How to recover a suspended TikTok account

To try to recover your suspended TikTok account, you can try a procedure with which you will contact this social network, to try to establish communication with them and see if it is possible that they can bring your profile back to you as before.

There are several reasons why an account can be temporarily suspended on TikTok , one of the most common is not complying with the conditions of use of the social network, but also for other types of practices, usually those that exceed the limits.

Although, for example, Instagram has limits that you should not exceed , in TikTok you should also be cautious and use the service well , without abusing massive actions, thus avoiding a temporary or even permanent suspension if you insist on not complying the rules.

Before contacting TikTok, make sure that the social network is not down because if that happens you will not be able to log in, which could be confused with a supposed account suspension. Once verified that this is not the case, these would be the steps to follow to try to recover your profile :

  1. Access the web that we leave you just below.

Website: Contact TikTok

  1. Next, fill in the form data , it is important that you fill them in correctly and pay special attention to the username field, although it is optional, to the “we can help you” field, to explain in detail what happened and the “subject” field, where you must select the option “blocking/suspension of my account”, because that way another option of the form is activated.
  2. Now choose the details in the second dropdown that is created below, you could put “account blocked (not age related)” , which would be the most logical reason why your TikTok account has been suspended and you cannot access it.

Done, if necessary you can upload up to 10 screenshots of what is happening with your TikTok profile, it is recommended if you think this is the case, you have a better chance of recovering your account. When you have everything, click on “send” and now it’s a matter of waiting.

In any case, the more details you offer, the better because your case could be resolved favorably for you and you can recover your account soon. As for the response time from TikTok, wait a couple of days to see if they give you any kind of response.

It shouldn’t take long to answer your request, if everything goes well and you see that your TikTok account has been suspended due to some kind of error, the chances are high that it will be returned to you. On the other hand, if you have done something you shouldn’t, the odds are lower.

An email address circulates through the network through which you could supposedly contact TikTok, but better avoid it because on the official website they do not mention said email and it is better to use this form that is more complete and can help you.

This form can not only be used to try to get your account back, but it can also be used to report errors that you find, give your opinion about the service, complain, comment on the advertising that you can see on television and other types of questions, as well that it is interesting to have the web searchable at all times, as a browser favorite, for example.

It should be a matter of a short time before you can recover your suspended TikTok profile again , yes, if the request is favorable for you, remember to carry out good practices within the musical social network to avoid having your account suspended again.

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