How to Understand UPC Codes: The Ultimate Guide

It can be very beneficial for a company to obtain UPC codes for new products when those products are launched. The companies require this number so that they can distribute their products to a wide range of point of sale environments, including kiosks and retail outlets around the world. Regardless of the industry, Bar Codes Talk is committed to providing high-quality bar codes.

At Bar Codes Talk, our goal is to offer our customers the simplest and most cost-effective means of creating bar codes. It is possible to obtain a US Postal Code without the hassle, anxiety, or uncertainty associated with obtaining one.

In order for your company’s products to be easily purchased by consumers, the company that sells them needs to know what kind of UPC codes they require. In order to gain a better understanding of UPC codes, please consider the following questions.

What does UPC stand for?

There are more than a hundred different types of barcodes that can be used for products at retail in the United States, yet the UPC symbol appears on about 80% of products. Because of this, the UPC symbol is the most common and recognizable form of identification. Below the barcode, you can find GTIN-12 numbers. 

What is the purpose of barcodes?

Almost any retail product will have its barcode or UPC symbol displayed as vertical black lines running the length of the product. 

Each symbol is formed by combining the symbols associated with the number within the product name to form the corresponding symbol. 

There are two letters and nine digits in the name of each product among the twelve digits. Whenever you purchase a product at a Point of Sale, the barcode is actually a UPC barcode which is scanned and decoded automatically. Click here to buy barcodes in bulk.

How does GTIN-12 work? 

It is necessary for a product to have a Global Trade Identification Number in order to be identified on the international markets. What does this mean? Do I need to use many different UPC codes for my products?

I need a large number of UPC codes. Exactly why?

It will be necessary for you to assign an unique UPC code to each of the products you are planning to sell in order to market them over the internet effectively. Consider the case of a manufacturing company that needs to assign GS1 Numbers and perhaps a Check Digit to every single item in addition to applying the GS1 Company Prefix that you already have.

EAN and UPC – how do they differ?

In the United States, UPC is by far the most widely used barcode. European article numbers (EANs) are among the most widely used barcodes in Europe, as one of the most widely used standards in the world. Quite a few companies recognize both the UPC and the EAN codes today as ways of identifying products. It may be more beneficial for you to use an EAN code if you plan to sell your products outside of the United States. As discussed previously, EAN barcodes start with a “0” and the UPC-12 digits follow in standard GTIN-12 format. Barcodes in EAN format consist of 13 digits, the first of which is a “0”.

Create a UPC code by following these steps

It is important to note that these standards are so strict that it is not possible for a company to create its own UPC code because the GS1 code adheres to strict requirements. GS1 has assigned your company Prefix for the purposes of allowing the barcode to be read at the point of sale, so it is essential that it is included on the barcode. UPC codes cannot be generated for a company’s own products, so those wishing to learn how to create them must understand that this is not possible.

Can you tell me where to buy UPC codes?

UPC codes can only be obtained from the only organization that can provide them, and you should buy them directly from the GS1 organization. The GS1 system requires that in order to use the system, a minimum of 100 UPC symbols must be purchased at a cost of $750. In order to use the GS1 system you will have to link the GS1 symbols to the UPC codes after they are linked. For the renewal of UPC symbols, a fee of $150 is charged annually.

By purchasing our UPC numbers in bulk, we make it easier for our customers to manage their products. Place an order today! We also do not charge our customers any additional fees from the point of purchase of their UPC symbols until they have access to their symbols through us. We became GS1 members several years before the organization began charging renewal fees. 

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