How to make a TV in Minecraft

How to make a TV in Minecraft: When it comes to what you can use to decorate your Minecraft dwellings, your options are surprisingly limited. That is why many people come up with unique methods to create their own furniture or items with such a theme, and in this article we will discuss how to make a staple of any home – a TV. However, it will not be just a TV, but a widescreen TV that you can create at your leisure.

Materials needed to make a TV in Minecraft

If you’re not very good and haven’t already unlocked everything in Minecraft, there’s a good chance you’re going to need to use creative mode to craft your TV due to the rarity of some of these items:

  • 3 armor stands
How to make a Minecraft TV0
  • 3 ender dragon heads

How to make a Minecraft TV1

  • stone blocks

How to Make a Minecraft TV2

  • 12 layers of snow

How to make a minecraft 3 tv

  • 1 stone wall
  • Several redstone blocks

How to make a minecraft4 TV

How to make a TV in Minecraft

Step 1

Make sure there is a hole in the wall that is 2 blocks wide but 3 blocks high.

How to Make a Minecraft5 TV

This will soon be increased to four blocks high if you break an extra layer in the ground below the hole in the wall.

Step 2

In you can put six layers of ice on each side so that it almost fills the hole, but not completely. Next, you will need to place the armor stands in the snow-covered pit. One for each block and as straight as possible.

How to make a minecraft6 TV

However, be aware that it can go too deep and completely ignore layers, and to get around this you can put each post in front of the hole, place a piston behind each post, and then place a Redstone block next to each piston to power them. , which should knock the racks into the holes and at the right height.

How to make a minecraft7 TV

Step 3

Then, place the armor rack right behind the rightmost armor rack. into the hole as straight as possible. Then place the cobblestone wall to the left of the stand and the piston to the right of it.

How to make a minecraft8 TV

Place the redstone block to activate the piston, which should push the stand against the wall. Remove the wall, piston and redstone and your rack should sit right between both armor racks in the hole.

How to Make a Minecraft9 TV

Step 4

Go around the other side of the wall and place the two red stone blocks right in front of the hole’s armor stands.

How to make a minecraft10 TV

With the rack in place, you’ll then want to place two pistons behind the armor rack, and then place red blocks next to them to push the rack right between both armors. stands in the hole, squeezing them all together, but cohesively.

How to make a Minecraft TV11

After that, destroy the red stone blocks on the other side of the wall.

Step 5

Take your three ender dragon heads and place them on the heads of the armor stands. All heads must be facing the same direction.

How to make a minecraft12 tv

Then go to the second set of blocks which is above the dragon heads and replace the terracotta blocks with 2 terracotta blocks.

Step 6

After that, replace the terracotta blocks above the stone blocks with pistons pointing down, and replace these blocks above the pistons with redstone blocks to activate said pistons.

How to make TV Minecraft13

This will all push the blocks down which you will repeat twice to get the desired result. Once that’s done, destroy the Redstone blocks, stone blocks, and pistons and you should have a flat screen TV.

How to make a Minecraft TV14


Without a doubt, it is a very complex process of creating a realistic flat screen TV that technically does not play anything. That being said, even if you have to follow every letter, once you finally get what you want, it will all be worth it once you build a house around it.

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