How to set up Samsung TV

After so many comparisons, analyzes and technical data sheets you have finally decided to buy a TV and your choice fell precisely on the models proposed by Samsung . You have completed the transaction and brought the device home, but you still haven’t found the time to connect and configure it properly. Well, don’t let laziness take over and find out how to do the procedure easily!

The initial configuration of the TV is very important and, although it can be “intimidating” for those who turn on the device for the first time, I assure you that it is very immediate. In addition, if necessary, you can retrace your steps and change the TV settings at any time.

So if you want to find out how to set up Samsung TVs , take five minutes of free time and consult the instructions below. For the tutorial I will use the Q80T model of the South Korean brand, but the indications that I will give you are valid a little for all Samsung TV models (it can change at most the position or the name of some menu; nothing that will prevent you from replicating successfully my “tips”). So whether you want to know how to configure Samsung QLED , LED or any other type of TV, you just have to keep reading and get to work. Happy reading and good luck for everything!


  • How to setup Samsung TV: Initial setup
  • How to set up Samsung TV: channels
  • How to set up Samsung TV: Internet
  • How to set up Samsung TV with smartphone
  • How to set up Samsung TV with Alexa
  • How to set up Samsung TV with Google Home

How to setup Samsung TV: Initial setup

Before you begin, make sure you have connected the TV to the mains and that the remote control has batteries . Then press the power button, at the top left of the remote control, and wait for the TV display to activate.

Now press the right arrow on the remote control and select Italy from the menu with the list of countries (if you are in Italy, otherwise select the country you are in). Next you will be presented with the screen called Simplified TV setup with all the devices connected to the various ports of the TV, such as the antenna and HDMI ports.

If the cables are connected correctly, you will see the word Connected in green next to the relative icon , while for free ports the wording is Not connected . If a device is connected but not turned on, you will notice the item Turn on the device . Follow the instructions on the screen by turning on those that are off, such as a game console or Blu-ray player, and then select the Next button , on the display, in the lower center, and press the center button on the remote control.

Now the TV will ask you to tune the channels : under Transmission choose Antenna , where it says Channel type , set Digital and finally at the wording Channel sorting leave the basic setting, that is Automatic sorting . Select the Next button and proceed by pressing the center button on the remote. It’s all very simple, but we’ll come back to this aspect later.

Once the channels have been tuned, the system will now check your wireless network to see if you have a wireless Internet connection. If you prefer a wired connection, I invite you to insert one end of the Ethernet cable into the port of the TV and the other into the port of your router.

By choosing a Wi-Fi connection from those in the list and pressing the central button on the remote control, you will be prompted to enter the network password : you can generally find it in the manual of your modem or directly on the sticker placed under it. If you can’t find it, take a look at my guide on how to find the Wi-Fi password. After entering it using the virtual keyboard on the TV display, choose the Done button and press the center button on the remote control. If the password is correct you will be able to read on the screen Operation successful! The TV is connected to the Internet and you can proceed with the rest of the configurations.

The second phase sees the acceptance of the terms and conditions of use : a standard procedure that you can quickly complete by selecting I accept all and then OK at the bottom left.

Let’s now move on to the third step, logging in with the Samsung account . If you have a previously created account, you can directly choose the Login option , where you will have two options: enter the credentials of a Samsung account or choose Via site . If, on the other hand, you don’t have an account and you are struggling with a device of the brand for the first time, then you would do well to read my guide on how to create a Samsung account.

If you have clicked on Sign in , you must enter your e-mail address and password , check the item Keep me signed in and then select Sign in again . If you have chosen to access Via site , you can scan the QR code with your smartphone, follow the URL indicated or use the unique authorization code on the Samsung Members app (available only for Android ). Once this phase of the operation has been successfully completed, you will find a screen that reads You are logged in and you will have to continue the configuration by moving to Next and pressing thecentral button on the remote control.

At this point you will be asked to register the serial number of the TV , linking it to your Samsung account to more easily obtain promotions and perform purchasing procedures. Select the Record button at the bottom and press the button in the center of the remote control, if the operation is successful you will see the screen with the word Recorded TV and you can move on to the next section by pressing the Next button , always in the lower part of the center of the display.

If you want to use a voice assistant, you can select the one you prefer from BixbyAmazon Alexa and Google Assistant. If you are not interested, press the Select Later button : you can make this choice at any time, even after the initial configuration.

