How to watch live Internet TV

Have you been having problems with digital terrestrial reception lately and can’t watch some of your favorite TV channels anymore? Have you decided to “get rid” of the TV once and for all and focus on streaming? Are you away from home, need to watch a broadcast on a television station and don’t know how to do it? If this is the case, you have come to the right place at the right time.

In fact, in this tutorial I’ll tell you how to watch live Internet TV . You don’t have to worry if you are not exactly an expert in the world of technology, as I will guide you step by step in using the various streaming services dedicated to the main Italian TV channels (visible in Italy and, in some cases, in EU countries). It does not matter from which device you want to reach your goal: I will analyze a little bit all the possibilities available in this regard.

Put simply, whether you are following this tutorial from your computer, smartphone, tablet or even Smart TV, you will probably find bread for your teeth by reading the quick instructions below. On the other hand, you just need to take a few minutes and get comfortable. Your favorite program is about to start: there is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and of course good viewing!


  • How to watch live Internet TV from PC
    • RaiPlay
    • Mediaset Infinity
    • discovery +
    • Sky
    • Other services for watching live TV on the Internet
  • How to watch live Internet TV from smartphones and tablets
  • How to watch live Internet TV from TV

How to watch live Internet TV from PC

If you are wondering how to watch live Internet TV , you should know that there are usually not a few who decide to do this directly from their PC . In fact, the latter generally has a large screen, which potentially allows you to make the most of the multimedia content that is broadcast on the main television channels.

On the other hand, everything is very convenient: you just need essentially an updated browser and a broadband Internet connection (in reality the “requirements”, which obviously vary depending on the service chosen, are very low, so much so that it is enough to have available, for example, a good ADSL to be able to watch fairly many live broadcasts), suitable for use in the streaming field. Yes, you got it right: just this and you can watch your live TV channels in a few simple clicks.

Below I will deepen the main possibilities, made available directly by the most famous Italian television broadcasters . Obviously, as you can imagine, all the services are accessible for free , but obviously they are ad-supported.


In Italy we are all very close, for one reason or another, to “mother” Rai. For this reason, you might be interested in taking a look at the streaming service of the latter, called RaiPlay .

Viewing a live channel is child’s play: just connect to the appropriate page of the RaiPlay website (accessible from the home page by pressing the icon of the three lines located at the top left, selecting the TV channels option and clicking on Direct ) and select the live stream you want to see.

Registration is not required for live broadcasts, while it is required for some on-demand content. The contents are available totally free (although, of course, there are some advertising videos). Once one of the available channels has been selected, the playback player will appear on the screen . Using the buttons at the bottom left you can pause and manage the volume , while at the bottom right the buttons peek out to get information about the program you are watching, possibly set language and subtitles and select playback speed and quality .

Then there are buttons to see the content in Picture in picture (small window) and to put the video in full screen . At the top right there is the Share button , designed to share content via links or through the main social networks, from Facebook to LinkedIn , via Twitter . There is also the WhatsApp option . You can also press the Other channels button , in order to have a quick look at the general programming offered by Rai. In short, using RaiPlay for live broadcasts is very simple.

What channels are available ? Rai 1, Rai 2, Rai 3, Rai 4, Rai 5, Rai Movie, Rai Premium, Rai Storia, Rai Yoyo, Rai Gulp, Rai News 24, Rai Sport Più HD, Rai Sport, Rai Scuola and Rai Radio 2. In short , the choice is wide: you just have to select what is right for you.

If you want to know more, you might be interested in taking a look at my guide on how to watch RaiPlay .

Mediaset Infinity

Now let’s move on to Mediaset . In fact, the Biscione group has television channels that are particularly popular in our country, which can be viewed live from the Web through the Mediaset Infinity platform .

Your starting point is therefore the page dedicated to live TV coverage of the Mediaset Infinity portal . There is not much to say about the playback player : in fact, the latter simply presents a button to manage the volume in the lower left and a button to put the content in full screen in the lower right. On the top left, on the other hand, an indication relating to the program currently broadcast is noted , while enabling the full screen on the right a quick tab to change channels appears on the screen , which also provides an indication of which programs are broadcast on the networks. Mediaset .

