How to search on TikTok

TikTok is booming and there are more and more users on this social network of short videos with all kinds of effects, although at some point you will probably need to look for someone you are interested in, either because they are one of your favorite “tiktokers” or because you like them. your videos.

Even several of the big celebrities use TikTok, including singers, artists, influencers, etc. If you are new to this social network, you should follow a series of recommended users , where there are Spanish and international profiles.

You can search for these profiles perfectly through the search engine, but the inconvenience it offers is that it is necessary to know the exact nickname of the user you want to search for , since there is no other way to find the profile you may be looking for.

Also keep in mind an important detail, because in TikTok it is possible to change the username , it may happen that over time a user has decided to change their name in TikTok, although it is a remote possibility and that nobody does if they have a recognized profile with many followers, videos and likes.

Searching for a user on TikTok is easy, you should follow a series of simple steps, do the following:

  1. Open TikTok, you don’t even need to register or log in because the browser can be used in this way. Next, click on the lower icon called “Trends” .
  2. Go to the top and click on the search box , there you will have to write the user’s name. The ideal is to put the nickname because by names a lot of profiles can appear, although if you choose this last option it is only a matter of finding the person you are looking for.
  3. Finally, click on “search” and enter the “users” section so that the search focuses only on people. Ready, there you will have the specific user or a more general result to search for, then you can enter their profile and watch video and others, although to follow them you do have to log in, just like to like their publications.

It’s that easy to search for people on TikTok , if you know the nickname you have it much easier because you can locate people more quickly, otherwise the search will be somewhat more complicated.

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