How to repair items in Minecraft

How to repair items in Minecraft: It is generally accepted that when you use any item in Minecraft, it will eventually lose durability. This can result in many players creating duplicates of corrupted items to compensate for the possible damage their items will take. In this article, we will look at methods by which you can repair items in order to save not only time, but also resources.

Materials needed to repair items

  • Two identical items that you want to repair
  • Grindstone

How to repair items in minecraft0

  • Anvil

How to repair items in Minecraft1

  • The material your item is made from

How to repair items in Minecraft

Method 1. Crafting grid

Get two copies of the same item you wish to repair when both of their durability is depleted. Place them in your crafting grid and an improved version of the item will be created.

How to Repair Items in Minecraft 2

Method 2: whetstone

Place the crafted whetstone on the ground. Then place the damaged items you want in the whetstone select item and your new and improved item will be created.

How to repair items in Minecraft3

Method 3 – Anvil

Place the anvil on the ground. Then put your two items in the anvil’s repair slot and it will boost the durability of the weaker items towards the stronger ones.

How to repair items in Minecraft4

Should you repair items in Minecraft?

If you want to save resources.

Why can’t I fix my pickaxe?

Items like an anvil can only repair other items so many times before it depletes itself. This is the most likely reason why you cannot get your instrument repaired.


Repairs can be a great method of maintaining the durability and efficiency of all the tools and items you have at your disposal without spending too many much needed resources, making your life even easier. Take advantage of such a system to benefit from it

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