Importance of Roof Ventilation

Roofs are a vital part of any residential building since they safeguard the home and the occupants from harsh environmental elements, including scorching heat, pounding rain, and stormy wind. 

In addition, a well-maintained roof can contribute majorly to regulating your home’s temperature and enhance your comfort. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your roof in good condition.

One of the leading practices to maintain roofs for long is roof ventilation. You might already know how solar roof vent works. 

Regular roof ventilation can be defined as the flow of air through a system of exhaust and intake. Roof ventilation helps keep your attic cool, prevent several issues from occurring inside or outside the building, and helps extend your roof’s lifespan. 

This article further highlights the importance of roof ventilation for your roofs and homes.

What are the Functions of Roof Ventilation?

The two main functions of roof ventilation are as follows:

  • A properly installed roof ventilation system circulates cool and fresh air into your attic at the soffit areas of your roof. 
  • It helps remove moist or hot air through your roof vents. This moist or hot air can cause multiple problems for your building, including mould and mildew accumulation in the attic, dry rotting for wooden attics, increasing indoor temperature, etc. These problems can further compromise your house’s structure and comfort level.

What is the Importance of Roof Ventilation?

The following discussed points highlight the importance of roof ventilation for your home:

Helpful during winter

Contrary to popular belief, roof ventilation benefits not only in summer but also in winter. It’s because the moisture from snow can build up in the attic, which can damage the building’s structure. The moisture can lead to mould and mildew in the attic and rot wooden or tiled roofs.

For your home, it’s vital to get rid of this moisture to prevent problems that might occur due to this buildup. Suppose you are using your attic as a living space. 

In that case, it becomes more important to get rid of moisture to allow occupants to live comfortably without the moisture-causing mould on the clothes of individuals residing in the attic. In addition, the attic needs a continuous flow of fresh air for a comfortable indoor temperature. 

On the other hand, when the attic is used as a storage space, the moisture buildup due to insufficient roof ventilation can rot the wooden equipment and cause rust on metal pieces. 

Installing the solar roof vent will ensure a continuous flow of cool and dry air inside your home while the hot and humid air is vented out. It further creates an environment well-suited for living in and storing while reducing airborne threats to occupant health. 

Helps Save on Cooling and Heating Costs

Roof ventilation significantly contributes to saving money by reducing costs associated with energy generation. 

In homes, heat buildup in the attic can majorly increase the cost. Without a roof ventilation system, the house’s air conditioning system has to work continuously to cool down the home, especially the living space beneath your attic. 

It generates additional costs in terms of increased electrical bills and frequent cooling system breakdowns. 

Therefore, proper roof ventilation is integral to optimise house energy consumption and reduce energy bills. Poor roof ventilation can form ice dams in your attic, consuming even more energy to remove them. It further considerably increases your home’s energy bills. 

A roof ventilation system will vent out the heat from your house during hot days, reducing the energy consumed in doing the same. 

Therefore, it will naturally reduce the work done by the home’s heating and cooling system and, thus, help save on energy bills. 

You can also save on other costs, such as maintenance costs, as the roof ventilation system reduces the wear and tear of terracotta roof tiles Wunderlich, protecting your home from the elements for a long time.

Extend the life of your roof

Roofs are essential for any building, whether residential or commercial. Therefore, it’s paramount to increase its lifespan in any way possible. 

Ice damming from heat buildup within your attic is not damaging. But the damage occurs after the ice icicles start melting, resulting in water running off the edge of your roof and beginning to refreeze. 

As a result, ice starts building up at your roof’s boundaries, which might back up beneath your roof and, thus, damage the entire roof and your attic and house’s walls.

Installing solar roof vent can provide a safe way of expelling warm or humid air before it starts melting the snow on the roof. It further reduces the risk of roof damage, leaks, and repair costs. 

Reduces indoor temperature extremes during summer

During hot summers, you can find the upstairs warmer than the downstairs. Poorly ventilated roofs often cause these indoor temperature extremes. 

A properly ventilated roof will allow hot and humid air to escape while allowing cool air to enter your home and keep it comfortable all year round. It also reduces the load on your home’s heating and cooling system, saving money on energy bills.

What are Different Types of Roof Ventilation?

The following are some common types and designs of roof ventilation:

  • Vapour-permeable underlays: Also referred to as low-resistance or breathable roofing membranes, vapour-permeable underlays help with roof ventilation.
  • Ridge vents: These vents provide continuous high-level roof ventilation along the ridge’s length.
  • Eaves vents: These vents provide continuous low-level roof ventilation along the eaves’ length.
  • In-line vents: These are installed on the roof’s surface and are available in various colours and designs to blend with terracotta or concrete roof tiles easily.

Wrapping up it all

Roof ventilation is crucial for your roof and home. Although installing it can be expensive, you can’t undermine its importance. The high-quality terracotta roof tiles Wunderlich will be less prone to damage; thus, your roof will last longer with a proper roof ventilation system. 

In addition, it will help regulate indoor temperatures, prevent ice damming, and reduce heating and cooling costs. To enjoy all these benefits, getting the roof vents installed by a professional roofing contractor is recommended.  

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