How to make coal in Minecraft

How to make coal in Minecraft: To survive the first night in Minecraft, it is important to be able to see in the dark. Torches are needed to prevent mobs from spawning, and finding coal can sometimes be difficult depending on which biome you start in. Luckily, no matter where you spawn, chances are there will be trees near you. This means you can light up your surroundings with charcoal.

Unlike coal, charcoal is renewable and you never have to worry about running out of it late in the game. You can find seedlings. Considering the seedlings are nearly endless, that means there’s charcoal too!

Necessary items for making charcoal in Minecraft

  • Firewood (any kind);
  • Bake;
  • Fuel source.

The main ingredient for the production of charcoal is the burning of logs. Trees can be found almost anywhere, and each log yields one coal. The Furnace can be crafted with eight Cobblestones, and as long as you don’t spawn into the sky, you can always dig up more Stone. You will also need a source of fuel; if coal is hard to come by, you can always use any wood item.

How to make charcoal in Minecraft

In a nutshell:

To make charcoal, place a wooden log in the top slot in the furnace GUI. Then fill the bottom slot with your chosen fuel such as coal, wood, etc. Wait until the arrow in the middle fills up. Now that your charcoal is ready, simply click on the green dye and drag it into your inventory.


Here is the step by step guide you should follow to make coal in minecraft:

Step 1

To get started, start by tracing the tree. Any tree will do, from classic oak to acacia or jungle trees.

How to make coal in minecraft0

Cut down the tree of your choice. Your hands will do a great job.

Step 2

Once you get the logs, turn them into boards. Now you can make a workbench out of four boards. A detailed guide to creating a desktop can be found here.

How to make coal in Minecraft1

Step 3

Set up a workbench and make a pickaxe to collect stone. Gather at least eight cobblestones and craft a furnace at your workbench. Place the stove and as long as you have some leftover wood you can make charcoal. Open the stove and place the firewood up.

How to make coal in minecraft2

You can fill it with any leftover firewood. If you worry about efficiency, then 1.5 dishes can be prepared from logs and planks. It is much more efficient to turn logs into planks for fuel, as four planks can be made from logs and will have the same cooking efficiency.

The remains of the sticks can also fill you up with an output of 0.5 pcs per stick. Since two boards make four sticks, you will lose cooking time if you take it apart further. Therefore, it is most effective to use wooden boards

Step 4

Place the chosen fuel under the logs and wait until they appear. to finish cooking.

You now have your charcoal ready to use!

How to make coal in Minecraft3

How to use coal in Minecraft

Charcoal is very similar to regular coal in Minecraft. You can use charcoal as fuel for your stove for the same amount of time as charcoal. This means that after your first piece of charcoal is cooked, you can use the charcoal to make more charcoal.

You can turn charcoal and sticks into torches like regular coal and with that you can light up the area around you.

How to make coal in minecraft4

You can also use charcoal instead of charcoal for a fire.

How to make coal in minecraft5

Frequently asked Questions

What is the burning time of charcoal?

The charcoal will burn for the same amount of time as the charcoal. Each coal will burn eight items. Like normal charcoal, it’s very accurate, so make sure you have all eight items in the furnace at the same time, or you might only end up with seven.

What is the difference between regular and charcoal in Minecraft?

Many recipes that require charcoal can be substituted for charcoal. The difference lies in interactions such as trade with villagers. Many villagers only accept coal and do not recognize coal in trade. Therefore, you should use charcoal for everyday recipes like torches or fuel for your stove. Charcoal cannot be turned into blocks like regular charcoal. This means you can’t save space with charcoal, but it remains as efficient as charcoal as fuel for your stove.


Congratulations! You now have the survival knowledge to light your first night without even mining coal. Many players overlook charcoal, but this is an easy fix when charcoal runs out. This could prove invaluable when the coal storage eventually runs out.

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