How to sell online as a private individual

Have you emptied your garage and filled boxes with unused items? Would you like to try to sell them on the Internet but have no idea how to do it? If you are not a great expert in the sector and are looking for some advice on how to sell online as a private individual, don’t worry: you have come to the right place at the right time! With today’s tutorial, in fact, I will show you how to register on the main online sales sites and how to create ads to sell your items.

Thanks to sites like Subito or Kijiji, you can publish free advertisements and sell your items to people who live in the same city as you (negotiating the final price with the latter), while turning to sites like eBay you can sell (almost) any type of object. paying a commission on the final price. Alternatively, you can use Facebook’s ad platform, Marketplace, to post your ads online.

So, did I intrigue you? If so, let’s not waste any more precious time and get to work right away! Read the next paragraphs carefully, analyze all the solutions listed and choose the one you think best suits your needs. I’m sure that in no time you will be able to put your items up for sale and make some extra cash. Are you ready to get started? Well, then I have nothing left but to wish you a good read.


  • Ad sites
  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • AutoScout24
  • Other sites to sell online as a private individual

Ad sites

Relying on classifieds sites is a valid solution to sell online as a private individual. The classifieds sites allow anyone to publish free advertisements and offer products and services for sale: users interested in the article will be able to contact the seller and start the sale negotiation.

Among the best-known classifieds sites in Italy, there is , which allows you to publish advertisements and sell any type of item: from cars and properties to technological products, but also services and job offers. Posting an advertisement on has no cost, but registration is required.

Then connect to the website and press the Register button, then enter your details in the fields  Your emailPasswordBirthday and  Gender, put the checkmark to accept the terms of the service and give consent to the processing of data and click the Confirm button. In a few moments you will receive an email containing an activation link: within 48 hours, click on the Confirm item to complete the registration.

You are now ready to create your ad on ! Then press the Insert ad button of the site and, on the next screen, select the category of the item you want to sell and put the checkmark next to the item For sale. Now, enter a photo (optional option), the title and description of the item to be put on sale, then enter your personal data in the Name and Phone fields and, if you do not want to show your phone number, put the sign of tick next to  Hide number and click the Continue button to go to the next step.

So check the ad you just created and choose whether or not to use one of the paid features, such as  Put back on top , which allows you to reposition the ad at the top of the sales ads. At the bottom right you can view the cost of the advertisement (if you have not added any functionality it is 0 €): then press the Continue button to send the advertisement to the staff and, if this is approved, you will receive an email confirming its publication. is also available as an application for AndroidiOS and Windows 10 Mobile devices.


EBay’s Kijiji is another solution you can consider if your intention is to rely on ad sites. Also in this case the publication of the advertisement is free and, unlike , no registration is required.

Then connect to the Kijiji site and press the Menu button at the top left. Then select the item Insert ad, choose the category ( Clothing and accessoriesElectronicsMotorsSportsCommercial vehicles etc.) of the object to sell, enter the Municipality where the latter is located and, in the Enter the Title section, the Description and Images, select the Offer option and then enter the product data in the TitlePrice, Description. Click the Upload Image button to add up to 8 photos of the item (must be 4MB max. Each)

To complete the advertisement, enter your details in the Email , Name and Telephone fields (the latter is optional but recommended for direct contact) and press the blue button Publish your ad . Within seconds you will receive an email from Kijiji: click on the Confirm ad button to post your ad. To sell on Kijiji via mobile devices, you can download the app for Android and iOS .


Finally, among the most popular classifieds sites there is also Shpock which presents itself as a kind of online flea market. To start selling, connected to the Shpock site and click on the Register button at the top right and select one of the items between Log in with Facebook and Log in with Google to access Shpock by connecting your social account. Alternatively, presses on the item Log in with your email + SMS to register via email and confirm your identity by sending a verification SMS.

Once the registration is complete, press the Sell button to create your first ad. Then press on the item Select photo or drag photo here to add the photo of the item to sell, then enter the data in the fields Title of the articleDescription of the articleCategoryAddress and Price. Finally, put the check mark next to the Facebook logo to share the ad on social networks and next to the item I’m not a robot, then press the Sell button and you’re done. You can also sell on Shpock via mobile devices with the app forAndroid and iOS.


eBay is among the best solutions to sell online as a private individual. The well-known platform founded by Pierre Omidyar is one of the most popular sites to buy and sell any type of product, even from mobile devices with the free application for Android and iOS.

To start selling your items on eBay, you need to create an account: first, connect to the eBay site and click on the Register item on the top left, enter your details in the NameSurnameAddress fields emailpassword and presses the Register button. Within a few seconds you will receive an email containing an activation link: press it to activate your account and complete the registration procedure.

Now you need to associate a valid payment method to your account (to receive money from any sale of items). Then click on the item Hello [name] present at the top left and click on the Account settings option, then press the item PayPal account in the sidebar on the left and click on the button Connect the PayPal account.

Then enter your personal data in the fields AddressZIP codeCityProvince and mobile number, click on the Continue button and proceed with the verification of the telephone number entered, choosing one of the options between Call me now and Send me an SMS immediately. Finally, enter your PayPal account details and press the Login button to complete the connection.

You’re finally ready to create your first eBay listing! Then click on the Sell item in the top menu, enter the title of the ad in the field Enter a descriptive title for the ad and press the Start button. Automatically, a category will be associated with your advertisement: check that this is right and press the Create advertisement button, otherwise click on the Edit item and select the category that best suits your article.

Now, enter the titleconditionphoto and details of the item, set the accepted payment method and the shipping method, while in the Select the format and price section, set how you intend to sell the item.

