How to play checkers for free

Are you a passionate checkers player and are you looking for a way to enjoy yourself even when you are on your PC or when you are out and about from your mobile phone? Well, then I would say that you came across the right article at the right time. In fact, in this tutorial of mine today I will go to show you all those that in my opinion represent the best checkers games that can be used on computers, both directly online and in the form of a real videogame (complete with a preliminary installation procedure), and from smartphones. and tablet, in app format.

How do you say? Don’t you have any intention of putting your hand in your wallet? But you have nothing to worry about, really! In fact, there are a lot of video games dedicated to checkers that are totally free and are waiting for nothing more than to be tried. In short, you can have fun for hours and hours and from any location without paying a penny!

Then? Would you like to discover with me how to play checkers for free ? Yes? Very good. So I would say not to waste any more precious time, to put the chatter aside and start immediately to get busy. Give yourself a few moments of free time all to yourself and concentrate on reading the following lines, I am sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself more than satisfied with it and that you will be ready to challenge even the tightest players to checkers. Let it bet?


  • Play free checkers online
  • Play checkers for free from Windows
  • Play checkers for free from Mac
  • Play checkers for free from smartphones and tablets

Play free checkers online

Let’s start this guide entirely dedicated to how to play checkers for free by talking about online solutions, that is to say the games that can be used directly from the Web browser (any) and from any location, without having to install absolutely anything on the computer. Among the countless solutions belonging to the category in question, I recommend those of SkillGamesBoards , an online platform through which you can have fun with many table games of various kinds, including checkers, challenging other players around the world or inviting your own friends to join the game. To play, however, it is worth pointing out, you need to create an account on the site (it only takes a few moments, nothing too complicated!).

To start your first game of online checkers, the first step you need to take is therefore to connect to the SkillGamesBoards website and click on the create an account link . Then type, in the appropriate empty fields that are offered to you on the screen, the username you want to use, your e-mail address and the password you want to associate with the account you are about to create (twice). Then enter the characters displayed at the bottom in the field dedicated to the security code and click on the Create account button .

Then complete the registration procedure by logging in to the email box associated with the email address specified above, opening the message that was sent to you by SkillGamesBoards, taking note of the code contained within it, typing it in the appropriate text field on the games website page and clicking the Activate button .

Once logged in to the service, click on Checkers 10 × 10 or Checkers 8 × 8 depending on the type of game you intend to undertake and then take a look at the game settings in order to customize it according to your habits and your needs (eg you can adjust the settings of the first move, those of the clock, etc.) and then click on the Start game button located at the bottom.

Now copy the link that was provided to you on the screen and share it with your friends to invite them to take part in the game or wait for some other player connected to SkillGamesBoards to decide to join the game. Then you will find yourself in front of the checkers table and you can immediately start playing.

If, on the other hand, you wish to join a game of others, I would like to point out that you can do so simply by clicking on the Play button that you find in correspondence with the various open games (if available) in the list in the checkers settings screen.

Play checkers for free from Windows

If, on the other hand, you are interested in playing checkers for free by installing a real video game on your computer, I can not help but suggest you try  CheckerBoard . It is a free checkers game that allows you to challenge the CPU or a second opponent locally. It also allows you to train in various ways to better elaborate the various moves to be made. In short, it is absolutely recommended!

To play it, first download it to your computer by connecting to the game’s official website and clicking on the CB_setup.exe link  located at the top of the left sidebar. Then open the file in .ex format just obtained and start the installation procedure by clicking first on Yes and then on Next four times in a row, then on  Install and finally on  Finish .

Once the game window is displayed on the screen, translate CheckerBoard into Italian by clicking first on the Options menu , then on the wording Language and finally on Italian . At this point, click on the Analysis engines menu  , select Choose engine and set dama.dll as the primary engine to set the game with the Italian checkers engine.

Once you have completed all the steps above you can finally begin to challenge the CPU according to the rules of the Italian checkers. If you prefer, you can also play in full screen by clicking on the button with the rectangle attached to the game window that you find in the upper right part of the same. I would also like to point out that if you want you can change the appearance of the pieces by selecting one of the available items after clicking on the Pieces item attached to the Options menu .

If instead of against the CPU you want to test your skills in checkers with a friend of yours (locally), you have to go to the Options menu , select  Game mode and choose the item 2 players .

Play checkers for free from Mac

Do you use a mac? No problem! Again you can play checkers for free. The title that I recommend is  Fantastic Checkers Free , try it now and you will see that you will not regret it. This is a checkers videogame for macOS / OS X with very accurate graphics that allows you to challenge the CPU or another opponent locally. It also includes three difficulty levels that you can train with to improve your skills.

To download it on your Mac, connected to the dedicated online Mac App Store page , click on the View button in the Mac App Store and, once the Mac App Store window is open on your computer, press the Get / Install the app button .

At the end of the installation procedure, start the game by recalling it from the Launchpad , click on the Play item  and immediately start your game by challenging the CPU. If you want, you can also play in full screen mode by clicking on Full Screen , in fact, in the program window before starting the game.

If, on the other hand, you want to challenge another player locally, change the color of the pieces, set the difficulty level etc., click on the Options item in the main game screen and intervene on the various options available based on your needs and preferences.

Play checkers for free from smartphones and tablets

Do you want to play checkers for free from your iPhone / iPad, your Android device or Windows Phone? No problem! There are a lot of games at no cost that can be downloaded and installed directly from the app store of your device and with which you can have fun without having to spend a single euro. If you want some advice about it, take a look at the titles listed below, I’m sure they will give you hours and hours of pure fun.

  • Checkers Live( for iOS , for Android and for Windows Phone ) – This is a very popular checkers game on the mobile side. It allows you to challenge other users online and hone your skills offline with different levels and varying degrees of difficulty.
  • Checkers Treagles( for iOS and for Android ) – A nice game of checkers with which you can have fun in online multiplayer by challenging users connected via Facebook.
  • The Checkers by OutOfTheBit( for iOS and for Android ) – Another well done and very fun checkers title through which you can try your hand in online multiplayer challenges as well as offline games with 3 difficulty levels.
  • Italian Checkers( for iOS ) – It’s a really well done checkers game with social features and online multi player support. Eventually, it is possible to play even without an Internet connection by challenging the smartphone or tablet itself through five different difficulty levels.
  • Checkers Elite( for Android ) – A checkers game featuring spectacular three-dimensional graphics. It includes four different difficulty levels, single-player and multi-player modes and supports various types of checkers. It also allows you to completely customize the game pieces.
  • Ultimate Checkers( for Windows Phone ) – Graphically well done, this title allows you to play checkers against the device, against a friend (from the same device) or in online multi-player, challenging various users around the world. The game respects international rules and also allows you to change the level of difficulty.

Note: For some of the games I have just indicated, in-app purchases are offered which are useful to eliminate the advertising displayed on the screen or to unlock additional functions. Clearly you are absolutely not obliged to pay to play (otherwise I would not have even included these titles in the article!), It is simply one more and you have maximum freedom of choice on what to do.


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