How to update apps on HUAWEI

You recently bought a HUAWEI smartphone and have used it without difficulty so far. However, the time has come to update the apps you have installed and, since it is a model without Google services and therefore without the Play Store, you do not know how to do it. How do you say? Did I guess? Well, then don’t worry: you’ve come to just the right place.

Updating the apps on your device is a rather simple procedure, which you can perform from the HUAWEI proprietary store, AppGallery (if you have a device without Google services), or from the classic Google Play Store (if your device has access to Google services). There are also alternative solutions that I will have the opportunity to mention at the end of the tutorial.

So, make yourself comfortable and take a few minutes to read the instructions I am about to give you: in this guide I will explain to you in detail how to update apps on HUAWEI and I am sure that, with a little attention, you will easily succeed in your intent and you will find that it is child’s play. Happy reading and happy updating your favorite apps!


  • How to update apps on HUAWEI: AppGallery
    • Update apps manually
    • Turn on automatic updates
  • How to update apps on HUAWEI: Play Store
    • Update apps manually
    • Turn on automatic updates
  • Workarounds to update apps on HUAWEI

How to update apps on HUAWEI: AppGallery

If you want to know how to act on one of the HUAWEI models that do not have Google services, for example, how to update the apps on HUAWEI P40 lite (one of the most recent models with HMS and without the Play Store pre-installed), you can proceed with AppGallery , the store alternative of the Chinese production house from which you can manage all the apps installed on the device and download new ones.

You can decide to update manually for individual apps or to set up automatic download and installation of updates for all apps. However, remember that if carried out via the data network (4G / 5G), updates, especially automatic ones, can involve a significant expenditure of Giga. Find everything explained below.

Update apps manually

If you want to update a single app in particular, you can do it directly from the AppGallery page dedicated to the app itself. To start, therefore, start AppGallery by pressing on its icon located on the Home screen or in the application drawer of your smartphone or tablet.

At the bottom of the main screen, you will see four different sections: tap on the item on the App item to open the relevant section. Then, tap the search bar at the top (with the magnifying glass symbol ), type the name of the application you are interested in and press the Enter key on the keypad.

Therefore, locate the app in question among the search results and press on its icon to access the page dedicated to it. If updates are available, you will find the Update button at the bottom of the screen : press it to start downloading the update data and wait for the installation to complete. If instead of the “Update” button you find the “Open” button, it means that you are already using the most up-to-date version. Easy, right?

You can also view all available updates for the apps you have installed and possibly install them. All you have to do in this case – once you have entered the AppGallery – is to click on the User item : here you will see a list of applications in the Updates section . To see the complete list, tap the > symbol .

Then scroll down the screen until you find the app you want to update and press the Update button corresponding to it, in order to start the download. If you want to update more than one app, do the same for each one that interests you. Once this is done, you will simply have to wait for the installation to finish.

Turn on automatic updates

As an alternative to manual installation, you can decide to activate automatic updates , allowing AppGallery to download and install updates independently whenever they are available.

How? Simply by enabling the relative function, which will apply to all installed apps: to do this, access the User section of the AppGallery, by pressing the appropriate icon at the bottom of the store screen, and scroll down to locate the Settings item .

Select the latter, then press on the item Automatic app update and choose whether to download the automatic updates only under the Wi-Fi network ( Wi-Fi only ) or even under the data network ( Active ), knowing that the latter option will lead to a high consumption of the Giga included in your offer.

Once this is done, you no longer have to worry about manually acting on each app.

How to update apps on HUAWEI: Play Store

HUAWEI smartphones that have Google services can take advantage of the Play Store to install, manage and update apps on the device. Again, you can update the apps manually, or automatically, depending on your preferences.

In case you have a device with HMS and AppGallery , I remind you that you can install the Play Store on HUAWEI (albeit in a limited way) by following the procedure you find in my dedicated guide.

Update apps manually

Also in this case, the simplest method to manually update only the app of your interest is to access the store page dedicated to it.

To do this, open the Play Store by tapping its icon (with the colored ▶ symbol); then, on the main screen, press the Search button (the magnifying glass symbol ) on the button and type the name of the application .

Once you have identified the app in question in the list of results, tap its icon to open the dedicated page, and then press the Update button . If prompted, confirm your willingness to proceed with the download using the data network and press the Accept button . All you have to do is wait for the update to automatically complete. If instead of the “Update” button you find the “Open” button, it means that you are already using the latest version of the app.

How do you say? Does the Play Store notify you of the availability of updates for different apps and would you like to manually install the updates for more than one of them? Nothing simpler.

On the main Play Store screen, swipe from left to right: this will open the options menu. Press, therefore, on the item My apps and my games to view the Updates pending list , with all the applications for which updates are available.

On some devices, this setting could be reached by tapping on the image of your Google account , at the top right (or your initial), then on the items Manage app and device> Updates available .

In the list that is proposed to you, find the apps you want to update and tap the Update button related to them. If the smartphone is not connected to a Wi-Fi network and you do not want or cannot do so, confirm your choice to proceed via data connection (knowing that you will consume the gigabytes of your offer); finally, tap the Accept button .

Repeat the operation for each of the applications and wait for the updates to be installed one at a time. Easier than that ?!

Turn on automatic updates

Play Store can automatically update the apps, without the need to intervene manually, even if only for a particular application.

To activate this feature, start it by pressing its icon, then call up the options menu by pressing the ☰ icon in the top left. From the available items, choose My apps and games to view the list of your apps.

Now, identify the app for which you want to activate automatic updates, click on its name and then on the ⋮ button at the top right. In the new menu that opens, touch the Update item Auto / Auto Updates to place a check mark and enable the option.

Alternatively, you can also choose to turn on automatic updates for all apps installed on your device. Once the Play Store is open, swipe the screen from left to right to open the store options menu, or tap the ☰ icon or the image of your Google account (or your initials) located at the top left and select the Settings item .

After this step, tap the Automatic app update item (on some devices, this option is accessible by tapping the Network preferences item ). Now, choose whether to download (and install) the updates available through any network (by doing so you will consume the Giga of your offer) or only through the Wi-Fi network . Then, tap on the Done item to confirm your choice.

Workarounds to update apps on HUAWEI

AppGallery and Play Store are not the only stores that can be used on HUAWEI smartphones, whether they have Google services or not: for example, the Amazon Appstore similarly allows you to manually or automatically update installed apps.

Furthermore, Android devices allow the installation and management of apps directly via .APK files , which can be updated simply by installing the new version.

In this regard, I recommend reading the guide I dedicated to how to update apps without the Play Store , where you will find more information and more detailed indications on how to use other alternative methods as well. The important thing is to turn to verified and reliable sources , as the risk of running into Android malware is high.

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