Guide to Poker Cash Games

In the world of online poker, there is always a seat open. Many players make a living grinding out cash games on the internet. When you first make your entry into the online poker you’re going to be faced with many games to choose from. From cash games, to tournaments, to sit & gos, the world is your oyster.

현금바둑이 run 24/7 and have never ending action. It is easy to get drawn in by the speed of the game; hand after hand after within a fraction of the time it takes for a single hand of live poker to be played.

Understanding Cash Games

Before you get started there are a few things to keep in mind. When you pull up a seat there are going to be players from all over the world at all different skill levels. So it is important to keep in mind that while it might be your first time at the table, there might also be a few seasoned vets there as well.

A good idea when first sitting down is to take it slow and observe. Sure there are many players out there that will tell you that aggression and putting pressure on other players is important. While this is definitely true, it can be a very difficult way to start. Take a few moments to get a feel for the game and try to gauge who might be at what skill level.

If you’re playing from the comfort of your own home it’s very tempting to turn on the TV or get involved with any number of things that will keep your attention away from the table. But if you’re looking to get better and make a profit, it is important to pay attention and pick up on player tendencies and betting patterns.

Here are some basic things to keep in mind when first taking a seat…

Start Small

Even for a person used to playing high-stakes cash games, starting with lower-stakes online is advisable. The goal of these first sessions, other than playing solid poker, should be to familiarize one’s self with the nuances of playing online.

Starting out at lower stakes also enables you as a beginner to begin playing online with a smaller bankroll.

This can alleviate undue stress about losing sessions, and allow you to focus on the long-term goal of becoming a profitable online player.

Familiarize Yourself with the Software

Another reason to start at smaller stakes is because you want to risk the minimum amount when it comes to getting used to the software and playing online. The last thing you want to do is lose a chunk of money due to a misclick or some other aspect of the online world that you might have been confused about.

Getting used to the betting features and even using the time bank might be a little foreign to beginning players, so it’s important to get a good grasp on those before getting heavily involved.

Start with a Single Table

While the option to play multiple tables at once is not only available, but enticing as well, your best bet is start out by playing a single table first. When getting acclimated to the software and the flow of the game, playing too many tables at once can become very overwhelming.

Just like with the stakes, start small and then grow as you become better and more familiar with your surroundings.

Position, Position, Position

We will touch on this a bit later, but if you’re familiar with the old real estate adage of “Location, location, location”, this is the poker equivalent. Ideally, you want to play the majority of your hands in late position, that is form the dealer button or the few seats to the right of it.

By having position on more players at the table it enables you to see what everyone is doing before it your turn to make any decisions

Tight is Right

Later we will discuss implementing aggressive play and opening up your game and hand ranges, but when just getting started, try playing a game that favors the tighter side.

Remember, if you’re just get acclimated to the software and the speed of the game, you don’t want it to be too costly of a process. Start by playing tight and then when you feel comfortable begin to open up your game a bit.


We all love the ATM because we love anything or anyone that gives us money. The last thing you want to do is be an ATM at the poker table for other players. That’s why it is important to start of slow and get acclimated to everything before really diving in heavily.

Not everyone’s bankroll is created equal. It’s possible you might have players at the table that have 10x the bankroll you do and are playing very aggressively. Don’t fall victim and feel the need to push back if your bankroll can’t handle it.

Continue to play slow and smart at first and you will find the perfect spot to allow that player to serve as YOUR ATM.

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