How to see who no longer follows you on Instagram

After the initial success you had on Instagram , your follower list started to shrink. In fact, many users have stopped following you and you, having always tried to publish interesting and quality content, cannot understand why.

How do you say? That’s how things are and, since you’d be curious to know who the “infidels” were, you wonder how to see who no longer follows you on Instagram ? In this case, don’t worry: you can do it by using the search function of your followers which is integrated into the social network and can be used both through the app for Android, iOS and Windows, and from the web.

That said, are you ready to get started? Yup? Perfect! I would say, then, not to waste any more time chatting and to take action immediately. Having arrived at this, all I have to do is wish you a good read and wish you good luck for your “investigations”!


  • How to see who doesn’t follow you on Instagram
  • Android / iOS
  • PC
  • App to find out who no longer follows you on Instagram

How to see who doesn’t follow you on Instagram

Before explaining how to see who no longer follows you on Instagram I must let you know that Instagram, for privacy reasons, does not send notifications to users when their followers stop following them.

However, from smartphones , using the follower search function included in the social network, which is available in the Instagram app for Android and iOS , it is possible to check which users are following us and which ones have stopped doing so.

Alternatively, from your computer , via the official Instagram website or using its Windows application , as I will explain in the following chapters, you can view the list of your followers and, although there is currently no engine available search for followers , just scroll through the list and analyze the names in it to find out if the people who were previously among your followers are still followers or not.

Android / iOS

To check if a user has stopped following you on Instagram from a smartphone , access your account from its official app , presses on the symbol of the little man or on the thumbnail of your profile photo (bottom right) and, in the screen that opens , tap on the number located near the word Follower .

Now, in the screen that is shown to you, scroll the list of followers or tap the Search text field and type the name of the user you think has stopped following you.

Once this is done, if his name is not on your followers list, he has actually stopped following you. If not, your suspicions were unfounded.


To see who no longer follows you on Instagram from your computer , however, you must first log into your social network account, by connecting to the official Instagram website or using its Windows application .

Once this is done, in both cases, press on the thumbnail of your profile at the top right and go to the section of your profile , pressing the appropriate item. At this point, press on the number of your followers and scroll through the list displayed, to search for one or more people who you think have stopped following you on the social network.

That said, if you find their username in the list of your followers, then it means you are wrong and that user is following you. Otherwise, if his username does not appear in the list, it means that he has stopped following you.

Alternatively, through the social network’s search engine , you can search for a person you don’t follow, to see if they are your follower . Then type his username in the text field above and go to his profile by clicking on the corresponding search result.

At this point, if this person is among your followers , you will be shown the words Follow you , in correspondence with their profile, confirming that they are a user who follows you.

App to find out who no longer follows you on Instagram

Did the official Instagram solutions mentioned in this tutorial not satisfy you? Would you like to know if there are any apps to find out who no longer follows you on Instagram ?

In this regard, if you ask yourself this question it is because, probably, you have identified solutions of this type in the virtual stores of Android and iOS / iPadOS and would like advice on which one to download. In this case, I must immediately warn you of such tools, recommending that you do not use them.

In fact, linking your account with third-party apps is a risky operation and a potential threat to your privacy . Furthermore, as explained in this tutorial, you do not need to use third-party solutions, as Instagram allows you to see, without any limitation, the list of your followers.

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