Now it’s the turn of the backup, i.e. saving the TV data in case you need to reset your settings or replace the TV. I therefore invite you to check the Back up data box and check it by pressing the central button on the remote control. When you are ready, continue with the Next key .

On the page Enter your post code , enter the one of the place where you live, the TV will be able to offer you an appropriate channel list. If you don’t have a remote control with numbers, you can easily choose them from the virtual keyboard that appears in the lower area of ​​the display. When you’ve entered your postcode, select Done and press the center button on your remote.

Thanks to this setting, you will be shown the automatic channel list, which you can modify later at will: for now, however, I recommend that you click on Next to complete the initial configuration.

Set the current time by choosing Auto , for automatic management, or Manual , by entering the time, then you will be asked to test the remote control by pressing specific keys indicated on the display.

These could be different depending on the model of the TV, for the Q80T you are asked to turn up the volume and change the channel, however you just need to follow the two indications on the screen, complete with images, to immediately identify the keys. When the green ticks appear confirming the operation, press Next again and you will have completed the initial setup of the Samsung TV.

Subsequently, by pressing the button with the house icon on the remote control, you will be able to access the main menu of the TV through which to install the apps on a Samsung TV (in the case of a Smart TV) and access the settings (the icon of the gear) related to image (e.g. to activate HDR ), sound , channel tuning, set program lock , manage the Bluetooth connection and much more.

How to set up Samsung TV: channels

Have you completed the initial TV setup but can’t see all the channels you would like? Now I will show you the procedure for performing automatic and manual tuning.

With the TV switched on, press the button with a house icon on the remote control – this will bring up the main menu. Then press the left arrow until you reach the gear icon with the words Settings : press the central button on the remote control on it to access the advanced menu.

On the next screen, move down with the down arrow and select the icon that resembles a dish : this is the Transmission menu . Then move to the item Settings Automatic synchronization and select it with the central button . Then go to Automatic tuning : the system will then scan the channels, setting them in a standard way. At the end of the procedure you simply have to press Close to return to the main menu, from which you can move to your favorite channels.

If you want to manually tune the channels, go back to the Settings> Broadcasting> Advanced settings menu . In the next menu, press the center button while Manual Tuning is highlighted to access the list with channels, frequencies and bandwidth.

From this section you just have to choose the frequencies on which to search again, moving with the arrows on the remote control and then pressing the central button when you want to start tuning the specific channel. More info here.

How to set up Samsung TV: Internet

If in the initial configuration phase you have decided to postpone the Internet connection of your Samsung TV , and you no longer know how to proceed, this is the chapter of the guide that is exactly for you.

Press the button with the icon shaped like a house on the remote control, go to Settings> General and select the option Network . In the following screen, which says Network Type , you will need to select Wireless for the wireless connection or Wired for the one using an Ethernet cable.

By choosing Wireless, the system will load all the internet networks nearby: just choose yours and, by pressing the central button on the remote control, you will be asked to enter the access password , which you can find in the modem manual or on the label stuck to the device .

For the wired connection, however, you do not need any password: for the voice to be selectable you simply need to use an Ethernet cable that connects the modem and the TV directly. More info here.

How to set up Samsung TV with smartphone

If you realized at the last minute that you do not have batteries for the TV remote control but you intend to carry out the configuration procedure, perhaps with your smartphone, you will be interested in knowing that there are specific apps for these needs.

Do you want to find out the procedure? Then follow my guide on how to use your phone as a remote control, it will help you solve the problem and allow you to set up Samsung TVs with smartphones.

How to set up Samsung TV with Alexa

Many Samsung Smart TVs allow TV management via Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. In this case, just go to the Settings> General> Voice menu and select Alexa as your voice assistant. You will be asked to log into your Amazon accountMore info here.

If you have an Amazon Echo speaker and want to use that to control your Samsung TV with Alexa, check out my tutorial on how to connect Alexa to Samsung TV.

How to set up Samsung TV with Google Home

You have the Google Home voice assistant and, rightly, you intend to use it to turn on, turn off and control your new Samsung TV, however, you are not yet sure of the procedure to follow.

First, make sure that the TV is connected to the Internet and that the Google Assistant app on your smartphone ( Android or iPhone ) is associated with the Google account you want to use on the TV. Then go to the Settings> General> Voice menu to select Google Assistant as your voice assistant. More info here.

If, on the other hand, you want to pair a Google Home speaker to the TV, read my tutorial on how to connect Google Home to the TV.

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