How to hack a Fortnite account

As you well know, Fortnite is one of the most famous and played free-to-play titles in the world. In recent years, Fortnite Mania has infected everyone, even going so far as to shape mass pop culture, creating events that are visible to millions and millions of players. Unfortunately, when a product achieves high reception and reaches a wider audience, the ways to negatively abuse that single product also begin to increase. In the case of video games, this translates into the discovery of tricks to cheat, flaws in the code to compromise the gaming experience and above all the creation of tools capable of targeting your sensitive data within the servers that manage it.

If you have arrived here, it means that you are aware of this problem and, indeed, having a certain fear about the security of your data, you would like to know how to hack a Fortnite account, or rather, what are the tools most used by attackers to ” pierce ”the computer defenses of Epic Games and users’ computers. If that’s the case, I’ll try to give you a hand by illustrating, in the next few lines, some tricks of the trade used by criminals and the most effective ways to counter them, in order to make your Fortnite account reasonably safe.

ATTENTION: accessing the game accounts of others without permission and stealing the access data of non-personal computers is a serious violation of privacy, and in some cases it represents a crime punishable by law. Therefore, I take no responsibility for the use you may make of the information contained in this tutorial. It is absolutely not my intention to promote any illegal activity.


  • Programs to hack a Fortnite account
  • How to hack a Fortnite profile
    • Keylogger
    • Fake or counterfeit apps
    • Phishing
  • How to protect yourself from a hacker attack on Fortnite
    • Two-step authentication
    • Change password

Programs to hack a Fortnite account

Wandering around the Internet you will surely have come across an advertisement, a video or even a site that sponsored some tool to steal a Fortnite account and magically make the password to access the latter appear. Well, fortunately for potential victims and bad luck for those who believe they are using them to “hack” the accounts of others, these programs are almost always fake and, indeed, they are themselves scams that, in the worst case, collect email addresses and other data of those who try to use them.

Their operation is quite basic, and perfect for attracting the attention of less experienced sailors thanks to their simplified interfaces, which show few elements, but clearly visible on the screen: the field to enter the email address, the field where some fictitious results of the attack and a big start button. Once you have entered the necessary data and pressed the button mentioned above, the program will instantly create a fictitious result, therefore incorrect, and will send the real data entered (eg the email addresses associated with Fortnite accounts) to the attackers who developed them.

Obviously, a good way to avoid eye contact with these cyber traps lies in not relying on suspicious sites, which promise (lying) this kind of service. This includes all those dubious emails received and classifiable as spam.

How to hack a Fortnite profile

Did you discover how the most naive users could “give” their data (and not only) to the bad guys with quite trivial solutions, but what are the “real” tools typically used to hack a Fortnite profile? Let’s try to find out.


Among the tools that allow hackers to break through the defenses of Fortnite users (and not only) there are certainly keyloggers. These are software that secretly record everything that is typed on the keyboard of the PC (or even smartphones and tablets), including the access data to games like Fortnite, and then send them to the bad guys, who can then do whatever they want with them. I also told you about it in more detail in a dedicated tutorial.

To avoid threats of this kind, stay away from counterfeit software, software from untrustworthy sources, and don’t click on “suspicious” links and attachments received via email or messaging systems. In addition, of course, you must have adequate antivirus and antimalware protection.

There are also hardware keyloggers, which in most cases take the form of particular USB or PS / 2 adapters, but clearly this type of threat is of little concern to attacks on Fortnite accounts, as it requires you to physically act on the victims’ PCs.

Fake or counterfeit apps

In the mobile environment, a widely used method to steal Fortnite accounts lies in fake or counterfeit apps: a problem that mainly affects the Android system. As you well know, the official Fortnite application is not available in the Google Play Store, which is preferred to access the official Epic site and download their Epic Games App. Well, if on the one hand this option has facilitated the increase in economic revenues of the Epic itself, on the other hand it has opened the doors to several alternative stores that have made the app available also within its own catalog.

Among these stores, there are also some unreliable ones, where modified versions of the Epic Games App or even phantom copies of Fortnite have “popped up” , with an icon linked to the game but with content that is anything but official.

Obviously, these apps hide backdoors , that is, hidden communication channels that allow attackers, just as in the case of the aforementioned keyloggers, to enter the victim’s device and steal data, including usernames and passwords.

Unlike keyloggers, backdoors specialize in remotely executing applications unrelated to the affected operating system. Depending on the sophistication of a backdoor, in fact, the attacker will be able to run from simple applications already installed, up to opening web pages of dubious origin and installing software without the user’s permission.

To avoid these threats, the advice given before is back: avoid apps from unofficial sources, so not from the Play Store or, in the specific case of Fortnite, from the official Epic website. It is also highly recommended not to root, which could expose your system to unnecessary security risks.

