How to watch streaming TV

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to stream TV ? Have you heard of some services related to the world of television that work through the Internet and would like more information about it? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

Today I will explain to you, in fact, how to watch streaming TV channels on PCs, smartphones, tablets and other devices using the services made available to us by the major companies in the sector. First of all I will analyze the free-to-air broadcasters, those that can be seen for free on digital terrestrial, on satellite and, indeed, on the Internet (eg Rai to Mediaset, so to speak), but I will also mention some paid services that may interest you.

All you need to start enjoying the show is an Internet connection on average fast (it is difficult to give you precise details about the actual requirements, as each service makes a story in itself, but already with an ADSL you shouldn’t have too many problems ) and a few minutes of free time. For the rest, if you are ready to start, below are all the indications of the case. I just have to wish you good reading and good viewing!


  • How to watch streaming TV on PC
    • RaiPlay
    • Mediaset Infinity
    • Discovery +
    • Sky
    • Other services to watch streaming TV
  • How to stream TV on iPhone and Android
  • How to watch streaming TV on Smart TV

How to watch streaming TV on PC

One of the main platforms from which users generally want to understand how to watch streaming TV channels is clearly the computer . In this context, it is good to pass for a browser (I recommend Google Chrome or Safari on Mac). In fact, almost all the main television broadcasters provide special websites from which to access their content both on demand and live. Below you can find all the information about it.


One of the streaming services linked to the world of Italian television that has attracted the most attention is certainly RaiPlay , as the latter’s logo is now almost ubiquitous even in classic channels.

In any case, as you can well imagine, this is the Rai streaming service . Allows you to watch all the broadcasters in the group live streaming and many on-demand programs . For reasons of rights among the on-demand programs there may not be some foreign TV series , but clearly there is no shortage of Italian fiction , TV shows produced by Rai and several films (both Italian and foreign).

In any case, RaiPlay is accessible free of charge through the appropriate official portal . To underline the presence of the TV Guide / Replay section (accessible by pressing the ☰ icon at the top left and selecting the TV Channels option and then the TV Guide / Replay option ), which allows you to review the most recent programs of all Rai broadcasters. To view the content, however, you will need to register for an account . For more information about it, you can refer to my tutorials on how to access RaiPlay and how to watch RaiPlay .

Mediaset Infinity

Just as Rai has RaiPlay , Mediaset has Mediaset Infinity . This is the free streaming service which can be accessed through the dedicated website , which allows you to view on – demand programs and live coverage of Mediaset ‘s TV channels .

More precisely, you just need to connect to this specific web page to be able to stream all Mediaset networks . In any case, you can start using the portal without registering, but after a few minutes, you are prompted to log in to continue viewing. For the rest, the Mediaset website is divided into various sections: if you want to watch some TV program , fiction , TV series or other, just use the Catalog option , located at the top left. From here you will be able to essentially access everything Mediaset Infinity has to offer.

But pay attention to the fact that it is a unified platform : in other words, within the catalog there are also, for example, rental films and pay channels . Then there is Infinity + , or a subscription from 7.99 euros per month that allows you to access a vast catalog of films , TV series , cartoons and sporting events (eg the Champions League ). In short, the possibilities offered by the Mediaset Infinity service are many, which is why I advise you to deepen the question through my guides on how to see Mediaset Infinityand how Infinity + works .

Discovery +

If you are wondering, for example, how to watch Giallo TV in streaming , the service for you is called Discovery + . In fact, it is a Discovery service that allows you to access a vast on-demand catalog.

To be clear, in addition to the aforementioned Giallo TV, the Discovery + catalog contains the best programs of Real Time , NINE , DMAX , Discovery Channel and K2 , just to name a few. To be clear, among the exclusives of the service there is also the WWE , or the “great wrestling”.

To access this content, you can start from the official Discovery + portal . Some contents, such as episodes of some TV series or the live broadcasts of some TV channels, can be viewed for free (with the wording FREE ), while others require you to register and subscribe at the starting price of € 3.99 per month for the Entertainment package or 7.99 euros per month for the Entertainment and Sports package (alternatively, the annual costs amount respectively to 39.90 euros per year and 69.90 euros per year). In any case, for more information, I refer you to my tutorials on how to get Discovery + and onhow to use Discovery + .


As for Sky , if you are wondering how to watch streaming TV channels for free , there is good news. In fact, it is possible to watch Cielo TV in streaming , and the same goes for other free-to-air broadcasters of the famous group.

Starting right from Cielo , that is the Sky channel present on digital terrestrial that mainly broadcasts films, American TV shows and some sporting events, all you have to do is simply connect to the appropriate section of the official portal . By doing so, you will access the free live stream , which does not even require registration. If you have any doubts, you can consult my guide on how to watch Cielo TV .