In any case, registration is often required to use the service (after a few minutes of viewing a notice to that effect may appear), and there are advertisements in the middle of the streaming. An interesting option is the Restart option , accessible via the appropriate button under the live broadcast. Put simply, if you arrived late and missed the start of a program , just press this button to start over .

For the rest, with regard to Mediaset channels accessible in this way, the list includes Rete 4, Canale 5, Italia 1, 20, Italia 2, Cine34, Mediaset Extra, Focus, Top Crime, Iris, Boing, Cartoonito, TGCOM24, R101 TV , Virgin Radio TV and Radio Monte Carlo. There are also channels dedicated to GF VIP Live and networks linked to the Infinity + subscription .

In any case, for any doubts, you can refer to my tutorial on how to watch Mediaset channels in streaming .

discovery +

A streaming service that has entered the market in an interesting way, challenging in some ways those of Rai and Mediaset is discovery + , which offers the vision of channels such as Real Time, NOVE, DMAX, HGTV (Home & Garden TV), Eurosport 1 , Investigation Discovery, Discovery Channel, Discovery Science, Giallo TV, Food Network, Motor Trend, BBC, Eurosport 2, Animal Planet, K2 and Frisbee. .

Viewing the main channels linked to discovery + in live streaming via browser is a matter of a few clicks. In fact, once you reach the live page of the portal , all you have to do is click on the box relating to the channel of your interest and press the Watch Live button , which peeks out at the top left.

By doing so, you will be “catapulted” into a screen that will allow you, net of the appearance of some advertisements but without even requiring registration, to watch your favorite channel live. The playback player is essential but effective: at the bottom right you will find the button to put the content in full screen , as well as the one to set the volume properly . Then there is the gear icon , which, as you can well imagine, allows you to access the options relating to the quality of the live broadcast. At the bottom left the Pause button peeks out , while at the top right there are the X to close the live broadcastand the button to enlarge / reduce the view . Read more here .


In a tutorial linked to the world of television, a reference to Sky , the colossus of Rupert Murdoch, which for several years now has attracted the attention of many viewers all over the world and which also offers several free-to-air channels , cannot be missing .

  • Heaven: net of advertising, the official website guarantees access to live streaming for free and without registration. If you like, for example, MasterChef Italia, you might want to take a look at it.
  • TV8: Who said UEFA Europa League or Alessandro Borghese? You already understood: you just need to access the appropriate portal, possibly viewing some advertising videos, and then you can see the contents live without registering.
  • Sky TG24: Sky’s all-news channel is always active and visible live without any kind of problem. Zero registrations and only a few advertisements.

If you want to learn more, the guides to refer to are those on how to see Cielo TV , how to watch TV8 and how to watch Sky live .

Furthermore, if you want to watch Pay TV on the Internet live , I suggest you subscribe to NOW , a Sky platform that also allows you to watch some TV channels in streaming, such as Sky Uno, Sky Atlantic and FOX, just to give you some examples. . There are also Sky Serie, Sky Investigation, MTV, Comedy Central, Sky Arte, Sky Documentaries, Sky Nature, National Geographic, History Channel and Sky Sport 24. You can find more details on the Entertainment page on the NOW portal .

Subscription costs start at € 3 / month (for the first month, then € 14.99 / month) for a single ticket of your choice between Cinema and Entertainment or € 14.99 / month for Sport . If you want to know more about this service, I recommend that you read my guide on how NOW works .

Other services for watching live TV on the Internet

In any case, as you can imagine given the large number of television stations out there, there are also many other streaming services in addition to the ones I mentioned in the previous chapters.

These can clearly allow you to watch other live TV channels , so I’m going to make a list of additional portals you might want to check out.

  • La7: the well-known broadcaster that for years has hosted Enrico Mentana’s marathons (and obviously not only), allows you to view the live streaming of his channel directly through a website accessible for free. There is no need to register.
  • Spike TV: if you are a fan of foreign television programs, perhaps Top Gear, take a look at the page of the Paramount Network portal dedicated to this channel you might like. Registration is not required.
  • Super TV: Kids generally love characters like SpongeBob and appreciate technology. For this reason, if you are a parent, you may want to bookmark the website dedicated to the ViacomCBS Networks Italia channel. There is no need to register for an account and the little ones will surely appreciate it.
  • Paramount Network: Let me guess, you are a lover of made in the USA and would watch TV series like Law & Order at any time. If that’s the case, visiting Paramount Network’s dedicated portal, which by the way requires no registration, could brighten your day.

