How to make a lever in Minecraft

How to make a lever in Minecraft: Levers are a good way to constantly activate the on/off state for things like doors or lights. They can be used to protect your home with iron doors and keep mobs away. Unlike buttons or pressure plates, levers will emit a redstone pulse until you turn them off. This is an incredibly simple recipe that doesn’t even require a workbench to make. Today I want to show you how easy it is to make a lever.

Required materials to create a lever

  • One piece of cobblestone;
  • One stick.

Cobblestone can be obtained by mining any piece of stone with a pickaxe.

Chop down the tree and turn the logs into boards. Using two boards, turn them into sticks needed for leverage.

How to make a lever in Minecraft

In a nutshell:

To make a lever, place a boulder on the bottom and a stick over it. Now just click on the lever and drag it to your inventory.


Here is the step by step guide you should follow to make a lever in minecraft:

To make a lever, simply take a piece of cobblestone and one stick and place them in the crafting menu. Place a boulder on the bottom and a stick on top of it and that’s all you need to make a lever.

How to make a lever in minecraft0

The recipe is very cheap and can literally open a lot of doors for your builds.

How to use the lever in Minecraft

Levers can be placed by clicking the right mouse button. It will power any adjacent unit and can activate doors and lamps. When initially placed, the levers will be in the off state.

How to make a lever in Minecraft1

Right-clicking the lever will put it in the “on” state, which will send a redstone pulse until it turns off again.

How to make a lever in minecraft 2

This can open your doors or power any nearby redstone dust for fifteen blocks as long as all the dust is connected. You can use these levers along with iron doors to protect yourself or villagers from zombies.

If you want a lever to be on both sides of a door and for either the lever to open or close the door regardless of the state either lever is inside, you will need to create an XOR gate. The XOR gate is a logic gate that overrides the function of other redstone radiation. This allows you to place two levers that will open or close the door independently of each other.

How to make a lever in Minecraft3

Place two redstone comparators side by side and right click to activate them. Place the dust around it and the levers in the back corners. Let some dust run from the end of the comparator to your door. If you place this as described above, any lever will now open and close the door regardless of the state of the other lever.

How to make a lever in minecraft4

Clicked the right lever on and opens the door.

How to make a lever in Minecraft5

Clicked the left lever and, despite the fact that both levers are activated, the door will close. Clicking the left lever here will open the door and vice versa for the right lever. This logic gate is a bit finicky due to how the behavior of the comparators will change depending on the strength of the redstone pulse. To position it on both sides of the door, simply place both levers at the same distance from the comparators. I’ll leave it up to you to decide how to hide the wiring, after all every build is different.

Frequently asked Questions

Can villagers use leverage?

Villagers cannot use levers. This means that you can keep your residents safe by installing iron doors around the perimeter and using levers as a means of access. This will prevent them from coming out with items such as pressure plates.

Can mobs use levers?

Mobs can’t use levers either. The only mob that can interact with levers at any power is exploding vines. An explosion can damage your wiring and tire out time. Iron doors with levers prevent almost all mobs from getting inside.


Congratulations! Now you know how to use high potential leverage. The levers make Redstone easier to understand as it constantly emits Redstone momentum without further interaction. They can also be used to simply open and close doors or turn lights on and off. With a little knowledge of Redstone, you can keep yourself and the villagers safe from mobs without worrying or getting nervous.

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