How to install a game on PS3 from a USB flash drive

The cost of applications for consoles is objectively overpriced, so many gamers are interested in how to install a game on a PS3 from a USB flash drive. Any set-top box is protected from cunning pirates, so it is stitched during production. The factory firmware does not allow access to an unlicensed device. In this case, you cannot do without custom-type firmware. The secret lies in several actions that make it possible to interact with carriers of an external type. They will be discussed below.

Preparatory stage: features of downloading games

There are many ways to launch pirate games . It is important to prepare the set-top box in advance.

  • External media must be formatted as FAT32. This is usually done on a laptop, computer.
  • After that, a folder named Games is created (here you need to download files in the future).

Loading games

How to download games on PS3? The answer is simple. It is enough to find a reliable torrent, choose the appropriate section. After downloading, you need to check the files: the directory should contain folders named Usrdir, PS3_GAME. Only if names are available will the distribution be usable.

Note Please note: the names should not be missing the Russian alphabet. Please bear in mind the size limits: FAT32 file system does not allow you to use content larger than 4000 MB. If you need to download a larger file, use the Split 4GB program.

How to upload a game to a flashed PS3

When the files are uploaded to the USB flash drive , run the “Multiname” program or its equivalent, specified below. For a comfortable game, using unlicensed software on removable memory, it is worth installing three programs:

  • TotalCommander (almost everyone has it);
  • Blackb0xFTP (will help transfer data to Sonya’s hard drive);
  • OpenManager (needed when viewing files). The latter will help to correctly run the file through a USB flash drive . If you do not have these programs on your computer, you can download them on the rutore.

Important: The game console must be in Jailbreak mode when the drive is connected to it. It is required to move the console to its current position:

  • Press Power first, then Eject.
  • After which you will hear a sound, wait a little (20-25 seconds) and remove the Jailbreak.
  • The components important for installation will be located in the standard folder. After connecting, you need to press the Eject button again. The data previously placed on the external device will appear in the menu.

The PlayStation’s security system is regularly improved, but the old “curling iron” is still vulnerable to this kind of manipulation. It is unlikely that Sony will seriously tackle this problem. Have a good game.

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