How to play Minecraft with friends: PC, mobile and console

Minecraft is nothing short of a phenomenon, but what really improves the game is the game with friends. Multiplayer makes the whole experience better. Thanks to crossplay capabilities, gamers on PCs, mobiles and consoles can all come together to build great worlds – or surpass it in PvP battle.

You can play Minecraft together by creating a dedicated server (called Realm) in Minecraft, or you can open a simple peer-to-peer game via the multiplayer menu. There are pros and cons to both methods and different ways to connect with your friends depending on your platform.

How to play Minecraft on PC via multiplayer menu

When you start Minecraft on your computer, you can choose to play Singleplayer, Multiplayer or Minecraft Realms.

  1. I choose Once you do, the game will search for games on your local network.
  2. If a game is available, select it and then select Join Server.
  3. If no game is available, select Direct Connect.
  4. Enter the server address, then select Join Server.
  5. If you are hosting the game, select Add server.
  6. Enter the server name and server address, then select
  7. Finally, select the server you added and select Join Server.

How to subscribe to a Realm on a computer

Joining a Realm via PC is easy, as it is an exclusive menu option and not an option under a separate tab.

  1. I choose Minecraft Realms.
  2. Select the server you want to subscribe to, then select

It is a very simple process. You will join the game after a short time of loading and you can start building immediately or immediately greet your friends with lava on their roof.

How to play Minecraft with friends on mobile

If you play Minecraft on a mobile device, you can easily join a Realm or a friend game.

  1. Puncture
  2. According to Worlds, just tap an available Realm and you will be automatically registered.
  3. According to Friends, under the Joinable Friends header, tap the game in which you want to participate.

That’s all you have to do. You will automatically enter the game, assuming there is still room (no more than seven other players.)

If you want to participate in a game in a Realm, all you have to do is click on the game below Joinable Realms and you will be automatically added to the game.

How to register on a Minecraft server on mobile

You can easily sign up for a Minecraft server as well as a multiplayer game. There are also benefits to this. The servers have a much higher number of players and often include many customizations that you may not find in a basic vanilla game.

  1. Puncture
  2. Click the Servers tab.
  3. Tap the server you want to connect to on the left side of the screen and tap Join Server.

If external resource packages are required, the server will download them automatically. This may take several minutes depending on the speed of your connection, but it will then add you to the game without the need for further steps.

How to play Minecraft Multiplayer on the Console

Joining a Minecraft game with friends on a console is no different than joining a PC or mobile.

  1. Select
  2. Navigate to the Friends
  3. Select the game you want to participate in and press the confirmation button on your controller.

It’s essentially the same as participating in a multiplayer game on any other platform.

How to register a Minecraft server on the console

You can sign up for a server to play Minecraft with friends (and make new friends) directly from your console.

  1. Select
  2. Navigate to Ear Servers .
  3. Select the server you want to connect to and press the Confirm button on your controller.

Servers have a higher number of players and are often subject to specific activities, although you can also find sandbox servers that allow you to create and explore just like a regular game.

Minecraft Multiplayer troubleshooting

As with any game that includes multiple links from different sources, Minecraft will sometimes encounter bugs. You may be booting from a server, losing your connection or various other problems. Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

Restart your computer / console

One of the first steps you need to take is to restart your console or computer. Corrupted data and other glitches can prevent you from connecting with friends and experiencing the game the way it should be played, but a quick reboot can fix most problems.

Check your NAT type

The NAT type plays a huge role in how you connect with other players. If your NAT type is Off or Moderate, you will not be able to play with other people. You will need to change NAT to open, although the method for doing this varies depending on your ISP.

Check your privacy settings

If you play on the Xbox, your privacy settings may restrict you from playing Minecraft with other people. You can change these settings within the console itself, or you can modify them on


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