How to improve on Rainbow Six Siege PS4

You’re a fan of Rainbow Six Siege, the tactical first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft Montreal, and you’re having a lot of fun playing it from your PS4. However, you have realized that in some aspects you still have to improve a lot, as there are some particularly strong players who can defeat you with relative ease.

Well, I get it: Rainbow Six Siege is a game that can require more attention than the usual shooters, as it is very important to have a strategy. Looking for advice, you then did an online search on how to improve on Rainbow Six Siege for PS4 and ended up here on my site. This is how things are, right? Then know that you have come to the right place!

In today’s tutorial, in fact, I will give you some tips on how to improve in Rainbow Six Siege for PS4, starting from the basics, then from the mechanics that every player must necessarily know, up to the most advanced tactics. The input method on which I will rely will be the classic controller, but many suggestions can also be implemented with mouse and keyboard. That said, ban the chatter and let’s get straight to the point. Enjoy your reading and have fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to improve on Rainbow Six Siege PS4
    • Find your ideal operator
    • Use the right gadgets
    • Take advantage of the peculiar characteristics of the operators
    • How to improve aim on Rainbow Six Siege PS4
    • Coordinate with your peers
    • Learning about the sounds

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to improve on Rainbow Six Siege for PS4, I think it may interest you to know more about the basic mechanics of the Ubisoft title.

Well, Rainbow Six Siege has three main modes: HostageGarrison and Bomb. In each of them, there are multiple rounds and the latter are alternated between Attack and Defense. Put simply, if in the previous round the members of one team were attackers, in the next round they will be defenders. Each game has a maximum of 10 players, who are split into 2 teams.

The name of the Hostage mode is self-explanatory: the attackers must try to save a person held hostage by the defenders, who will obviously have the task of taking care of the fact that this does not happen. The attackers must take the hostage, starting from inside the building where he is located, to an external extraction point, always trying not to hurt him. In case the hostage dies, he loses the team that killed him.

In Garrison mode, attackers must secure a biohazard container. To achieve their goal, players must be able to enter the room where the container is contained and stay there for 10 seconds with no player from the other team present.

If a defender enters, the area will become contested and there will likely be shootings. In this regard, the Garrison mode can also be won by defeating all members of the other team.

Finally, in the Bomb mode, also with a quite explanatory name and, probably, among the best known in the game, inside the map there are 2 bombs to be defused through an object that is given to one of the players at the beginning of the game. game. In this case, the defenders must try to prevent the attackers from defusing the bombs.

In case the attackers manage to use the defuser, the defenders have the possibility to stop it, destroying it with a special accessory in their possession. At the start of the game, robots are used to find the bombs. In some cases, teams may also have to choose which characters to “ban”, meaning that both teams will not be able to use during the match.

In short, essentially Rainbow Six Siege sees 2 opposing teams, one of the attackers and one of the defenders, who try to obtain or defend a certain objective, whether it is a hostage, a container of bio-risk or bombs.

The basic mechanics of the game are, therefore, very simple and intuitive, but in reality Rainbow Six Siege is a game that relies heavily on strategy. In fact, team play is fundamental, also considering the fact that each player has a different operator, chosen at the beginning of the game. In case you didn’t know, Operators are the playable characters of the Ubisoft title.

How to improve on Rainbow Six Siege PS4

After explaining the game modes in detail, I’d say you’re ready to get into the action and learn how you can improve your performance on Rainbow Six Siege on PlayStation 4.

Find your ideal operator

As mentioned in the introductory chapter, at the beginning of the game, each player must select their operator, i.e. the character they will use (which cannot be duplicated in the same team).

Choosing the right operator is of paramount importance, as each of them has different stats in terms of armor and speed (you can see them at the bottom right of the character selection screen, just below that operator’s primary weapon).

In addition, each character has his own role (attacker or defender) and his own endowment. To give you a concrete example, I will examine the Tachanka operator, which is used for the defensive phases.

Its basic equipment consists of a 9X19VSN submachine gun and a SASG-12 shotgun as primary weapons, a PMM pistol and a GSH-18 as secondary weapons. It has 3 notches in terms of armor and 1 notch in speed.

Tachanka is regarded as a relatively simple operator to use, as he is one of the first characters to enter the game. However, its speed. not exactly the best, it makes it a bit ‘clumsy’ and, according to many, it’s a big disadvantage. I made this example to make you understand how much it can change from one operator to another.

Just to give you a more complete picture, I also look at Operator Jackal, who has the role of assailant. Its equipment includes a C7E assault rifle, a PDW9 submachine gun and an ITA12L shotgun as primary weapons and a USP40 pistol and an ITA12S shotgun as secondary weapons. It has 2 notches in both armor and speed.

As you may have guessed, there are many differences between one operator and another and it is very important to choose the characters that best suit your style of play, both in terms of the offensive and defensive phases.

It counts that at the beginning of the game you are provided with only certain operators: you can get the others by spending the fame points, which are earned simply by completing the games, or the R6 credits, which can be purchased through microtransactions. Usually, the minimum number of fame points to take home an operator is equal to 10,000, but obviously there are characters that cost more (also depends on the period).

To give you some concrete examples, the Jackal operator I mentioned earlier costs 10,000 fame points or 240 R6 credits. In short, you may have to play a little before getting certain characters.

