How to get rich on GTA

Are you a fan of the GTA series and would like to know if there is a way to earn a lot of money in the various chapters of this historic saga, perhaps even quickly, without having to waste too much time? If things are exactly like this, know that I can help you: if you want, I have solutions that can do just the thing for you.

In today’s guide, in fact, I will show you how to get rich on GTA , indicating some activities that you can do on the most famous titles of this video game series. I will then explain to you the missions and events that will allow you to get money and, in case you are in a hurry to reach your goal, I will also show you some tricks that will allow you to increase the account of your avatar in a few moments.

I bet you can’t wait to get started, right? In this case, the advice I can give you is to sit comfortably and pay attention to all the information that you will find in the next chapters, in order to put it into practice. At this point, I just have to wish you a good read and, above all, a good time!


  • How to get rich in GTA V
    • Invest in the stock market
    • Robberies
    • Events
    • Cheats to get rich in GTA V
  • How to get rich in GTA V Online
  • How to get rich in GTA IV
    • Secondary missions
    • Selling cars
    • Cheats to get rich in GTA IV
  • How to get rich in GTA San Andreas
    • Secondary missions
    • Horse racing
    • Cheats to get rich in GTA San Andreas

How to get rich in GTA V

If your goal is to get rich in GTA V , in the next few paragraphs I will list some activities that can certainly serve you for this purpose. I warn you that all the activities in GTA V allow you to earn money, including the primary and secondary missions, in addition to the many events present within this video game.

Invest in the stock market

The best way to make money in GTA V is to invest in the stock market during the Assassination missions , which are entrusted by Lester and can only be done by Franklin. These missions consist in the elimination of some specific objectives that will damage the stock prices of some companies to the advantage of others.

If, before starting the mission, you invest some money on the stock market in competing companies with respect to those you are going to hit, you can obtain gains on the returns that can significantly multiply the capital invested.

My advice is to invest the money in the stock market only when you have a large starting capital, carrying out this operation with all three characters. For this reason, you could start this type of side quests only after completing the main story or if you have a large amount of money obtained by performing other activities (which I will tell you about in the following chapters).

What you will need to do is open the mobile and launch the browser icon . In the Finance and Services section , you will find the two main indices on which to invest: LCN and BAWSAQ . What you will have to do is select, from the list of listed multinationals, the competitor company with respect to the one you are going to hit with the mission. You will therefore have to purchase all the shares until your budget is zeroed.

After completing the mission entrusted to you, you will have to wait for the yield index of the newly purchased shares to rise, until it reaches satisfactory values. On average, the rate of return is + 50% but, in the Redwood mission, this can go up as much as + 300% .


In GTA V , you can carry out robberies that allow you to earn additional cash. Some of these are carried out in missions related to organized shots , which guarantee a good profit. These kinds of missions can be carried out during the main campaign of GTA V.

In addition to this type of activity, you can also carry out robberies at some merchants or from security vans , destroying the vehicle and collecting the money inside it. In some cases, by approaching an ATM , you can collect the money withdrawn from the NPCs (non-player characters) who interact on it: you just need to KO them, to recover the swag.

Generally speaking, most NPCs will give you a small amount of money back after you KO them. The ones that grant you more income are the events of some NPCs that appear next to your avatar as you drive or walk the streets of the city. The event will confront you with two choices: return the stolen item to the NPC or escape with the stolen goods. In the latter case, more money can be obtained.


Around the world of GTA V , there are some types of events that allow you to earn money. For example, you can do road , dirt or water races , which will allow you to earn a cash prize if you reach first place.

In addition to racing, you can also hunt for wild animals with Trevor, for which you will be rewarded for every photo sent to Cletus. Alternatively, you can carry out the fugitive recovery missions , again with Trevor, for which you will be required to find fugitives in exchange for their bounty.

Finally, through the other activities scattered throughout the game, such as those of taxi driver , the removal of vehicles with the tow truck and the trafficking of weapons by land or by air, it is possible to acquire money quite quickly.

Cheats to get rich in GTA V

If you want to speed up your progress, getting as much money as possible in a short time and without effort, the solution that I recommend you put into practice is to add a mod on GTA V, which allows you to get all the money you want.

I warn you, however, that the mods for GTA V can only be used on PC and in single player mode : in case you have to log in to the online mode with the mods active, you could risk the account ban.

That said, what you need to do is enable mod support and add a trainer that will allow you to tweak some game parameters. In this regard, I recommend that you download Script Hook V from this link , using the Download button . You will be directed to a new page, where you will have to press on the word Download , in the box below.

After downloading the .ZIP file , you have to open it and transfer the contents of the ” bin ” folder , which you find inside it, to the main directory of GTA V. In case you have purchased this video game on Steam , the path will be ” C : \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ Grand Theft Auto V “.

