothing easier. All you have to do is connect to the home page , type the name of your city in the appropriate field and click on the Compare offers button . In the new page displayed, you will be shown the list of all the offers for the fixed line formulated by the main providers operating in the Italian market.

To identify offers without a fixed line, you can use the filters available on the left, selecting the technology of your interest (eg Wireless ), the type of line (eg Internet only ) etc. When you have identified an offer that is right for you, click on the Additional information link in the box relating to the same and, if necessary, activate it on the website of the operator who formulated it and which you can reach by clicking on the Details button (and if necessary Activate online ).

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