How to tame a dolphin in Minecraft

How to tame a dolphin in Minecraft: While playing Minecraft, you have noticed that there are many sea creatures in the ocean. Among these, you have just noticed a dolphin, which jumps out of the water and swims around every corner. You’ve also often seen them swimming in groups and, since they are very cute, you are wondering how to tame a dolphin in Minecraft, which can follow you on your adventures at sea. This is how things are, am I right?

Then I’m sorry to tell you that it’s not possible to tame a dolphin, but you can still swim with it to make it friendly to you. How do you say? Is it still a good compromise? Then let me help you achieve this. If you want, I can show you the potential of dolphins in Minecraft, and then explain how to make them friendly towards you, so that they can help you in your adventures.

How about starting immediately? Do you want? Perfect, then sit comfortably and pay close attention to the tips I will give you in the next chapters. I’m sure by the end of this reading you’ll have all the information you need to make a dolphin in Minecraft your friend. All that remains for me is to wish you a good read and, above all, good fun!


  • How are dolphins useful?
  • Making a dolphin friendly
    • Preliminary operations
    • Feeding a dolphin
    • Playing with a dolphin
  • Look for wrecks and underwater ruins

How are dolphins useful?

In Minecraftdolphins are sea creatures that you can find in any marine biome. Their attitude towards the player is neutral, which means they will never try to attack you of their own free will (unless you attack them first), nor will they sympathize with you.

Unfortunately, however, dolphins are creatures that you cannot make them faithful to your avatar, unlike what happens with other animals, such as horses or cats. This means that you will not be able to tame them and, therefore, you will not be able to take them with you on your adventures.

Despite this limitation, you can, however, make the dolphin sympathize with you. You must, in fact, know that this dolphin attitude will be useful to you because it will help you find hidden treasures at the bottom of the sea.

Having said that, I’d say we can take action – in the next few chapters I’ll tell you how to make a dolphin friendly to help you explore the underwater world of Minecraft.

Making a dolphin friendly

If your intent is to make a dolphin friendly in Minecraft, so that it can help you in underwater exploration, in the next paragraphs I will indicate the materials that you will need to recover and the operations to be carried out to change the attitude of this animal towards you.

Preliminary operations

Before diving into the water and interacting with dolphins, it is important that you have raw fish, such as cod or salmon, that can be given to these creatures as food.

Raw fish is, in fact, the only food you can give to dolphins so that they can change their attitude towards you, transforming it from neutral to friendly.

To get raw fish, you have several alternatives: you can find it as loot inside the chests scattered around the world of Minecraft, defeat polar bears or through the activity of fishing. The latter method is what I recommend, as it is the fastest to obtain a significant amount of fish.

First, you will need a fishing rod, which you can make in a workbench, using 2 units of string and 3 units of sticks. As for the latter resource, you can proceed by putting together 2 units of wooden planks in a workbench. For the string, on the other hand, you have to defeat the spiders or remove the cobwebs you find in dark places, such as the mines or underground fortresses.

Once you have obtained your fishing rod, all you have to do is reach a stream, equip this tool and interact with it on the water, in order to cast the hook. When a fish has taken the bite, you will see the float go under the surface of the water. At that point, you will need to right-click to pull up the hook and collect the caught prey.

Unfortunately, I warn you that it is not always guaranteed that you will get a fish, you can also find trinkets, such as bowls or keys, but in the long run you will surely find what you need.

Feeding a dolphin

Once you’ve collected enough raw fish, you need to equip it in a quick slot and dive into the sea, making sure to first identify an area with at least one dolphin swimming nearby.

Once this is done, after having identified the dolphin, approach it and, with the raw fish equipped, interact on its head, in order to feed it. After you do this, you will see a glowing effect around the creature, indicating that it has been fed.

The dolphin will thank you by activating an upgrade on your avatar, which will greatly increase your movement speed in the water for a few seconds. By doing so, the dolphin will become friendly towards you and will swim around you.

Playing with a dolphin

One activity that you can do together with the dolphin is to throw any inventory object into the water to make it play. When you do this, the object you throw remains suspended in the water and can be used by the creature to play.

What you have to do is simply throw an object towards a dolphin and wait a few seconds: the dolphin will start jumping towards the object that is in the water, hitting it with its muzzle and spreading it at an ever-greater distance.

This practice allows you to play a dolphin, but you have to be careful with the oxygen level of the avatar if you find yourself swimming near this creature: if unfortunately you lose sight of the oxygen level up to zero and lose all the health points, all items in your inventory will end up in the water. This will result in the dolphin starting to hit them, scattering them and making them no longer recoverable.

Look for wrecks and underwater ruins

When you feed a dolphin, it starts swimming around you and then moves away. This attitude usually occurs from the first time you feed this creature but, in some cases, you have to try to feed it several times.

When the dolphin moves away from you and has a glowing effect around it, all you have to do is follow it. It won’t be easy to keep up with it, even with the swim speed boost that this creature grants you for a few seconds after feeding it.

Either way, the dolphin will lead you to the nearest treasure chest hidden inside a sunken wreck or underwater ruins scattered across the depths of Minecraft. Once you have collected the loot found, if you destroy the chest and keep feeding the dolphin, it will lead you to another chest nearby. Useful, right?


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