How to make blueberry pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you’re into real life cooking, Disney Dreamlight Valley is the perfect game to fulfill your passion. In this game you will be able to cook various interesting dishes even without being a professional chef. Read this guide to learn how to make blueberry pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley. There is no time to waste. Let’s get started!

Making Blueberry Pie at Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

While Disney’s Dreamlight Valley has plenty of interesting food options, there are a few types of cooking that are the most popular. I loved. And it’s no secret that fruit pies are on this list. Among all the pies you can make in the game, the best one is blueberry pie. Keep reading the guide and you will understand why this is so.

The first and foremost thing you need to know is that blueberry pie is a 3 star dish. And it seems like cooking 3-star meals is one of the most rewarding things to do in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The fact is that the preparation of these dishes does not require a lot of expensive ingredients, but you can earn a large amount of coins by selling them.

And to make a blueberry pie, you only need 3 ingredients: blueberries, Butter, and wheat. After you mix these ingredients in a soup, you can use the cake for your own purposes or sell it for 308 coins. The price is high. Therefore, it is recommended to sell this cake as quickly as possible.

In conclusion, we note that blueberry pie is one of the most popular dishes in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley. And you need to use blueberries, butter, and wheat to make the pie, which are affordable resources even for beginners. That’s how it is. Thanks for reading the guide. Hope you find it useful.

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