Finally, if you want to watch national, regional or international TV channels , you might think about relying on the TVdream platform , which allows you to enjoy these Web TVs from the comfort of your web browser or via the app for Android and iPhone / iPad . It is in fact a service that “groups” the main television channels , allowing you to not have to manually search for the content that interests you. Among other things, the service looks a bit to the future, to what could come later to classic television, given the inclusion in the “catalog” of some channels linked to Twitch , a popular livestreaming platform owned by Amazon.

Warning : if you are abroad, you may not be able to view some contents related to the streaming services mentioned in this guide. This is due to the fact that some regional blocs exist . There are therefore not a few who have decided to rely, obviously analyzing this possibility well, on a VPN service (virtual private network). In fact, you notice services like NordVPN ( here my review ) and Surfshark ( here you can learn more about the service), which among other things are inexpensive and compatible with a wide range of devices, allow you to manage your geographical position properly, as well as encrypt communications and possibly “overcome” certain regional blocks.

How to watch live Internet TV from smartphones and tablets

Some television broadcasters allow you to view their channels in streaming using special apps for mobile devices , such as smartphones and tablets.

In the following lines, I will therefore show you some apps that may be of interest to you. I remind you briefly that you can refer to my guides on how to download apps on Android and how to download apps on iPhone for any doubts, but in reality the installation procedure is the classic one, so you shouldn’t have any particular problems. A guide that you will find interesting if you have an Android device without Google services is the one related to how to install apps on HUAWEI .

Below are the links to proceed with the download via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for the main applications that allow you to view live the most famous Italian TV channels.

  • Mediaset Infinity( Android and iOS / iPadOS )
  • Discovery +( Android and iOS / iPadOS )
  • La7( Android and iOS / iPadOS )
  • RaiPlay( Android and iOS / iPadOS )
  • NOW( Android and iOS / iPadOS )
  • Sky Go( Android and iOS / iPadOS )

If you have doubts about any specific application, I can only refer you to my guides on how to download Mediaset Infinity , how to download RaiPlay , how to download Sky Go , how to install NOW and how to review La7 programs . The latter can in fact certainly allow you to quickly reach your goal.

For the rest, I clearly remind you that you could also think of accessing the appropriate websites of the various services directly from smartphones and tablets, so as not to have to download anything on your device. In this context, you can consult the chapter dedicated to the PC for all the details of the case.

How to watch live Internet TV from TV

How do you say? do you have a TV with smart functionality (or perhaps a Smart Monitor, which does not allow you to see digital terrestrial but has smart functionality) and would you like to watch live TV from the latter? No problem, I’ll explain immediately what you can do!

Well, in this case you just need to go through the services or the apps of the broadcasters , in a similar way to what happens in the field of mobile devices . Unfortunately, however, in this case it is more difficult for me to provide you with detailed information, as there are so many different TV models out there for sale. This means that there are different operating systems at stake , so every brand and in general every single TV is a story in itself.

However, the procedure is generally not that complex. In fact, it is often enough to open the official digital TV store , search for the name of the broadcaster and download the appropriate application . To be clear, a practical example is my guide on how to download RaiPlay on LG Smart TVs . For the rest, you may also want to consult, for example, the tutorials on how to see Mediaset Infinity on Smart TV and how to install apps on Smart TV in general.

In any case, I remind you that some of the applications mentioned supported Chromecast products . Put simply, you can send content to the TV wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet. You may also be interested in learning more about Amazon’s solutions, namely Fire TV Stick / Cube . You may also have plans to delve into Apple TV , Android TV Boxes . In short, if you have a non-Smart TV model , you can view the various services through the aforementioned products (you can learn more about them using the guides I have just provided you with the link).


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For the rest, you may also want to deepen my guide on how IPTV works . In fact, the latter technology allows you to access certain lists of channels (obviously, only the legal ones should be considered). If you are going to go deeper into the subject, you may also want to take a look at my tutorials on how to watch IPTV on PC , on the best apps for IPTV and on how to install IPTV on Smart TV . Finally, you may also be interested in consulting my “general” guide on how to watch TV in streaming , in which I have also gone into detail with regard to on-demand content .


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