How to manage a call center to make it grow

Do you want to know how to manage a call center? The first thing you should keep in mind is that call centers have unlimited potential in terms of development . This is because there will always be new updates that will bring you new or improved benefits so that you can provide excellent service to customers.

Call centers are a great tool. Since, they can provide services to any sector or niche, even if they are as general as medical products. In addition, by taking care of communication with the client, they can obtain a complete and quality database.

However, for your call center to be able to provide you with such benefits as data collection, it is imperative that you know how to run a call center properly . Otherwise, the only thing you will be doing is implementing tools or strategies that do not really add to the good management or growth of your operation.

So, as you can read, the management of a call center is extremely important so that the call center can develop properly. Therefore, in this article we will talk about what types of call centers exist, what are the functions of a call center. And, of course, we will see how to manage a call center.

But first, know the points that will be addressed in this article.

  1. 1) What are the types of call center?
    1. 1.1) Internal
    2. 1.2) External
    3. 1.3) Inbound call center
    4. 1.4) Call center Outbound
    5. 1.5) Blended
  2. 2) 7 main functions of a call center
    1. 2.1) Increase sales
    2. 2.2) Provide customer service
    3. 2.3) Optimize your products or services
    4. 2.4) Carry out surveys
    5. 2.5) Get data
    6. 2.6) Make collections
    7. 2.7) Address complaints or claims
  3. 3) How to manage a call center?
    1. 3.1) Define goals and objectives
    2. 3.2) Establish KPIs
    3. 3.3) Implement a call center software
    4. 3.4) Train agents regularly
    5. 3.5) Build a script
    6. 3.6) Build a good database
    7. 3.7) Analyze incidents

What are the types of call center ?

A call center can work with incoming or outgoing calls.

To begin with, what is a call center or call center? These centers function as a communication channel between companies and customers. Where the operators are in charge of resolving and attending to any type of request or complaint that users may have. Basically, they function as a customer service representative who is responsible for listening and serving people.

Within this general definition there are types of call centers and they are divided by type of contract (internal or external) and type of call (inbound, outbound, blended) . We could say that there are 5 types of call centers, but mixing both classes is confusing.

So, let’s start with the call centers by type of hiring:


When we refer to the type of internal call center, we are talking about a company that has a customer service area. This, in order to provide support or take care of sales or collections. This can be an advantage for companies, since they can solve problems faster.

However, this represents an additional investment for businesses as they need to find and train call center agents . Likewise, a technology for call center must be implemented . And, not all companies can afford that expense.


External or outsourced call centers are, in a nutshell, outsourced services. Companies hire external call centers in order to maintain good communication with the client. In addition, it is a way to save costs.

Now, let’s see the types of call center by call :

Inbound call center

This type of call center is responsible for receiving and answering calls from customers and are more focused on providing customer service such as technical support, dealing with complaints or claims.

Outbound call center

In outgoing call centers, operators are responsible for making calls on behalf of the company. This type of call center is responsible for making sales, collection or getting leads.


Mixed call centers are a mix between Inbound and Outbound. That is, they are in charge of making calls, as well as answering incoming calls .

So, there are several types of call centers , so you must have knowledge of the strategies and tactics that can be applied so that their management is correct.

7 main functions of a call center

Now that we have seen the types of call centers that exist, it is important that you also know what their functions are. These will depend on the type of company to which services are being provided. Then, the call center will adapt to meet the needs that the business may have. That is why the functions of a call center are diverse:

Increase sales

When a call center is dedicated to sales, its main objective will be to increase them . For this it is necessary that the operators are trained in different sales techniques . Most of the time, call center agents dedicated to this work are guided by a database to be able to contact customers. But, they can also use other techniques like hunting, etc.

The growth potential of a call center is unlimited , but for you to be successful, you must know how to manage it.

Provide customer service

Something that all call centers will always have as one of their main functions, regardless of their type, is to provide customer service . This is because the company will depend on this work to maintain good communication with the client , and when a new product or service is launched, it will be more successfully received.

Likewise, through this work, the call center will achieve customer loyalty with the company. In addition, you will be able to resolve complaints or inconveniences more satisfactorily and directly with the user .

