Hyper-personalization, the differential value of customer service

To understand what customers expect when interacting with companies today, it is necessary to assume the existence of 3 key pillars that are marking the evolution of said relationship:

  1. Digitization: customers use digital communication channels in their day-to-day lives in a conventional way, and they expect to be able to do exactly the same when interacting with companies.
  2. Automation: Consumers have become accustomed to getting what they need on their own, and doing it immediately. Transferred to the company-client sphere, the strategies that include automation of procedures help us to achieve that immediacy of high efficiency demanded by the client.
  3. Personalization: Going down to detail, each consumer is unique, and that is how they want to feel when interacting with companies. The leaders of eCommerce or Streaming paved the way for hyper-personalized experiences, where the displayed catalog is exactly intended for the individual user. Now it’s time for the rest of the companies to follow this path.

In the field of personalization, being as we have seen one of the three basic pillars to create a great Customer Experience , there is still a lot of room for improvement.

To reflect on this, we have to ask ourselves: what is the attention that the current client demands? What benefits does the customer perceive from hyper-personalization? How can we hyper personalize customer service? How does hyper-personalization differentiate companies? What technology is behind hyper-personalization? o What are the advantages for companies of this type of personalization in customer management?

Eduardo Malpica Sales Manager – New Business Development at Enghouse Interactive from Enghouse responds to this and much more in the meet he had with our collaborator Fabiola Pérez and that you can already see here.

In addition, Eduardo Malpica will be precisely reflecting on the challenges and benefits of hyper-personalization and how to implement a successful strategy in his presentation on June 2 at Expocontact.

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