How to install an external graphics card on a laptop?

When you notice that your laptop is no longer giving you satisfaction in terms of graphics, it means that its graphics card is damaged. Changing this part can be complex. However, you can opt for the installation of an external graphics card. Here’s how to install it.

Installation via a box: The simplest option

Using a case is the easiest way to install an external graphics card on a laptop. For this, you need to get a case specially designed to accommodate the graphics cards. Several models of this box exist. They evolve with technology. That said, the compatibility of the two devices is very important .

You must therefore install your external graphics card in the slot intended for it on the case. Once on the box, the connection to the PC must be made with a port. Once again, port compatibility with the PC returns. Thus, when you connect the case to your PC, it will be able to detect the graphics card and incorporate it into its system.

The advantage of opting for such an installation is the security you reserve for your computer . In fact, it does not require any dismantling work which could possibly damage the device. Moreover, it is expensive, which reduces the number of people who adopt it. However, you can opt for a custom installation with the DIY method.

The custom install

What gives this type of installation its place is that it is less expensive . In addition, you must disassemble your PC. This is one of the reasons why not everyone can do it. You must first remove the wifi card integrated into your PC. In addition, the computer cannot be closed as long as the internet connection is active.

The necessary equipment

To set up your own external graphics card installation system, you necessarily need some hardware. These are called hardware components. Of course, you need the graphics card that needs to be installed. You can get one that is compatible with your computer .

The graphics card needs a power supply. You can use the one that allows you to power your PC. For the majority of cases, a 5V power supply is sufficient for installation. You also need suitable connectors for the graphics card. Get a connection interface whose role is to ensure the relay between the PC and the external graphics card.

To accommodate the graphics card, the PC must be equipped with an adapter. For this adapter, you need a cable for the connection between the two devices. Other people opt to purchase a case that serves as a stand for the graphics card . However, it remains optional.

The different stages of installation

The first step in the installation is to connect the graphics card to the interface of your PC. Then you plug in the power. To do this, simply connect the power terminals of the graphics card to those of the power supply device. Also, the power should be kept off during the installation process to avoid any damage.

Now you need to disassemble your computer. To do this, remove the battery and touch all the metal parts around it with a metal object in order to completely empty them of the charge with which they are filled. It is then necessary to detect the location of the wifi card since it is the one that will have to be replaced.

The external card must therefore be of the same format as the wifi card it is to replace. After the replacement, you must download the drivers in order to finalize your installation. For this you need an Ethernet cable or a USB WiFi dongle. The last step is the connection between the external graphics card and the laptop .

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