How to serve a customer by chat? 5 Tips

o you want to learn how to attend by chat? Today, chats have become the preferred channel for all users. People feel much more comfortable in these channels as it is the fastest way to communicate with a company. This new trend has been transferred in the interaction of businesses with users.

It is a fact that users investigate a product before buying it, and at the time of their search they will always resort to asking something that was not clear to them. And that is where the chat comes into play as it is a very close channel for the client. The same thing happens when you want to make a claim about a product or service. 

And it is that one feels much more comfortable writing to a business than using other conventional methods such as a call or an email. Today I think that we ourselves do not like to call very much. It is that a chat gives the user a lot of independence, for example, they can write to the business at the time they want.

So why not learn strategies for serving a customer via chat? Next, you will learn 5 ways to make effective the way you communicate with your customers through your digital channels.

  1. 1) 1) Humanize your interaction
  2. 2) 2) Respond fast
  3. 3) 3) Route your queries
  4. 4) 4) Use good writing
  5. 5) 5) Ask for the opinion of your customers

1) Humanize your interaction

Despite the fact that chat is a closer medium, it is still a channel that does not help much to clearly express how we feel . For this reason, it is important that at the beginning of a service they always have to introduce themselves by a name and address the client by theirs. For example: “Hello, John. I’m Jorge, from Securitec. How I can help?”.

2) Respond fast

One of the benefits of chat customer support is that users expect quick responses. For this reason, all the digital attention channels of your business must comply with this requirement . A first step is to implement chatbots . With this tool your users will always have an instant response 24 hours a day. 

3) Route your queries 

The key to good chat support is that you can correctly transfer your customers’ conversations to the right agents. For example, assigning attention to an agent based on his skills and experience , or simply because he was more idle than the rest of his colleagues. 

4) Use good writing

Good communication will not be possible if there are poor writing problems such as spelling and syntax in writing. Therefore, writing well ensures that the message is delivered correctly, which improves the customer experience . In addition, correct writing guarantees good understanding of the information provided.

5) Ask for the opinion of your customers

If you want to know how you are offering your business chat support, you need the opinion of your potential customers. Therefore, it is important to send them satisfaction surveys after each chat service . You can start with a question that rates from 1 to 10 about how you felt during the care.

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