How to quickly crop video on computer in Windows 10

There are many PC video editors out there, but for small edits I highly recommend you just rely on the default Windows 10 app – Video Editor.

Video Editor, as the name suggests, is a simple video editing software that came with the Fall Creators Update back in May 2017. If you’ve regularly updated from Windows Update – you already have it. Here’s how to crop a video using Video Editor.

  • Go to the start menu , find and launch video editor.
  • Click New Video Project.
  • Give the project a name or skip this step.
  • Click Add > From This PC.
  • Select a video, then click Open.
  • Right-click on the imported video and select Place To Storyboard.
  • Right-click the video in the storyboard and select Trim.
  • Select the part you want to keep.
  • Click Finish.
  • Now you can see the result in a preview . To trim multiple pieces – read below.
  • Now let’s export the video. Click End Video.
  • Select the video quality , then Export.
  • Give it a name and choose a location, then click Export.
  • Wait for the export process to complete …
  • The video player will play the video when finished …

The above guide is quite useful if you only want to crop one part of the video. However, if you want to cut multiple parts, you need a workaround.

Let’s say you have a three-minute video in which you want to delete one minute in the middle, so only the first and last part remains.

To do this, add the same video twice to your Storyboard. Then on the first video, save the first part. For the second video, keep the last part. Hence, one minute in the middle is removed. Next, save the project from these two scraps.

You can also use the Divide function, but it seems more complicated, so I still prefer to use the Crop method. If you want to edit more complex configurations, software like VideoPad and Filmora are for you. Well, or use the service

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