6 good customer service practices that make a difference

Good customer service practices are essential in any business, since consumers are the ones who are going to keep a company afloat. In other words, users are the ones who are going to decide the future of a business , this is because they are the main source of income and recognition of a brand, without customers a company cannot develop.

The impact of customer service in a company is enormous, since, if customers feel well cared for, they will prefer your business yes or yes. In addition, in the long run this means that you will have loyal users who will recommend your brand , which means more customers and more profits. Even if your customer service is very good , users won’t mind paying a bit more for it.

Now, we must bear in mind that customer service can not only involve the sales process, but it goes further. Since, it covers all the processes related to buyers before, during and after a sale. Including handling complaints, technical support and post-sale. In other words, it includes any type of contact the user has with the company.

So, as we can already see, the customer service process can significantly affect any business. That is why in this article we will learn why customer service is important and 6 good customer service practices that will work in your favor so that users prefer your business over your competition.

Before you start, review what this article is going to be about.

  1. 1) Why is customer service important?
    1. 1.1) Income increase
    2. 1.2) Better reputation
    3. 1.3) More new customers
    4. 1.4) Reduce marketing expenses
    5. 1.5) Better work environment
    6. 1.6) Improvement in products or services
    7. 1.7) Greater acceptance of new products
    8. 1.8) Provides a competitive advantage
    9. 1.9) Greater profitability
    10. 1.10) Increase in loyal customers
  2. 2) 6 good customer service practices
    1. 2.1) Know your customers
    2. 2.2) Train your agents
    3. 2.3) Implement an omnichannel approach
    4. 2.4) Personalize the service
    5. 2.5) Motivate your agents
    6. 2.6) Use customer satisfaction metrics

Why is customer service important?

Why is customer service important?
Good customer service builds customer loyalty and helps increase your sales.

Currently, the business market is super competitive, so companies are constantly searching for a differentiating factor that will give them an advantage over their competition. Precisely, customer service is shown as this different element that offers companies that added value that manages to retain users.

Modern customers are increasingly demanding and are no longer only concerned with factors such as price or products. Nowadays, users also care about the attention that companies give them and make their favorite businesses that offer comfort, fast service and more personalized attention.

That is why, when customer service is bad, users feel dissatisfied and speak ill of the company. However, these bad comments are no longer just to your friends or family. If not, they publish it on social networks, where anyone can view those reviews. And all this affects the image of the brand, which makes people mistrust it.

On the contrary, when the client perceives that the service provided is of quality, they will always look for it to provide them with their services. Also, as we mentioned at the beginning, they will recommend the brand, which works in favor of companies to become known as reliable and of quality.

Now, as well as the reasons mentioned above, there are also others why you should ensure that customer service is of a high level. Among these reasons we have:

revenue increase

Good practices in customer service represent an increase in income, because sales will increase . When customer service is equal to or better than what the customer expects, they will be motivated to spend more money purchasing your products or services. What has an immediate effect on the economy of the company.

better reputation

As we have already discussed, when customers have a good experience with a company , they will tell their friends, family or post about it on social media. All this because they are happy with the care they have received and want to share it. When this happens, the good reputation of your business will increase and your brand will be known as trustworthy.

More new customers

Word of mouth marketing is one of the best strategies you can get to promote your company and that can only be achieved with good customer service. That your frequent customers recommend your business to other people , increases the probability that new people will be interested in your brand and start buying your products.

Reduce marketing expenses

This advantage of good customer service practices is related to the previous one, since companies spend large amounts of money in making themselves known to the public and even more money in trying to present themselves as a reliable business. However, with good customer service that generates word of mouth, this reputation and recognition will take care of itself.

Better work environment

Promoting quality customer service that includes characteristics such as cordiality or respect also has an impact on the work environment. The same agents will begin to behave cordially with each other, which fosters a better work environment, where support between colleagues and teamwork will prevail in the long run.

When customers feel comfortable with the service, they will be more willing to provide feedback on their experience.

Improvement in products or services

One of the reasons why customer service is important is because when customers feel comfortable with the service, they will be more willing to provide feedback on their experience with the products or services. This feedback is used to implement improvements that are consistent with the needs and demands of customers.