Once this is done, just start the game, enter the Story mode and press the F4 key , to view the mod menu. Using the keys 2 , 4 , 6 and 8 of the numeric keypad , you can navigate between the different menu items; with key 5 , on the other hand, you can select the function to be activated. To add money, you must select the Player> Add cash items , to credit $ 1 million to the account of all your characters.

How to get rich in GTA V Online

Are you playing the online mode of GTA V and want to discover all the tricks to get rich? If this is the case, I can recommend reading my guide dedicated to the topic, in which I have listed some of the activities you can do on this video game in the multiplayer section, to earn money.

However, I warn you not to use third-party tools for any reason, such as mods, which promise you to easily add money to your avatar’s account: carrying out this type of operation involves banning the account from online mode.

How to get rich in GTA IV

Do you own GTA IV and want to find out how to get rich in this chapter of the famous Rockstar saga? You must know that all the missions you carry out in GTA IV allow you to earn money, which however, unlike the other versions of GTA, does not have a great influence on the progress of the game.

That said, in the next few chapters, I’ll list some of the rewarding activities that allow you to earn cash to spend on GTA IV.

Secondary missions

In GTA IV you can complete some types of side missions that earn you money. One example is those that require you to eliminate criminals or wanted people in Liberty City. For every elimination you make, you will be rewarded with a cash sum.

Another profitable activity is that entrusted by Brucie , which consists in finding cars that will have to be delivered to a certain place, to carry out the export. For this type of activity, the money received will depend on the condition of the vehicle: the greater the damage done to the vehicle, the lower the profit that will be obtained.

Selling cars

During the continuation of the main campaign of GTA IV , you will be able to unlock an activity which consists of delivering vehicles for Stevie to her garage. The latter will send a message with attached the photo of the car that you will need to find.

Every vehicle you recover and deliver to Stevie’s garage will have its own value – you can also earn over $ 30,000 for sports cars that haven’t been damaged. Once you have delivered all of the vehicles Stevie requests, you will be able to deliver most of the vehicles you find in the world of GTA IV, in exchange for money.

Cheats to get rich in GTA IV

In case you want a quick way to make money on GTA IV, I can recommend you to use mods for PC . You must know, in fact, that these add-ons allow you to facilitate the achievement of progress in this video game, such as increasing the virtual account of the avatar.

One of the tricks you can put into practice is the one I have already described to you in the previous chapter , relating to the sale of cars. Since you will be given the option to deliver cars to Stevie’s garage, via a special mod, you will be able to spawn vehicles directly near this building, for quick delivery.

Inside the main directory of GTA IV, you have to place the files related to the ASI Loader and ScriptHook tools , which you can download from this link of the website . After doing this, insert the Car Spawner mod , always inside the main folder of GTA IV.

Well, now you just need to press the F1 key , in a GTA IV session, and scroll through the different items using the numeric keypad . After spawning the vehicle, deliver it to Steve’s garage to get the cash.

How to get rich in GTA San Andreas

If you are playing GTA San Andreas on your PC or on your smartphone or tablet, you are probably wondering how to get rich on this title, so that you have all the money at your disposal. Although the best method is to continue with the missions entrusted to you in the game, it is possible to obtain additional money through other activities, which I will tell you about in the following chapters.

Secondary missions

In GTA San Andreas it is possible to carry out a variety of activities, such as side missions , to obtain cash rewards. An example are all the missions you can perform as a taxi driver , firefighter , security guard , paramedic or truck driver . These kinds of missions can be initiated by getting on the specific designated vehicle and completing the required activity.

For example, if you decide to carry out the taxi driver missions, you will be prompted to reach customers and lead them to their destination; for vigilante missions, via a police vehicle, you will be able to eliminate the criminals who are reported to you.

In addition to these missions, there are also those from valet parking , courier , the one to deliver goods by train , work in the quarry , deliver cars and carry out burglary . All the activities I have indicated will reward you with money.

Horse racing

One of the most effective ways to make money on GTA San Andreas is to bet on horse racing . What you need to do is go to a betting center on the map, interact on the betting machine and place a large bet on one of the horses on the list, selecting the one with a higher multiplier.

Should the horse win, you will immediately get the cash prize. At this point, go back to your quarters to save the game and repeat the procedure. In the event that the horse loses, simply reload the game and try again, until you have earned all the money you need.

Cheats to get rich in GTA San Andreas

In case you want to quickly earn money on GTA San Andreas , you can use the tricks : these consist of executing a specific combination of keys, so that you will be credited with a sum of money equal to 250,000 dollars .

In case you are using a PC , just quickly type the word HESOYAM on the keyboard. Although your avatar should move or perform actions, the Trick Activated message , top left, will confirm that the trick you just typed has actually been activated.

If, on the other hand, you are playing on  PlayStation , just press the key combination on the controller R1 , R2 , L1 , X , Left , Down , Right , Up , Left , Down , Right , Up . On Xbox , however, you will have to press the combination RB , RT , LB , A , Left , Down , Right , Up ,Left , Down , Right , Up , to activate the cheat.


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