How to Win Tic Tac Toe: Strategies No One Will Tell You

Tic tac toe is a famous game loved by millions. But the question is how to win tic tac toe. To learn that, you have to follow some simple techniques. And these techniques will make you a master of this game. Well, you can call tic tac toe a vintage game. So this game is as old as the world. In ancient times, when technology was not that improved, people played this game on paper. But when technology advances, this game becomes digital. And nowadays you can play this game online or on paper both. 

how to win tic tac toe

However, the game is more challenging than we think. But it is as tricky as any other game. Winning any game and battle demands strategy and technique. So this game. One can win any game with excellent knowledge, thinking, and attention. And to win tic tac toe, we have developed some great strategies. Just follow these, and here you go. So stay focused and memorize the following techniques.  

Strategy To Follow When You Go First

There are great chances to win if you go first. So try to be the first one who starts the game. And to know how to win tic tac toe with the first go, follow this plan. And you’ll win. 

  • First, select between X and O. It doesn’t matter what you choose. You’ll win the game with strategy, not by selecting X or O.
  • Let’s suppose you pick X. Now put your X in any corner.
  • The first move will lead you to the winner’s pace. Just repeat the process. And you’ll win with this technique if your competitor does not put his first O in the middle. 
  • So If the center is accessible after the first move of both, the game is yours. And this can make the game harder for your competitor. 

Strategy To Follow When You Go Second

How to win tic tac toe as a second player is hard. And there are fewer chances to win the game if you go second. But still, it’s your luck and your opponent’s move that will decide. 

  • If your competitor puts his O in the center, put your X in any corner. 
  • Place your X in the center block if your competitor puts his Y in the corner. And this is your chance. You got a 99% chance of winning the game.
  • If the center space is taken by your opponent in the first go, winning is impossible. 
  • Winning is only possible if your competitor creates a significant misstep. 
  • Just try to be the first one to start the game. 
  • But, if your competitor begins with the boundary that is not a corner, you can win. 
how to win tic tac toe

There is a science behind how to win tic tac toe. And you have to follow the primary strategy. So try to be the first to begin the game and select the corner. But you can still win in other cases if your opponent needs to be more innovative.

How To Win The Game Consistently

It’s challenging to win tic tac toe or any other game constantly. And it doesn’t matter what you select between X and O. So it is also a luck game because if your opponent chooses the mid-block at first, you already lose. This game connects both factors of luck and strategy. So be strategic. And use your excellent knowledge while playing. If anyone wants to know how to win tic tac toe all the time, it’s impossible. 

how to win tic tac toe

How to win tic tac toe is independent of your ordering and arrangement. And it doesn’t matter if you close O or X. So the only thing that matters is how you play the game. Play it with strategy and technique. The game is yours.

Should I Still Win If The Mid Block Is Taken?

There is a slight chance or probability of winning if the mid-block is taken. And it would help if you got a luck factor because winning is hard now. So now you will wait for your competent’s mistake. 

how to win tic tac toe

You have to be attentive and focused. And grab a chance you get even the slightest. But If you put your X on two counter corners. You can still win if your competitor puts his O in a different corner.

Go For Uniformity 

Going for and selecting uniformity is the best option. Games are things we will always need clarification on. And we always need to find out our opponent’s next move. And in this kind of situation, going for uniformity is the best. 

When considering an action, watch for the one that will create the game as balanced as imaginable. So it will not only make your game look better, but it will also block your opponent. And now he can’t run away with success.

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Is A Tie Considered Better?

Well, winning is the best part of every game. And it is satisfying and indulging as well. But a draw is also acceptable because losing will hurt more. If you follow the proper technique, you will win. And if you see yourself losing the game, try to make it a draw with your mind.

So if your competitor puts O in the middle, you must put your letter in the corners. This way, you can win, or at least the match will be drawn. 


We have discovered How to win tic tac toe. There is a little science behind winning the game. It’s easy to win the game if you go first. And it’s tough to win if you go second. Well, you can only win games occasionally. 

We also discussed that we can still win if the mid-block is taken. And if we go for uniformity, it’s the best move for winning. Remember, a tie is also better than losing. So either you win and draw but don’t lose.


Can I win tic tac toe every time?

No, it is not possible to win tic tac toe every time. 

What is the trick to win a tic tac toe?

Put your ‘X’ in any corner. This move will send you to the winner’s circle every time.

Strategy to win tic tac toe when going first

When both performers play optimally, the foremost performer will constantly win if they put their initial move in the cube’s center.

How do you beat Tic-Tac-Toe impossible?

Place your X in the center space or another corner.

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