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ImTranslator is a browser extension, an online translator that supports translation in about 100 languages, the extension translates using 3 translators (Google, Microsoft Bing, Translator).

The ImTranslator extension is officially called “ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, Voice”, developed by Smart Link Corporation. As you can see from the name of the extension, ImTranslator has built-in functions of a translator, dictionary, voice engines are supported in the application.

When using the Internet, we often need translators from a foreign language to translate website pages, individual words, phrases, or sentences. Therefore, the presence of such an extension in the browser is simply necessary.

The extension is localized into 22 languages, including Russian, ImTranslator supports translation of selected text in 10,000 characters.

ImTranslator for Firefox can be installed in the Mozilla Firefox browser from the add-ons store. The ImTranslator extension is present in the Chrome web store for Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Amigo, etc. browsers. The extension is installed in the Opera browser from the corresponding store. In total, the extension has been downloaded and installed in browsers more than 23 million times.

Google Chrome and Yandex Browser browsers have built-in online translators that automatically translate web pages, while Opera and Mozilla Firefox (off) do not have such an automatic translator. Therefore, users should pay attention to this extension.

ImTranslator Settings

After installing the online translator in your browser, go to the settings of the ImTranslator extension. The extension has the most settings in the Mozilla Firefox browser. In other browsers, the settings are similar, only they have slightly less functionality.

Select the Russian language for the extension interface, if it is not selected by default. Then open the ImTranslator, Inline Translator, Pop-up Bubble, Translator, Webpage Translation tabs one by one. In the “Select translation language” option, select the Russian language so that the online translator immediately translates the text into Russian.

The extension has a text saving function, hot keys are used.

Translation of selected text in ImTranslator

After going to some site in a foreign language, after right-clicking, a context menu will open in which you will see the item “ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, Voice” (for Chrome-based browsers), or several context menu items at once ( for Mozilla Firefox).

The arrow next to the corresponding item indicates the presence of additional sub-items of the context menu.

To translate text from a foreign language, select a fragment of text on the site page, and then after clicking the right mouse button, from the context menu item “ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, Voice” select the appropriate sub-items.

To translate the selected text, select the translation type: “ImTranslator”, “Pop-Up Bubble”, “Inline Translator”.

  • “ImTranslator” – translation of text in a window with the ability to edit and reverse translation function

There are two tabs in the translator window: “Translator” and “Dictionary”. At the top of the window is the area with the original text, and at the bottom of the window is the text translated using one of the translation services. With default settings, the online translator ImTranslator automatically determines the language of the source text.

To get different translation options, switch between the tabs: “Google”, “Microsoft”, “Yandex” (Yandex Translator), “Translator”.

On the right side of the areas for inserting text there are buttons with which you can perform some actions with the text located in the corresponding area of ​​the translator window: “Delete text”, “Copy text”, change “Font size”, “Listen”, “Compare translations “.

  • Pop-up Bubble – translate text in a pop-up window

The selected text is translated in a pop-up window. Here you can also choose one of four translators, additional functions are also available.

  • Inline Translator – translation embedded in a web page

With this option, the translated text is embedded in the web page of the site. On the site page, immediately after the original sentence, there is a translated sentence highlighted in a different color.

  • Translator – translate text in a window using language tools (virtual keyboard, dictionary, proofreader, Russian decoder)

This translation option works in the Mozilla Firefox browser. The following functions are available in this window: copy, paste, cut, clear, connect online dictionary, check, virtual keyboard, decoder, print, send to e-mail, change text size. Additionally, decoding and transliteration of the Russian language is available.

  • Webpage Translation – translation of a website page using the Google Translate service

After clicking on the “Web Page Translation” item, the entire web page will be translated into the selected language (Russian). Translation of site pages to HTTPS is supported.

Translation with Dictionary is possible in Pop-up Bubble (pop-up window), in ImTranslator with speech translation function, in Inline Translator (translation embedded in a web page).

Voice translation in ImTranslator

After clicking on the “Voice” button (speaker image), you go to the Translate and Speek voice portal service, where the electronic announcer reads the given text in the language of your choice. The service supports voicing of 10 languages: English (USA), Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

On this page, in the window for voicing the text, voicing takes place in English. For English, you can choose an electronic speaker (voice speech synthesizer): a man or a woman.

After switching to Russian, the selected text will be read in Russian.

With the help of a voice speech synthesizer, you can learn how to pronounce a specific word or expression in a foreign language correctly.

To do this, you will need to select a word or piece of text in the ImTranslator window, and then click on the “Voice” (Speaker) button. After going to the Translate and Speek service, insert a word or text into the field, select a language, click on the “Say It” button.

After that, a voice speech synthesizer (electronic announcer) will voice this text as it sounds, in this case, in English.

By clicking on the buttons at the top of the service window, you can go to additional features of the voice translation service.

Article Conclusions

Online translator ImTranslator is a useful browser extension. With it, you can easily translate text, single words, or entire web pages in a foreign language using several translation services.

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