How to recover Call of Duty Mobile account

Call of Duty Mobile , the mobile chapter of the well-known Activision video game series, has attracted attention for its undoubted quality. You also enjoyed playing it a lot but recently you changed your smartphone and found yourself in an unpleasant situation. In fact, the game prompts you to login again and you don’t remember the credentials you set up.

You are therefore wondering how to recover your Call of Duty Mobile account , in order to return to play from where you came from. As if this were not enough, the title offers different login methods and you do not remember well which one you chose, you are therefore worried and afraid that you will not be able to recover your game progress. Don’t worry, nothing is lost!

In this guide I will analyze the situation as a whole, explaining how you can try to solve the problem regardless of the login system used in CoD Mobile. I can assure you that, to me that you have not made certain mistakes, there is a good chance of catching up on the game progress. That said, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you a good read and a big good luck for everything!


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Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to recover the Call of Duty Mobile account , I think it is important to analyze the situation well.

Well, the game offers three possible login methods at first launch: guest , Call of Duty account and Facebook . The first option is generally only useful if you are playing on a device of little importance, perhaps to play a few games with friends and then abandon the progress.

However, there are not a few who have not understood this mechanism well, then find themselves asking how to recover the Call of Duty Mobile guest account . In this case it is good to deepen the question and in fact it will be what I will do later in the guide.

As for the Call of Duty and Facebook profiles, everything is much simpler. In fact, by requesting a registration, the latter are able to save data and allow the user to transport their progress from one device to another as many times as desired.

Furthermore, this can also come in handy if the user decides to uninstall and reinstall the application. In fact, in this case the local data could be lost and therefore it could be necessary to recover them using the appropriate account .

In short, you understand what are the login methods I recommend, namely Call of Duty and Facebook accounts. For the rest, you can continue reading the guide for more information regarding Call of Duty Mobile profile recovery.

How to recover Call of Duty Mobile account

After explaining the general situation to you, say that it is time to take action. Below you can therefore find all the information on recovering the CoD Mobile account divided by login type.


One way to make sure you don’t lose the progress made on CoD Mobile is to associate it with your Facebook profile . In this way, even if you change several devices, simply log in with the account relating to the popular social network and you will find your game progress on any device.

You have therefore probably already guessed what you need to do if you have connected CoD Mobile to Facebook in the past: once you open the application and arrive at the login screen, all you have to do is tap the Login with Facebook button and eventually press the Accept / Allow button .

Indeed, on Android devices , if you already have the Facebook app configured with your account, you will not even have to enter the e-mail address and password relating to the social network profile, as access will be made instantly and automatically.

In short, connecting your Facebook profile to CoD Mobile is a good way to not lose your progress, since these are associated with your account linked to the social network and are “recovered” at the time of login.

In any case, the access data to be used in this case are those relating to Facebook. If you don’t remember them anymore, you can refer to my guide on how to recover a Facebook account . In short, it is usually enough to connect to the appropriate login page , press the Forgot password button , type your e-mail address or mobile number and follow the instructions that appear on the screen, in order to reset the password and regain possession of the ‘account.

Call of Duty Account

How do you say? Did you use a Call of Duty account on first login? In this case there is no problem: you can recover your data simply by logging in using the appropriate profile.

So you just have to start CoD Mobile , press the Call of Duty button , present in the login screen, tap the SIGN IN OR CREATE key and log in by entering your e-mail address and password , pressing the SIGN IN button NOW to confirm everything. In this way, all the data related to the profile will be recovered .

If you can’t remember the password for your Call of Duty account, just press the FORGOTTEN PASSWORD link , type the email address involved and tap the SUBMIT button .

You will then receive an e-mail message inviting you to change your Call of Duty profile password . You just have to follow the appropriate link and set a new password for your profile, so you can then log in to the game and find your progress.


If you are logged in as a Guest , by pressing the appropriate button during login, and you have then deleted the data relating to CoD Mobile, unfortunately there may be little you can do .

In fact, at the time of the first start, the game had probably warned you that you could lose all progress in case of problems, as the profile in this case could be linked only to your device and not to a specific account.

To keep the data stored, you should therefore have linked the Guest profile to a Call of Duty account , as explained by the game itself by pressing the Call of Duty button on the login screen. More precisely, it reads: “After connecting your guest or social account, you can link a Call of Duty account in the settings menu” .

I use the conditional because on Android generally when you press the Guest button you are still asked to log in with your Google account connected to the mobile device, so you could try to see if the data has remained saved through the latter.

For the rest, if you really can’t recover the data and you cared a lot about it, you could make the last attempt, or try to restore any backup of the device saved locally on your computer or on the device itself (clearly, the backup it should be prior to the date you deleted CoD Mobile): for more information, read my guides on how to restore backups to Android and how to restore backups to iPhone .

As a “last resort,” you may also want to try contacting support from Activision , the game’s developer. In any case, I warn you that you may still not be able to recover the data. However, surely the insiders can provide you with more information about it.

To proceed, connected to the Activision website , press on the box linked to Call of Duty Mobile , select the platform from which you usually play (whether Android or iOS ), choose the cause that leads you to contact support, select the type of problem and the official portal will advise you what to do.

Unfortunately, there are actually few options for contacting Activision directly. In fact, often the answers simply refer to the FAQ pages inside the portal, while the only way to be able to open a ticket is to select COD Points and Shop as a topic and one of the related problems , for example I can’t buy COD points . However, you shouldn’t use these directions unless you actually have such a problem.

Otherwise, you will be prompted to log in with your Activision account to open the ticket . If you don’t have one, you can follow my tutorial to create it .


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