How to make an elevator in Minecraft

How to make an elevator in Minecraft: Hello miners! When playing Minecraft and having to go to higher places, elevators are the best thing to do. If you don’t know how to make an elevator in Minecraft , that’s why we have written some easy steps to create an elevator that goes up and down.

How to make an elevator in Minecraft;

There are two ways to make a lift;

  1. no redstone
  2. with Redstone

Elevator without Redstone

Step 1

Make a 3 by 3 square that has a hole in the middle.

Step 2

Next to the square, make a stack of blocks that reach the height you want your elevator to be.

Step 3

On top of the stack, place a 3-by-3 square while hovering over the previous 3-by-3.

Step 4

In the hole of the square ice stack from the first block to the other floating

step 5

Break all other ice blocks present in the pile.

Step 6

Between the blocks on the stack place torches.

step 7

Until the ice melts but it doesn’t put out the torches. You can break the first block of your 3 by 3 present on the ground and replace it with a solid block.

step 8

Hold down the jump key and walk towards the floating water droplets. Your elevator will start to take you up.

Elevator with Redstone


  1. pistons

. solid block

. redstone torches

. redstone repeaters

. stair block


Step 1

Take 4 by 4 blocks for the elevator walls. Take the height of your choice. Choose your building material, keep in mind that you choose the building material that will blend nicely with the stairs that we will add later.

Step 2

When you are done building your walls, add a marker, the marker is placed where the button will be placed later.

Step 3

Now you have to add your stairs, stand on the marker you made and face your face to the right, place the stairs there and continue climbing to the top.

Step 4

You have to add a hole now; the holes are a guide to show where the sticky pistons will be placed. From the left to Malta, place the UP 2nd Block from the ground and start to break, it will be a 1 hole to the top of a lift.

step 5

Now you need to add 1 block below the hole you just created. Do the same to the top.

Step 6

Inside the elevator tower, place a sticky piston on each block you just placed. The sticky piston will be placed at the back of a block.

step 7

Individually cover all of the sticky piston inside the tower, this will help push the sticky piston to force the player up the stairs.

step 8

Place a block behind your button marker, place Redstone on top of this block, stand to the left of the sticky piston on the left face to jump, and place a Redstone repeater, make sure the space is on the left, otherwise it will not work and the repeater will be set to 4. This is the slowest setting, but you can experiment with a faster time if you want your elevator to run faster. Change repeater to 2 instead of 4.

Continue connecting the sticky pistons to the Red Stone and Redstone repeaters at the top, but you should do like the ladder method.

You have made this congratulations, now you have made the elevator enjoy its transport.

Some necessary questions and answers are given below;

How high can a Soul Sand elevator go?

The up and down elevator has a maximum height of 12 units due to the limited number of piston motion blocks.

How high can a water lift go?

The water riser can be thrown to a maximum height of 11 blocks.

How to get on the elevator ?

When you have built an elevator, you now need to stand on the pressure plate at the bottom left.

lift version

If your lift isn’t working, make sure you’re not using an old version. Must be at least 1.8

Can I use this technique on the phone?

This technique only works on console or PC, but not in Minecraft PE.

Why can’t I go up in the elevator?

This must be because you could be playing Minecraft on PE. In that edition, the elevator will not work. You’ll be stuck at the bottom and it won’t lift you up.


  • It’s a good idea to build your house near your elevator instead of trying to put an elevator in a house.
  • If you’re doing a survival mode elevator, make sure you have a secondary ladder in case your elevator gets damaged or falls over.
  • You might consider building a second elevator and a platform connecting the two so you can always have an elevator up and down.

I hope you have learned how to make an elevator in minecraft! If you have any questions or any kind of suggestion, we are always happy to hear it.

If you have any other ideas related to how to make an Elevator in Minecraft, you can tell us in the comments.

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