How to make traps in Minecraft

You have built your shelter in Minecraft in a secret location, so that no one can locate and assault it, plundering the resources you have painstakingly collected during your adventures. You would therefore like to protect your base with traps, to be sure that no one can access it, but you do not know how to proceed.

How do you say? Is this actually the case? Then you will be happy to know that, in today’s guide, I will show you in detail how to make traps in Minecraft that can help you defend your refuge. First, I will explain what resources you will need to collect and, later, how to use them to build your traps. If that’s not enough, I’ll tell you about some mods you can use in Minecraft to add different types of defense to your base.

I would say that it is time to immediately start reading this guide, am I right? Then it is better not to get lost in other chat! Sit down comfortably and pay attention to all the tips I will give you in the next chapters! Having said that, I just have to wish you a good read and, above all, a good time!


  • Gather the necessary materials
  • How to build traps in Minecraft
  • Mod to make traps in Minecraft

Gather the necessary materials

Before starting to talk to you about how to make traps in Minecraft, it is important to indicate to you what are the materials you will need to tackle the realization of this project (which I will tell you about in the next chapter ).

First, you need some Redstone Dust. This resource is important in order to be able to create redstone circuits for the activation of the trap. You can get it from the rough blocks of Redstone you find underground.

Next, you need to craft the Pistons: you can easily do this in a workbench, adding 3 units of Wooden Planks4 units of Crushed Stone1 unit of Iron Ingot and 1 unit of Redstone Dust. While all other resources are readily available, Iron Ingots can be obtained by melting iron in a furnace.

Additionally, you will need to craft Iron Doors, using 6 units of Iron Ingot in a workbench. If you would like to know more about how to make doors, I have told you about it in detail in my guide dedicated to the subject.

In addition to these resources, it is important to have some TNT. It is a powerful explosive that is capable of easily eliminating an enemy when triggered. You can craft it on a workbench by putting in 5 units of Gunpowder and 4 units of Sand.

Finally, you need pressure plates. These items are obtained by putting together 2 units of a specific material in a workbench. As for the type of blocks to use, it depends on the material of which the other blocks of the structure are made: for example, if you have created a stone floor, you must make stone pressure plates.

How to build traps in Minecraft

Now that you know what materials to use to build traps in Minecraft, it’s time to see together one of the many projects you can implement in your world to have traps to defend the shelter.

In the example that I will propose to you in the next paragraphs, you will be able to create a trap that consists of an explosive corridor that is activated under a specific condition, that is, when the enemy is on the pressure plate to open the iron door.

First, locate a possible entrance to your secret base, which you will use to access it. In this tunnel you will have to create two paths: one that will actually take you to the base, hidden by a secret passage, and another that will turn out to be a dead-end, which will turn out to be the trap for your enemies.

As for the secret passage, you can very well consult my guide dedicated to the subject, in which you will find several suggestions on how to hide an entrance. In the next paragraphs, however, I will explain how to build the trap, through a few simple steps.

First, the “blind” tunnel will need to be 1 block wide and 2 blocks high. As for its length, this is arbitrary, but the stretch on which you will have to place the trap must be no more than 9 blocks in length. For ease of explanation, place a Pressure Plate at the beginning of the tunnel section and one at the end, counting 7 blocks between the two pads.

Now, starting from this 7 block long floor area, dig down: you will need to create a 3x2x7 area, i.e. 2 blocks deep, 3 blocks wide and 7 blocks long. In the two corners of the area you dug, those near the pressure plates, place the Pistons, facing them upwards.

Once this is done, place on the latter blocks that are equal to the floor of the tunnel and, on these, also the Iron Gates. Now, starting from the piston, located at the end of the tunnel, place some Redstone Dust in a vertical line, towards the other piston. Then add another 5 units, in order to create a “U” and connect the two pistons.

On the side where the Redstone circuit runs, remove five blocks of the wall and then also the five below. Within this 2 × 5 area that you have obtained, you will have to place the explosives, for a total of 10 units.

We are almost there: build the tunnel floor, placing the remaining five blocks and, finally, also place 2 more pressure plate units at their ends, to allow the iron doors to open and close. In this phase it is very important that you do not activate the platform at the end of the tunnel for any reason, as it will activate both the opening of the door and the triggering of the explosive.

Now, if an enemy enters the tunnel to reach your base, as soon as he steps on the first platform, he will open the iron door.

After he has entered and crossed the short section of the tunnel, he will meet another platform, essential to open the iron exit door: in this case, the pistons will activate to demolish the doors and create a wall that will prevent the exit. from both directions. At the same time, the explosive will be activated which, in a few moments, will detonate, destroying the entire area and all those who are inside it.

If you do not want to create too large a chasm, you can insulate the tunnel inside an obsidian structure, which is unbreakable to TNT. It could be the ideal solution to be able to rebuild the trap again in a short time.

Mod to make traps in Minecraft

In addition to the tips I gave you in previous chapters, you can also use mods to add traps to use in your Minecraft world. There are several, but to use them you must first download Minecraft Forge, a tool for managing add-ons for Minecraft.

To install Minecraft Forge, go to its official website and press the Installer button, relative to the version compatible with the mod and with the Minecraft client. After the program .JAR file is downloaded to your PC, double click on it and install it, pressing the OK button.

Now, go to the CurseForge website to download the Trapcraft mod, using the Download button located at the top. In a few moments the download of the .JAR file related to the mod will start.

When you have downloaded the file in question, you will need to move it to the mod folder, which you can find in the path C: \ Users \ [name] \ AppData \ Roaming \ .minecraft. If you don’t find this folder, create it yourself, following the advice I gave you in this guide.

At this point, start the Minecraft launcher and press the  icon next to the Play button. Then choose the Forge profile and click the Play button, to start Minecraft with mod support. By entering a world in Creative mode now, you can find new traps in your inventory, such as Spikes or Grass Covering.


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