How to unlock Sykov

Call of Duty Warzone is a free video game that allows the user to obtain tons of weapons in order to defeat the opponents. It is therefore obvious that many are constantly looking for the best solutions in this regard, and you are no exception.

In this context, you have heard very highly of a certain weapon, called Sykov , and are desperate for information on how to obtain it. That’s the way it is, am I right? Then don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place, as I’ll be explaining just how to unlock Sykov in Warzone shortly .

I will analyze all the possibilities available to you to obtain this weapon within the famous Activision title, as well as the most popular methods for players in which it can be used. What do you say? Are you ready to proceed? In my opinion you can’t wait to find out more. So I would say to take action: below you can find all the relevant information. I just have to wish you good reading and good fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to unlock Sykov Warzone
  • How to unlock Sykov quickly

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to unlock the Sykov , I think it may interest you to know more about this possibility.

Well, the Sykov is nothing more than a pistol that can be configured as a secondary weapon of your loadout . Its stats are great in terms of mobility and control , and the weapon is generally interesting for close quarters .

However, what has made this gun popular is the fact that it is possible to use two at the same time . I will explain later in the course in the guide how you can do it, but you must know that obviously this has particularly attracted the attention of users, who have started to like Sykov a lot.

In short, there is a precise reason why COD Warzone players, who generally prefer assault rifles like AMAX and Grau (or at most light machine guns like the Bruen ) for their “raids”, for once have decided to voluntarily use a gun (and not if they found it as the only weapon available).

In any case, as happened in the past a bit for all the weapons considered “too powerful” by developers and enthusiasts, you should know that Sykov suffered a “nerf” , or was weakened , in April 2021.

In fact, the possibility of using two guns of this type at the same time had brought some problems to the players, so much so that the developers in the end had to “run for cover”. To be clear, an update has reduced movement speed by 5% when using two Sykovs . In addition, the damage done in some contexts has been reduced.

In short, the Sykov is probably no longer that incredibly powerful weapon it was in the period immediately following its introduction into the game, but some players believe that it is still worthwhile to delve into how it works.

I therefore understand why you also want to know more, and I’m here to tell you about its unlocking methods and the possibility of using two Sykovs at the same time . Find everything explained below.

How to unlock Sykov Warzone

After explaining the general situation, I would say that it is time to explain how to unlock Sykov Akimbo on Warzone . Obviously I will mainly consider the free method , available at the time of Season 3 linked to COD Cold Warzone (started in April 2021).

In this case, you must know that it is possible to obtain this gun by completing a specific challenge proposed by the game. In fact, Sykov can be unlocked by performing 4 kills using guns in 5 different matches .

In short, you just need to complete what is required by COD Warzone to be able to get the gun in question. In any case, given that Activision’s title is constantly evolving , it might interest you to know how to check what is the current challenge to have Sykov.

To do this, once in COD Warzone , go to the path WEAPONS> EDIT EQUIPMENT , select a preset , press on the Secondary weapon option , go to the GUNS tab and find the Sykov . Once you reach the box dedicated to the latter, all the relevant indications will appear on the right .

For the rest, you need to know that there is also another possibility to unlock the weapon in question. In fact, the latter is included in the Sparks Operator Bundle . More precisely, the latter includes the Monviso , which is a modified version of the Sykov.

However, in this case you have to spend real money , as it is one of the classic bundles offered by COD Warzone, so everything works in a similar way to what happens, for example, for Rambo .

The aforementioned Sparks Operator Bundle costs 2,400 CP (COD Points) . I remind you that COD Points represent the currency linked to micro-transactions. Typically, 200 CP are sold at 1.99 euro , 500 CP cost 4.99 Euros , 1,100 CP are sold at 9.99 euro , 2,400 CP cost 19.99 Euros , 5,000 CP are sold at 39.99 € , 9500 CPs cost € 74.99 and 13,000 CPs are sold for € 99.99 .

COD Points can be purchased both directly within the game and through online stores such as Amazon . In the latter case, you can buy vouchers with a code .


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The procedure to follow to redeem the codes clearly changes depending on the gaming platform used. For example, you might be interested in learning more about my tutorial on how to redeem a code on PS4 . Once you have redeemed the code, you will find the CPs directly within COD Warzone.

For the rest, to buy the bundle that includes the Monviso , or the modified version of the Sykov, just press on the item WEAPONS , present at the top of the main menu of COD Warzone , select the item MODIFY EQUIPMENT , choose a preset , press on the box Secondary weapon , go to the GUNS tab , scroll down the page and press on the Sykov tile .

At this point, if it is available when you are playing, just press on the Shop box , present near the weapon. After that, all you have to do is press the BUY BUNDLE button . If you already have the right number of CPs available , the transaction will be completed , otherwise you will be prompted to purchase one of the points packages I mentioned above.

Clearly, the prices may vary, so much so that in some promotional periods there are also bonus coins , but generally to buy a bundle of this type it is necessary to spend 19.99 euros .

The payment process depends on the platform you are playing on. It might therefore be of interest to you to consult, for example, my tutorial on how to pay on PlayStation Store , in which I went into detail on how to set up the payment methods supported by Sony consoles. In any case, completing the transaction is very simple and I’m sure you won’t have too many problems.

For completeness of information, you should know that the bundle relating to the Sparks operator actually also includes other interesting elements in addition to the Monviso gun. In fact, the operator skin , a finishing move , a spray and much more are also included .

For the rest, if you are wondering how to unlock the double Sykovs , that is the possibility of using two guns at the same time , one in each hand, you must know that it is necessary to use the Akimbo skill . Precisely for this reason at the beginning of this chapter I used the plural: it is possible to use two guns of this type at the same time.

To get the Akimbo perk , it is necessary to complete a specific challenge in which you are required to perform 3 kills in 5 games using the Sykov and the Mo’Money perk . However, to get the latter it is necessary to reach weapon level 32 .

In short, it may take some time to be able to use the Sykovs in Akimbo, but I’m sure that, if you usually play COD Warzone often, you will be able to complete your goal without too many problems.

How to unlock Sykov quickly

How do you say? Have you figured out how to unlock Sykov within COD Warzone, but would you like some advice on how to reach your goal faster ? No problem: I will immediately give you some information that may come in handy!

If you want to hold fast to the Sykov your character, you should take into consideration the fact of use, for a bit ‘of games , or until you have accomplished the above-mentioned challenge in the previous chapter , only guns .

I know: you may think this is a “boring” mechanic, but this can guarantee you the chance to complete the challenge as soon as possible. You just have to use this type of weapon as much as possible , perhaps aiming to play a little more “on the safe side” than what you usually would.

I remind you that the Battle Royale gives you a gun right from the start – so you already know what you might feel. Alternatively, you could obviously go for micro-transactions , thus purchasing the Sparks Operator Bundle and getting the weapon immediately. However, as I have already explained above, in this case you have to spend real money .

For the rest, once Sykov is unlocked, it will obviously take some patience if you want to reach level 32 of the weapon . However, the advice is always the same: for a while, do not aim to win the Battle Royale, but simply to carry out the requests of the game .

Either way, obviously a lot depends on how good you are within COD Warzone. There are in fact some players who manage to complete these missions in no time, while others may take a little longer (but don’t worry in this case, in the end you will see that you will succeed in your intent).

For this reason, you may be interested in my tutorial on how to improve on Call of Duty Warzone , where I have provided some tips that may interest you. Also, since you are a fan of the Activision title, I would recommend that you take a look at the page on my site dedicated to COD Warzone . In fact, in the latter there are other tutorials that you may find useful.


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