Use the right gadgets

In addition to the statistics, the role and the equipment, each operator also has some gadgets, which can become of fundamental importance during the games.

To give you a concrete example, Tachanka brings with him a movable shield, which can be used to create a shelter manually. You could think of using it in a corner, perhaps coupled with the fixed machine gun, which I will tell you about later in the guide. In addition, the operator has barbed wire, able to slow down the opponents.

Jackal, on the other hand, has a claymore and a smoke grenade. In short, you might think of “hindering” the view of the opponents and eliminating them with the claymore, perhaps bringing them into your trap after having flushed them out with the Eyenox Model III, which I will show you later in the tutorial. In case you don’t know, the claymore is an antipersonnel mine.

In short, as you can see, the developers have thought in detail about the combinations of operators’ gadgets and the use of the latter in combination with the skill of the character is a very important aspect to aim high on Rainbow Six Siege.

Take advantage of the peculiar characteristics of the operators

Always remaining in the field of operators, each character has his own special ability, which is useful to understand and use.

For example, Tachanka allows the player to place a tripod that creates a sort of fixed machine gun, capable of “disintegrating” opponents in no time at all. It is therefore a potentially very interesting operator, at least on paper.

As for Jackal, however, the latter has a special ability called Eyenox Model III, which allows you to identify and track the footsteps of enemies in real-time. It is therefore a very tactical operator and in fact it is considered as one of the most difficult to use, at least for novice players.

In short, these special skills can guarantee you an excellent competitive advantage if used properly. To give you a concrete example related to Tachanka, you could think of slowing down the enemies with barbed wire and taking them out quickly with the comfortably fixed machine gun, perhaps protecting yourself behind the mobile shield during the most agitated situations.

Put simply, it is necessary to study the operators well (from the first to the last) and understand which character suits your style of play the most. Therefore, I advise you to properly analyze the equipmentskills and gadgets of the characters through the official Ubisoft website, before making them yours and trying them out on the field.

If you want advice, write down the various possibilities offered by the operators and try to create a strategy, then trying to “reproduce” it in the field. I can assure you that in this way, by performing all the necessary tests, you will discover new details and will be able to improve over time.

How to improve aim on Rainbow Six Siege PS4

As in any self-respecting shooter, even in Rainbow Six Siege the aim is of fundamental importance, since wasting too many shots can lead to defeat, especially in a strategic game like this, in which once the operator is dead you have to wait the next round.

Given that a lot of training is required to improve your aim properly (which you can also do in Training Camp mode against artificial intelligence ), a fundamental aspect to consider are the settings related to the controls.

Since the controller is used on PlayStation, my advice is to try this configuration, which I think is balanced: 40 vertical sensitivity80 horizontal sensitivity7 left dead zone and 5 right dead zone.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences, and while I’ve found it okay to aim with this setup, it may not work for you. Therefore, I advise you to “play” with these options until you find the one that suits you. Don’t just use the basic one – professional players often tweak it to play better.

In addition to the controls, you may be interested in learning more about the pads. For this reason, I recommend that you consult my guide to the best controllers for PS4, where I have illustrated all the possibilities related to even the most advanced pads.

Coordinate with your peers

It may seem trivial, but every good player must take into account the saying “unity is strength”. In fact, every online game becomes both more fun and competitive when you coordinate with your teammates. In Rainbow Six Siege, this concept is taken to the extreme, as it is a strategic title.

To give you a concrete example, an interesting offensive approach is to “scare” the opponents with the cluster charges of the Fuze operator, which can be placed, for example, on the windows with the “X” (I remind you that you can use the grapple to climb, just get close to the outer wall), and catch them by surprise with the other characters, for example through the “stealth” operator Nøkk, able to use the Hel presence reducer.

Meanwhile, another player with the Maverick operator could break into the room where the enemies are using his blowtorch, perhaps accompanied by a Blitz with his ballistic shield.

In short, the combinations between the operators are innumerable and the one I have illustrated to you only touches the tip of the iceberg of the possibilities offered by Rainbow Six Siege. Of course, the ideal would be to coordinate through the PlayStation 4’s voice chat, but of course you might want to coordinate with unknown players you meet online as well.

In this case, you can use the voice chat present directly in the game or the left arrow of the controller, which allows you to indicate a point where there are enemies.

Learning about the sounds

Being a strategic game, in addition to not being in too much of a hurry, it is very important to learn about the sounds of the Ubisoft title, identifying their origin.

For this reason, it is recommended to play Rainbow Six Siege with a good gaming headset. For more information in this regard, I invite you to consult my tutorial on the best headphones for PS4.

In any case, in the game most of the tactics used by the players are cautious. In fact, it is often necessary to have a lot of patience to track down other users and understand where the footsteps or the noise of the weapons come from.

An aspect that few take into consideration is that the noise varies according to the speed and armor of the operator involved. For this reason, you could understand from the sounds when a particularly dangerous enemy is approaching and therefore decide in advance whether to face it or not.

In this case, it is very difficult to give you precise directions, the sounds can only be learned by playing many games of Rainbow Six Siege.

Perfect, now you know all the relevant tips on how to improve in the Ubisoft title. Obviously, we are talking about a complex and constantly evolving game, so I advise you to take the information contained in this guide as a “base” to improve and to continuously “study” the evolution of gameplay.



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