Optimize your products or services

Companies that provide customer service through a call center have an easier time improving their products or services and knowing how to do it correctly. Since, they are the ones who receive the complaints or comments and based on them improvements or alterations can be made to optimize the products.

conduct surveys

For the same reason that a call center functions as a channel of communication with the client, it is often the responsibility of carrying out surveys to find out what the client’s perception of the service provided is. Similarly, they can ask for feedback on specific topics related to products or services .

Get information

Since the operators are in constant direct communication with the clients, one of their functions is to constantly collect data to keep the database updated . In this way, when you want to implement a campaign, the company will know which customers you can contact.

Make collections

Another of the main functions of call centers according to their type is to collect payments from customers. The operators of these call centers are in charge of contacting clients who have debts or pending payments with the company in order for them to make them. Likewise, they can provide facilities for the payment to be made.

Address complaints or claims

Regardless of the type of call center you have, if it is inbound or outbound, yes or if you will receive calls with complaints or claims. This is because customers always expect their expectations to be met 100% and when something fails, they have to let the company know. This is good since you get quality feedback and, in addition, the after-sales service is essential.

So, as you can see, these are just some of the functions that call centers can perform , but in order to perform them efficiently, you must know how to manage a call center correctly and that is what we will see in the next section.

How to manage a call center?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the growth potential of a call center is unlimited , but for you to be able to do it successfully you must know how to manage a call center. Since, to fulfill this task, you need to be clear about certain aspects that help you visualize how your call center is developing.

Define goals and objectives

An essential and basic point in the growth of any business is the definition of goals and objectives. You must clearly know what you are targeting, although what is sought is to grow, we must have defined in what sense we want our call center to develop. 

Therefore, it is super important that you define long-term goals and objectives that can be weekly or monthly, to help you meet your final goal. And all this information must be transferred to your call center agents , since they are the ones who will have a large part of the responsibility.

Set KPIs

Once you have well determined your goals and objectives, you have to establish the KPIs for the call center that will help you know how well they are being met. That is, you must implement indicators that inform you how your objectives are developing.

Now, there is a wide variety of indicators from which you can choose to measure the growth of your call center, we have some such as:

  • abandon rate
  • Customer retention rate
  • customer satisfaction
  • Repeat purchase rate
  • Service level

Implement call center software

Something essential in the process of knowing how to manage a call center is the implementation of call center software, however, you cannot just choose one at random and add it to your call center. To choose your call center software, it must have features that help you with management.

Features like predictive dialers with machine learning so you can call your customers at the best possible time. Dashboard modules to obtain reports on the KPIs for the call center that you decide to implement, among other things. So, it is important that you look for a call center software that is really efficient.

Train agents regularly

In order to grow your call center it is necessary that you train your call center agents regularly , because there are always new tools or tactics that you will want to implement and your operators must be aware of them.

Your agents are the center of the operation of your call center and if they know well how everything works in your call center, it will be easier for it to develop properly and you will even be able to know how to manage your call center in a better way.

If you need to execute a campaign or strategy that adds to the growth of your call center, you must know which clients you should allocate it to.

build a script

If you want to know how to manage a call center efficiently, you must standardize some functions such as the scripts that your agents use . Establishing a speech that your agents can follow is a very good way to be able to evaluate their work under certain parameters.

In this way, you also generate that, if the agents are in a hurry to resolve a situation, they already have a document that can guide them . In other words, they are helping them to do their job better.

Build a good database

Part of knowing how to manage a call center correctly is having a good database. Since if you need to execute a campaign or strategy that adds to the growth of your call center, you must know which clients they can allocate it to. Even if it is part of a collection campaign, you must have updated contacts.

Having your database up to date will make it easier for you to make decisions and you will be aware of what improvements or changes can be made in relation to new techniques or tools.

Analyze incidents

An essential part of growing your call center and, at the same time, an essential part of knowing how to manage a call center is analyzing incidents. Because, knowing which are the most repetitive problems of your plant, you will be able to know exactly what you can improve and repair in order to grow successfully.

Incidents can be of a different nature, perhaps related to the product or the care that has been provided . But, by being clear about what they are, you can get a clearer picture of what is happening.

So now you know the best kept secrets on how to run a call center to make it grow. So, don’t forget to follow all these tips so that you manage your call center correctly.

A guy’s best friend is management! Don’t be left behind and learn how to manage a call center so that it can develop satisfactorily and can fulfill all its functions without fail.

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