How to make a ladder in Minecraft

How to make a ladder in Minecraft: If you want your home or building to be on multiple levels, you can choose between ladders and ladders for going up and down. Stairs are convenient because they can save you space. Most stairs take up an entire wall or a 3×3-5×5 ​​space for a spiral staircase. Ladders take up little space, although they are not very aesthetically pleasing, but can add practicality to your home or buildings. In this guide, you will learn what materials are needed to make a ladder, how to make a ladder, how to get a ladder using commands, and how to use a ladder in Minecraft.

Required materials for making stairs in Minecraft

  1. 7 sticks
  2. Workbench

Ladder Recipe: Relatively simple and cheap. You will need to collect some wooden logs and turn them into boards. Make sticks from these boards. Every 7 sticks you use to craft ladders will give you 3 ladders each time you complete a recipe. Also, you will need a workbench to make a set of stairs.

How to make a ladder in Minecraft

The first step is to simply collect some firewood. Hit the trees to get raw logs. The type of wood you harvest doesn’t matter, as every wooden log can be crafted into planks, and the resulting planks are crafted into sticks.

How to make stairs in minecraft0

Once you have collected enough logs, turn your logs into planks by placing them in the crafting menu. Each log will make 4 boards.

How to make stairs in Minecraft1

Having made the boards, all that is left for you is to make the sticks. Create sticks by placing two wooden planks in a column. Each time you complete this, you should receive 4 sticks. So do it at least twice. As long as the wooden planks are arranged in a 2×1 format, you will be able to make sticks.

How to make stairs in minecraft 2

Once you have enough sticks, you will need to place your sticks in an ” H ” shape in the crafting menu. This will give you 3 stairs.

How to make stairs in Minecraft3

That’s all you need to make stairs in Minecraft.

How to make a ladder in Minecraft using commands

If you want to get ladders in Minecraft using commands, use the /give command . For example, /give @p ladder # , where @p is the closest player and # is how many ladders you want. An example of creating a stack of stairs is shown below.

How to make stairs in minecraft4

You can use this command on any Minecraft platform and the syntax doesn’t change between different versions. If you need a certain number of stairs, you can change the # in the above command to the number of stairs you need.

Using stairs in Minecraft

Stairs are beautiful in a straight line, but there are some features to be aware of. For example, you cannot place a ladder and a hatch on the same wall. If you want the hatch to be flush with the floor, your ladder just needs to be able to reach right under the block you placed the hatch in. You’ll have to jump to get from the ladder to the top, but at least this method doesn’t prevent you from using the ladder and hatch.

How to make stairs in minecraft 5

Otherwise, you can essentially place ladders on any opaque block you want to climb.

How to make stairs in minecraft 6

Once you have placed your ladders, you can enter them and, looking up, climb up. If you have a trapdoor flush with the floor, you will need to hug the ladders when you reach the top and then jump from the top ladder to the level of the trapdoor.

General information

It is possible to make a bridge with stairs only 1/16th of a block wide. You can also place ladders in such a way as to form a parkour section.

Similar to vines, ladders slow players down when walking through them.

The player on the slab must jump up to reach the stairs, despite being only 1/2 block down.

Can animals climb ladders in Minecraft?

Animals can climb stairs, they don’t do it naturally, but you can push the mob up the stairs if you want.

How to make stairs in minecraft7

How to make a Floating Staircase in Minecraft Survival?

In the Java version of Minecraft, you can make a floating staircase with /setblock ~ ~-1 ~ air . You will need to stand on the ladder block to turn into a floating ladder. In the Minecraft Bedrock version, the block will simply be removed and the stairs will update and open.


Congratulations, now you know how to make a ladder in Minecraft. They can be useful for saving space in your builds. Especially for compact buildings with high elevations or low basement floors. While they lack the aesthetic look of a ladder, you can keep the shaft or various raised platforms neat and compact. Ladders are a simple block that you can use to easily connect two levels of your builds, each player needs to know their build options.

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