For the rest, there are Sky TG24 , Sky’s all-news channel, and TV8 , a free-to-air broadcaster that broadcasts many films, some American TV shows and some sporting events (eg the UEFA Europa League ). Even in these cases it is sufficient to simply connect to the right web portal , without even having to proceed with registration. If you want, you can learn more through my tutorials on how to watch Sky live and how to watch TV8 .

In any case, don’t forget the fact that Sky also has the NOW streaming service . The latter offers various paid packages , from the Sport one offered at 5.99 euros for the first month (then 14.99 euros per month) to the Cinema and Entertainment one sold at 3 euros for the first month (then 14.99 euros per month). If you want to deepen this possibility, you can refer to my guide on how NOW works .

Other services to watch streaming TV

In addition to the services offered by Rai , Mediaset , Discovery and Sky , the official websites of other television broadcasters are also available online . You can therefore think of going through the latter to be able to watch your favorite programs live via Internet connection.

To be clear, if you are wondering, for example, how to watch Super TV in streaming or how to watch Spike TV in streaming , this is the part of the tutorial for you. Below you can find all the relevant information, relating to the main possibilities relating to Italian television channels.

  • Spike TV: the Paramount Network channel, which usually broadcasts both foreign programs (who said Top Gear?) And original productions, can be easily watched online for free. Registration is not required.
  • La7: the official website of La7 allows you to watch live streaming for free without having to register. There is also the possibility of “recovering” the main on-demand programs.
  • Paramount Network: just like Spike TV, the Paramount Network channel, mainly linked to US-made content, can be viewed live for free without registration. Furthermore, speaking of the Paramount circuit itself, there is also the possibility of accessing on-demand content.
  • Super TV: ViacomCBS Networks Italia’s channel dedicated to children can be easily watched for free via the dedicated live streaming. You don’t even need to register. There are also several on-demand programs to choose from.

In short, the possibility of choice regarding the TV channels to be watched in streaming on PC is certainly not lacking. You just have to choose the service (or, why not, the services) that you think best suits your needs.

How to stream TV on iPhone and Android

How do you say? Would you like to watch your favorite TV channels directly from your smartphone and tablet ? No problem, I’ll explain immediately how to proceed.

Well, it’s all very simple: just go through the official applications of the services mentioned above. Below you can find all relevant links to download and install the appropriate apps. If in doubt, I remind you that you can follow my tutorials on how to install apps on Android and how to install apps on iPhone , also valid for iPad. Alternatively, if you have an Android device without Google services, you may want to check out my guide on how to install apps on HUAWEI .

  • RaiPlay( Android and iOS / iPadOS )
  • Mediaset Infinity( Android and iOS / iPadOS )
  • Discovery +( Android and iOS / iPadOS )
  • NOW( Android and iOS / iPadOS )
  • Sky Go( Android and iOS / iPadOS )
  • La7( Android and iOS / iPadOS )

It should be noted that many of these apps also support Chromecast devices , thus allowing content to be sent to the TV from a smartphone or tablet wirelessly. Some are also available on devices such as Fire TV Stick / Cube and Apple TV , so you can see them on Smart TVs and non-Smart TVs using the devices just mentioned (I invite you to learn more about how they work by reading the tutorials I just linked to) .


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For any doubts, you can refer to my specific tutorials on how to download RaiPlay , how to download Mediaset Infinity , how to install NOW , how to download Sky Go and how to review La7 programs , in which I have gone down further in detail. In short, you shouldn’t have any kind of problem reaching your goal.

In any case, as you may have noticed, some services do not have a special official app for mobile devices. In this context, therefore, you just need to simply proceed from the appropriate website , consulting the instructions in the chapter on the PC .

How to watch streaming TV on Smart TV

As for, however, the ability to view streaming TV channels on Smart TV , the advice can only be to go through the appropriate services or official apps of the various broadcasters.

In this context, it is clearly a bit complex for me to provide you with detailed information, as there are various types of app stores , based on the operating system adopted by your Smart TV. However, in general it is sufficient to simply search for the name of the issuer in the appropriate digital store and proceed with the installation of the app, then possibly logging in .

You can find more information in my tutorials on how to install apps on Smart TVs , how to download RaiPlay on LG Smart TVs and how to watch Mediaset Infinity on Smart TVs . In any case, it’s all very simple and you shouldn’t have too much trouble reaching your goal.

You might also be interested in taking a look at my tutorial on how IPTV works : a technology that allows you to use channel lists (of course, only take into account legal channel lists, avoiding the rest) to have access to many streaming broadcasters via a single app.

Note: The streaming services of TV broadcasters may have regional restrictions and therefore may not be accessible from abroad . To overcome this problem, you can turn to a VPN (virtual private network) service that allows you to “disguise” your geographical location, encrypt communications and overcome regional blocks and restrictions. Among the most used and reliable VPNs, I point out NordVPN (my review here ) and Surfshark (my review here ), which are compatible with all major devices and are cheap.


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