  • Online auction: it is possible to set the duration of the advertisement  (1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days) and the starting price, with the possibility of adding a reserve price, a function that allows you to enter a minimum amount that must be reached at auction for the item to be sold. In addition, the seller can allow the buyer to buy the item right away by selecting the Add Buy It Now item.
  • Buy it now: in this way, the buyer can win the item for sale at the displayed price. The seller must enter the PriceQuantity and Duration of the advertisement, while the Purchase Proposal option is optional,  which allows the buyer to send a lower amount and that the seller can evaluate whether to take into account or not.

You should know that some ad creation features are paid. For example, adding subtitle costs € 0.50; programming the listing costs € 0.20, while adding the Buy It Now option to the online auction has an additional fee of € 0.35. Furthermore, if the sale is successful, eBay applies commissions on the final value equal to 11.5% (to which you must add a commission of 0.35 euros per transaction + taxes on shipping costs).

Once you have finished creating the ad, check the amount of the Ad Fees using the box visible on the right and press the Put for sale button at the rates shown to publish your ad. To learn more about how eBay works, I leave you to my guide on how eBay works.

Facebook Marketplace

Perhaps not everyone knows this, but on Facebook it is also possible to sell items of all kinds through the Marketplace section. All you need to publish an ad is an account on the famous social network and having reached the age of majority.

To sell your items on Facebook, connect to the website of the social network designed by Mark Zuckerberg and, if you have not activated automatic login, enter your details in the Email or phone and Password fields and click on the Login button to make the login. If you do not have an account, enter your details in the fields NameSurnameMobile number or email address and  New password, then set your date of birth, put the checkmark next to the items Man or Womanbased on your gender and presses the green button Create an account to complete the registration. To learn more, you can read my guide on how to sign up for Facebook.

You are now ready to start selling your items! On the Facebook Home, click on the Marketplace item in the left sidebar and press the Sell ​​something button located at the top right. In the opened window, enter the title of the advertisement (maximum 100 characters) and the price in the fields What do you sell? and  Add price, then indicate the place where the object is located and select the category, choosing from FurnitureArticles for animalsToolsBicyclesMobile phones, GardenAuto parts and many more.

Finally, add a description, click on the Add photo option to insert one or more photos of the item and press the Publish button to place your ad on Marketplace.

The negotiation is managed privately between buyer and seller: the user interested in your item can contact you via a private message and in this case you will see a notification at the top right, in correspondence with the icon depicting a speech bubble.

Marketplace is also available on mobile devices, through the Facebook application for AndroidiOS and Windows 10 Mobile devices. To sell an item, press the icon of a house and tap on the item What you sell, then select one of the options available between Items for saleVehicles for sale and Accommodation for rent/sale and follow the wizard.


AutoScout24 is one of the best platforms for buying and selling cars, campers, motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles, both used and new. Founded in 1998, it soon established itself also on a European level, thus offering a great showcase to sell your vehicle online.

To start posting your ad on AutoScout24, you must first create an account. How to do? I’ll explain it to you right away! Connect to the AutoScout24 site, click on the My AutoScout24 item at the top right and press the New option on AutoScout24? Register now. Then enter your details in the Email and Password fields, if you wish, put the checkmark to receive newsletters and participate in online surveys and press the Register button to complete the registration.

Now you can put your car up for sale. On the main page of AutoScout24, then click on the Insert now button, enter the data of your vehicle by selecting BrandRegistration dateModel,  Fuel  (petrol or diesel), Power and Equipment  and press the Complete the ad button to continue with the ad creation.

Now, enter the sales data ( colormileage and price ) and add up to a maximum of 15 photos of the vehicle by pressing the Add photo button, then enter a detailed description of the vehicle to be sold in the Description field, using the 4000 characters available.

Then proceed with checking the data in the Equipment and Driving & Environment sections and click on the Edit item to correct any errors or enter additional data. In the Conditions & Maintenance section, press the Edit option and place the check marks relating to the items Certified coupons, Non-smoking vehicle and Damaged vehicle, then select the car data relating to previous ownersnext revision datelast repair intervention e Timing belt change and click the Save button to confirm the changes made.

Finally, in the Contact information box, enter your personal data in the Name fields, SurnameZIP codeCityTelephone number and choose whether to show the latter in the ad by placing the checkmark next to the  Yes option or the option  No . As a last step, put the checkmark next to the item I have read and accepted the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy of AutoScout24, click on the Publish ad online button and you’re done. To learn more about how AutoScout24 works, you can read my guides on how to post an ad on AutoScout24and how to edit an ad on AutoScout24.

Other sites to sell online as a private individual

In addition to the solutions proposed above, there are other sites for selling online privately that you can use to sell your items. It is less popular platforms compared to the aforementioned, or eBay, but to consider to increase their sales opportunities.

  • Etsy: the ideal solution for those who make handmade products and are looking for a showcase to sell them. On Etsy you can open your own virtual shop and try your hand at a real business, with a section to manage orders, budgets and much more. It is available for mobile devices by downloading the free application for Android and iOS. You can read my guide on how to sell on Etsy to learn more.
  • Bakeca: another well-known ad site that allows you to post free ads and sell not only products but also services such as training courses or the rental of rooms and houses. To publish your ad, registration is not required but simply press the Insert ad button, choose the category of the product or service to offer and enter the data.
  • Announcement: platform born in 2016 and on which it is possible to sell any object for free and where it is also allowed to publish real estate and car sales ads. Among the most interesting features, the possibility of inserting video ads to show the product in all its qualities should certainly be mentioned. It is also available as an application for Android devices.
  • it: classifieds site that allows you to publish advertisements without registration and free of charge. It is possible to sell any kind of product (including services) and accompany the advertisement with videos and photos. It is available for Android smartphones and tablets through the appropriate application.


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