How to Print Columns in Microsoft Excel in One Page

Some people may have difficulty printing Microsoft Excel documents . Problems encountered, for example, files become untidy when they are about to be printed.

In addition to being untidy, sometimes the file will print into pages. In fact, what you want to print is only certain columns to be one page only.

However, there is a way you can do to print the columns in Microsoft Excel on a single page. The trick is to adjust the scale before printing. How to?

Here summarizes how to print columns in Excel on a page:

How to print columns in excel in one page

  • Open the Microsoft Excel file you want to print
  • After setting the margins, paper size, and more click “File”
  • Select ” Print “
  • Go to the “No Scaling” menu
  • Then change it to “Fit All Columns on Page”
  • Done, now your document is one page and ready to print

The “Fit All Columns on One Page” menu is useful so that the table parts in one sheet are contained in one print out page.

However, when the user converts it to a single page, usually the columns or posts will be smaller.

Therefore, you can set the paper size settings, landscape (transverse) or portrait (vertical) paper positions, and margins in advance. That’s how to print columns of a Microsoft Excel file on one page. I hope this helps.

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