Increased acceptance of new products

Good customer service practices make your consumers more receptive to your new products or services. In other words, when you keep your users happy, they will trust your company and what you can offer them more. This is because they will know that, even if there is a problem, the business will solve it in the best way.

Provides a competitive advantage

It is more than obvious that good customer service will give you that added value that companies are looking for so much. Keep in mind that only 8% of customers think companies offer superior customer service. Which means that if your business has this advantage, it ensures that customers choose it over the competition.

Greater profitability

Something that must always be taken into account is that any added value increases the profitability of a product or service and that includes quality customer service . Users are willing to pay more if they perceive that the contact they have with the company is good and satisfactory.

Increase in loyal customers

It is proven that companies that implement providing good user service as part of their strategies have a customer retention rate of 92% . In other words, customers who feel they have been well cared for will always return to the same company. Since they will always want to receive the same quality of treatment.

In short, good customer service practices can provide a company with several long-term benefits. For this reason, it must be ensured that the good relationship with customers lasts in each contact that users may have with the business . Do not forget that having good customer service is what will really make the difference between your brand and the others.

6 good customer service practices

Now that we know why customer service is important and all the benefits it can have if it is carried out satisfactorily. In this section we will see 6 good practices on how we can achieve quality customer service that will really make a difference.

Know your customers

Many times, the key to being able to provide good customer service is knowing your customers well . By this I mean that you investigate what the behavior of your consumer is. What are their needs, their demands or what things they like. To do this, you can analyze their behavior on social networks or carry out surveys that can provide detailed information.

Also, when you maintain contact with your clients try to make it feel more personal. To do this, you can refer to users by name or use the data they have already provided so that you know which way to go when they ask you a question or want to make a sale.

Train your agents

At the top of the list of best customer service practices is agent training . In other words, make sure that all agents who are going to have some type of contact with customers go through training so that they can develop skills that help them communicate well with users.

When operators are well trained, they will be able to easily present a product, resolve a query, or explain a procedure. In this way they can gain the trust of users and maintain quality customer service .

Omnichannel provides an experience where the user can be in contact and receive service through the channel of their choice .

Implement an omnichannel approach

Nothing better than adopting an omnichannel approach in your company so that you can streamline communication with your customers. You will be able to unify all your communication channels and offer a satisfactory experience from start to finish , regardless of the platform that the user has used to start the conversation.

You should always keep in mind the importance of the client, so providing comfort should be your priority. Omnichannel provides an experience where the user can be in contact and receive attention through the channel of their choice at the time they want. In addition, you will be able to migrate from one channel to another without starting the communication from scratch.

Customize the service

What customers are looking for today is to be provided with a service made especially for them, because they just want to feel important and listened to. Therefore, offering personalized customer service is super important.

Use software that allows you to access the history of your customers, such as their previous problems, their preferences or some specifications they have made. Having available all the data that contributes to personalizing each contact with the user will contribute to personalized and satisfactory customer service.

Motivate your agents

In order for the quality of your customer service to be constantly good, you must keep your agents motivated, since they are the ones who will be in charge of raising or lowering the level of your attention. The operators are the heart of the entire operation, since they will have direct contact with the users, so keeping them happy is an essential factor.

In order to keep the agents motivated, you can establish a reward system or constantly exercise active talk about the achievements that the operators are making.

Use customer satisfaction metrics

Using customer satisfaction metrics , or also called KPIs (key performance indicators), will help identify how pleased customers are with the service your company provides them. These indicators are just made to have knowledge of the level of your customer service.

Some of the customer satisfaction metrics you can use are:

  • Net Promoter Score or NPS: indicator that measures the level of loyalty and the probability that the client will show your brand to other people.
  • Customer Satisfaction Score or CSAT: this KPI is used to calculate customer satisfaction in relation to a product, service or process.
  • First Contact Resolution or FCR: Metric used to know how many requests were resolved during a single contact.
  • Service Partner Satisfaction: this indicator quantitatively shows you the degree of customer satisfaction.

These 6 good customer service practices will ensure that the quality of user service is high in each contact that customers have with your company. In addition, they will provide you with additional benefits such as better management of your communications and that your agents are always motivated to carry out their tasks.

He who waits, despairs! It is important that you have good customer service practices so that, even if your customers have to wait, they do not despair. In addition, now that you know what its importance is, you must apply tactics that help you make this service of quality.

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