On iOS and iPadOS, where Fortnite is not currently available, the risks are lower, since it is not possible to install apps other than those on the official App Store, at least not officially: there are systems, such as jailbreak and sideloading. of computer apps, which allow the installation of unofficial apps – avoid them and you should be reasonably safe from counterfeit apps.


With phishing are those practices and techniques by which an attacker could exploit the desires and needs of a consumer to propose an offer designed desk to generate attention. In the most common cases of phishing, the attacker pretends to be part of a large company (or even a national body), inviting the victim to enter their sensitive data, such as email address, password or even the number and code of the card credit in a form very similar to that of a recognized and reliable site.

Bringing everything back into the context of Fortnite, you will surely have stumbled upon (between one real win and another) a particular websitevideo or even smartphone application that promises an incredible gift: an infinite amount of free V-Bucks. . Knowing the value of that virtual currency created by Epic Games to manage purchases within the game shop, you decide to trust this singular announcement. Once you open the shared link, the offer you are looking for appears in front of you and press it. From that moment, the site asks you to enter the login details of your Epic Games account, in order to (according to it) associate the account and finally pay you that coveted sum of V-Bucks.

Well, unfortunately for you, that large sum of credits will never come. Indeed, most likely your login details ended up in the hands of the aforementioned scammers, or within the stolen Fortnite account market. In fact, it may happen that some of the accounts victimized by these techniques are taken, modified and subsequently sold on the deep Web, and beyond.

How to avoid these threats? Avoiding, once again, opening links at random and being aware that, even in the world of the Internet, no one gives anything away!

How to protect yourself from a hacker attack on Fortnite

So far I have shown you how bad guys can be able to trick users and trick them into “handing over” the data they use to log in and/or pay on Fortnite. It therefore seems to me that the time has come to “go to the other side” and see how to protect yourself and how to react in case of alleged attacks on your Fortnite account (even if I have already given you some advice in the previous chapters).

Two-step authentication

One method by which Epic Games can guarantee you greater security of your Fortnite profile is two-step authentication. This procedure has been applied in recent years by many other companies, such as Steam and Google itself, and has the task of associating a code present within a single device to your account.

This code will be provided automatically at each new access from the site itself, or from an authentication App, which can be installed separately on your smartphone or tablet. In the case of Epic and Fortnite, the site itself recommends the use of Google Authenticator.

To activate two-step authentication, Epic Games offers three alternatives: via the Google Authenticatorvia SMS and via email. As in the previous case, log into your account by clicking on Log in once you have entered the Epic site, enter your details and press Login to confirm. Once you have entered your profile, drag the mouse over your nickname and click on Account, and then return to the Privacy and Security tab. Scroll down the page until you reach the section dedicated to Two-Factor Authentication.

By clicking on the switch next to the Third Party Authenticator App, the site will ask you first of all to install an app dedicated to authentication and then to scan a QR code that will serve to synchronize the two services. If you do not have a phone capable of reading this type of code, the site gives you the possibility to enter a manual entry code to continue with the procedure. At this point, all you have to do is enter the code that will appear on the screen, click on Activate and log in again.

This time, the site will ask you to enter a code of 6 numbers, which can be found inside the authenticator and which, once entered, will allow you to complete the login. An important detail: this code will remain active for 30 seconds before being replaced by a brand new code, so be very careful how long it takes to enter it correctly.

By activating the switch next to Authentication via SMS, the site will ask you to enter your telephone number, before clicking on the Send code button. Do not forget to enter the correct national prefix, in the case of Italy it is the classic +39. After a few moments, you will receive a code of 6 numbers via SMS which, once entered and clicked on Activate, will complete the procedure. With each new login to your profile after this step, the system will automatically send you a new code to enter to complete the login.

By clicking the switch of the E-mail authentication item, you will be asked to enter a confirmation code sent to your email address box, before clicking on the Activate button to complete the procedure. As in the previous cases, the system will send you a new code at each new access. For all the details, I refer you to my guide on how to activate Fortnite 2FA.

Change password

If you suspect that your account may have been compromised in some way or otherwise believe that your login details are easy to guess, you should definitely perform a Fortnite password change. In this, the Epic Games site comes to your rescue.

Fortnite, like any other game developed by Epic, allows access to its users exclusively through their Epic Games account, which allows access to all the games of the manufacturer,

Changing your Epic Games account password (and therefore also changing your Fortnite login password) is very simple. First of all, join the official website of Epic Games, login to your account by clicking Sign in and selecting the method with which to
log in (email, Facebook, Apple ID, Xbox account, Nintendo account, account PlayStation or Steam account ). Once this is done, move the mouse pointer to your username and click on the Account item in the menu that appears, to enter your account options.

At this point, click on the Password and Security tab to access the screen that will allow you to change your password. Enter your current password, your new password (twice, to confirm it) and click on the Save Changes button. More information can be found in my tutorial on how to change Fortnite password.

If you can’t log in and you’re concerned that your Fortnite account has already been stolen, report this to Epic Games and try to recover the profile by following my guide on how to recover your Fortnite password.


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