How to play Clash Royale on PC

There’s nothing to do; since you have installed the Clash Royale game on your Android or iOS smartphone, you can no longer do without it. Whenever you have free time, you spend it playing this hugely popular real-time strategy game. After several games, however, you realized that playing Clash Royale quickly consumes the battery of your smartphone and that the small screen of your device is quite limiting. You really need a workaround that allows you to play Clash Royale on PC , don’t you?

If this is what you need it must be said: you are lucky! Playing Clash Royale on PC is possible, it is by no means an impossible feat. Do not you believe it? Then read on: the goal of this tutorial is to solve this problem. In the course of the guide that I have created I will explain step by step how you can play Clash Royale on PC, using one of the most popular Android emulators… you will see that you will agree with me.

Don’t know how Android emulators work? Do not worry. All you have to do is read this guide: you will find written procedures in order to be understandable and step by step instructions that will explain what to do. Once you understand these premises, are you ready to get started? Yup? All right, then let’s get started right away. As usual, I would like to wish you a good reading.

How to download Memu

As explained at the beginning, to play Clash Royale on PC you can easily use an Android emulator .

If you do not know what emulators were, you should know that they are software that allow you to emulate the execution of the Google operating system on a PC, thus allowing you to use applications and games directly on your computer. Using an Android emulate is similar to many other software; consequently no particular technical or IT skills are required. Running Android will also be limited to using the software I’m going to tell you about – this way you won’t need to dual boot Windows.

Memu is certainly one of the major Android emulators . I have chosen to tell you about this software as it is a free emulator particularly optimized for running Android games on PC . Furthermore, unlike other popular emulators, such as BlueStacks , for example, it does not have advertising banners, supporting itself only through the advice of sponsored applications. I therefore think it is an excellent emulator and I want to explain to you, in the following lines, how to install it on a PC.

To download Memu for free, you must first open the browser you use to surf the Internet and connect to its official website: . Then type the address in the browser search bar and press Enter on your keyboard to access the emulator’s website.

Now, through the main screen of the same that you will see, press the Download button that you can see in the center of the home web page. Now you have to wait just a few minutes: the Memu client will be downloading on your PC.

How to install Memu

Once the file download is finished, you will need to install the Android emulator on your PC. To do this you need to run the same by double clicking on the downloaded file. If you have any doubts, keep in mind that the file is in .exe format and is called Memu Setup and that it has the emulator icon that you can see on the official website.

If prompted, click the Yes button to authorize Windows to run the executable. At this point, the installation client should automatically be in Italian. If it is not (and instead of the Install button there was the Install button in English) you can remedy it in a really simple way, by customizing the installation language. To do this, press the button Custom ( Custom ) and then manually indicates the installation language you want. You can take advantage of the drop-down menu called Select Language.

Then press the Install button and wait for Memu to install. Once completed, hit the Start button to launch the Android emulator. If you have followed all the steps that I have indicated to you correctly, you should at this point be successful in your intent to download as well as install the emulator on your PC. In the following lines I will explain in detail how to configure it.

How to configure Memu

Once you have started the emulator, a short introductory screen will open that will explain in a summary way the operation and the main features of the emulation software. Quietly close this screen using the X button and follow the procedures that I will show you to configure Memu, using your Google account.

To carry out this configuration, the first thing to do is to press the PlayStore button. You will be immediately redirected to the setup procedure of your account.

Then choose whether to create an existing or a new account by clicking on the appropriate items on the screen ( Existing or New ). If you already have a Gooogle account, tap on the Existing item . In this way you can synchronize your Google account on Memu and resume playing where you left off on your Android smartphone.

The next step involves typing in your Google account email address and password. Confirm by pressing the forward arrow button   and the OK button   to grant access to your account, accepting the Google terms of service.

Then you will be asked a request relating to Google services: if you want to backup and restore your Google account data, check the item Keep backup tablet active with my Google account. 

Continue by pressing the button with the forward arrow symbol . Then click on the No thanks button (you don’t need to add a payment method) and click on Accept to accept the Google terms of service.

At this point, if you followed my instructions correctly, you should be able to correctly configure the PlayStore with your Google account. Start the PlayStore by tapping on it to check that the procedure has been performed correctly.

How to play Clash Royale with Memu

You are one step away from playing Clash Royale on PC with Memu: in the following lines I will explain step by step how to download the game on PC.

As explained at the beginning of this guide, Memu is an Android emulator. As a result, you can use it just as if it were any other Android device.

If you want to play Clash Royale on PC you must then download the game from the Google PlayStore on Memu. To do this, tap on the PlayStore (the icon with the colored triangle symbol) and type  Clash Royale  in the integrated search engine. Then press the Enter key on your PC keyboard to confirm the search.

Wait for the PlayStore to show you the search results and locate the game icon, just as if you were about to re-download Clash Royale on your Android smartphone or tablet. Click on its icon and install it by pressing the Install button and then the Accept button .

Now wait just a few seconds for Clash Royale to download and install on Memu. Did the game download complete? Perfect! Now press the Open button to start Clash Royale. In no time at all, you should be able to see the main game screen and you can immediately dive into the action as if you were using your smartphone or tablet.

The advantage of being able to play Clash Royale on PC is undoubtedly given by the possibility of having a larger screen, as well as the mouse and keyboard of your computer.

For the rest, the Clash Royale gaming experience on PC will be perfectly identical to that of any other smartphone or tablet with an Android operating system. Consequently, once you have downloaded Clash Royale for the first time, you can play it at any time.

Consequently, if the next time you want to play Clash Royale on PC, just run the Android emulator and click on the Clash Royale icon that will be present on the main screen of the emulator.

Don’t forget that, like on Android smartphones, Clash Royale requires an active Internet connection to work.

Other emulators to play Clash Royale on PC

By following this guide step by step, you have installed and started using Memu as an Android emulator, but do you think this software does not suit your tastes? Don’t worry, I have other tips for you.

Memu is not the only noteworthy Android emulator: I want to briefly tell you about other popular free Android emulators, through which you can play Clash Royale with a similar (if not better) experience to what you can have. on Android devices.

  • Bluestacks: it is one of the most famous Android emulators that is used due to its extreme ease of use and configuration. BlueStacks is compatible with the vast majority of the PlayStore Android games, it is free but has advertising banners and installation tips for sponsored apps that you can safely ignore (otherwise to remove them you have to buy a subscription for the price of $ 4 per month or $ 40. per year). It is therefore an emulator absolutely worthy of absolute note. If you want to know more about it, I absolutely recommend that you read my guide on how to use Android on PC .
  • Nox: Also available on Mac, this is an advanced Android emulator. The strength of this emulator is the ability to customize some of its technical features, and it is designed (as well as particularly optimized) for gameplay, easily managing to withstand even particularly demanding games such as racing games. Nox also supports the use of gamepads, for those who want to play with the controller, rather than the mouse and keyboard.


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