How to remove the WIND TRE secretariat

You have recently switched to WINDTRE and would like to avoid receiving messages on the answering machine. Indeed, you would really like to find a way to eliminate the voicemail, or at least deactivate it in specific situations, but mobile telephony is not exactly your favorite field of action and you do not know how to act.

This is exactly how things are, right? Then I’m happy to announce that you’ve come to the right place at the right time! In the next few lines, in fact, I will show you how to remove the WIND TRE answering machine in a very simple way, with the possibility of selecting the occasions in which you want to keep it active.

How do you say? Is this exactly what you were looking for? Well, then let’s not waste any more time! Make yourself comfortable and read carefully what I am about to tell you. In the next paragraphs you will find explained in detail each procedure to follow to deactivate the WINDTRE answering machine from a mobile and fixed line, as well as suggestions for activating it again in case you change your mind. Having said that, I just have to wish you a good read!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to deactivate the WINDTRE answering machine
    • On the phone
    • On landline
  • How to remove the WINDTRE answering machine
    • On the phone
    • On landline

Preliminary information

First of all, it is necessary to proceed with a small premise: as regards the mobile line, the WINDTRE secretariat is a free service that is activated automatically when the line is activated. Furthermore, listening to messages is free in Italy and in the EU if the line has been activated after 18/11/2019. Customers already before that date can listen to paid messages by paying a variable amount based on the tariff plan in use.

As for the fixed line, however, the service does not activate automatically and consists of a monthly subscription with a price of € 0.99 including VAT. For VAT registered customers, however, it is activated by incurring an initial cost of € 2.50 excluding VAT and the subsequent cost is € 0.0517 excluding VAT for each use.

That said, it’s time to take action and see how to manage your voicemail, turn it off in particular situations, or get rid of it altogether.

How to deactivate the WINDTRE answering machine

If you want to deactivate the WINDTRE answering machine only in certain circumstances, without therefore giving up the service altogether, the instructions to which you must adhere are as follows.

On the phone

WINDTRE offers the possibility to deactivate the answering machine or to use it only in certain circumstances for free. The procedures to do this consist in typing certain codes on the numeric keypad of the smartphone. So, first of all, take your smartphone, unlock the screen and first tap on the phone icon, to start the dialer (i.e. the app for making phone calls), and then on the numeric keypad icon, to view this last on screen.

At this point, to deactivate the answering machine when the phone is off or unreachable, enter the code ##62#, then press the Enter key (the one you need to start calls, typically the green handset).

Instead, to turn off the answering machine when you are busy in another conversation, type the code ##67#, then press the Enter key.

Or, if you want to turn off the answering machine generically when you do not want or cannot answer, type the code ##61#and press the Enter key.

To perform all these operations at once and therefore deactivate the answering machine in all the circumstances listed above, type the following code ##004#from the Enter key. This will deactivate the answering machine when the phone is off, unreachable when you are busy in another conversation or do not want to answer.

If you change your mind, or accidentally deactivate a service you wish to keep, you can activate it again by entering the following codes into the dialer, always giving Enter at the end.

  • To turn the voice mail when the phone is switched off or unreachable: **62*+39 32 tuo numero di telefono #invio.
  • To re-activate the machine when you can not or do not want to answer: **61*+39 32 tuo numero di telefono #invio.
  • To re-activate the machine when you are busy on another call: **67*+39 32 tuo numero di telefono #invio.

In any case, as confirmation of the deactivation (or activation), you will see an information box appear on the screen, with the operation carried out written on it. Once it appears, tap on the OK item to close it.

On landline

The fixed line, unlike the mobile one, does not offer particular management options. What you can do, however, is to check the incoming messages by typing the code 4200 on the phone keypad to access the menu.

If, on the other hand, you are not sure about the activation of the service, you can check its status by typing the code, again on the keyboard *#63#.

If you want to check for voicemail messages on your landline using your smartphone, you can tap the phone icon, then press the numeric keypad icon and, finally, type your home number followed by the # symbol, from your PIN code and the # symbol.

How to remove the WINDTRE answering machine

If you want to completely eliminate the voicemail, without choosing to keep it at any time, I am happy to inform you that it is a very fast operation, which you can perform both for the mobile and for the fixed line. So let’s see how to remove the WIND TRE secretariat once and for all.

On the phone

To disable the answering machine for all incoming calls when the phone is on, all you have to do is unlock the smartphone, tap on the phone icon and then on the numeric keypad icon and, finally, type the code ##21#, and then press the Enter key.

To delete the answering machine also in all other possible circumstances, type the code instead ##004#and always press the Enter key.

By doing this, the answering machine will be totally disabled and you will no longer receive any messages from people who have tried to contact you but who have not found you available.

If you want to reactivate it, however, you can use the codes I indicated in the previous chapter (to reactivate the individual services) or use these other codes

  • To activate all the services simultaneously: **004*+39 32 tuo numero di telefono #invio.
  • To turn the answering of incoming calls when the phone is on: **21*+39 32 tuo numero di telefono #invio.

On landline

To completely deactivate the WINDTRE fixed line answering machine, on the other hand, all you have to do is act directly from your fixed phone: type the code on the keypad #63#and the service will no longer be active. This way you no longer have to worry about receiving voicemail messages.

In case you change your mind, you can always follow the same procedure, this time by typing the code *63#to proceed with the reactivation of your answering machine.

In case of problems with the answering machine, I leave you to the official website of the operator, where you can find all the details on the service in question, and to my article dedicated to how to contact WINDTRE, in case you need direct assistance.


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