How to fix World of Tanks update problem / Installation error

Recently, tank fans have run into problems installing updates. In the installation menu, the message “could not be unpacked, information is available in the log” appears. This problem can be solved simply by an ordinary user without the intervention of a specialist. This article describes several solutions.

Method 1

The first thing you should try is simply hitting the repeat button. Select the option to re-update / install.

Method 2

  • Analyze the disc where you put the game.
  • Open an antivirus program on your PC and put the game on a trusted list.
  • Format the update directory completely.
  • Turn on the launcher and start the process.

Method 3

If the previous options did not work, follow these steps: To do this, you need the application


(it’s free).

It is designed for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

  • Open the “Updates” catalog of tanks on your computer.

Examples of locations:

“This PC> Local Disk (C:)> Games> World_of_Tanks> Updates”; “My Computer> (D :)> Games> World_of_Tanks> Updates”.


Inside this folder, you will see a patch / torrent file or several patches with names:

Fix World of Tanks Update / Install Error Problems.

  • Double click on Fix World of Tanks Update to start downloading the patch.

A green uTorrent icon will appear in torrents.

  • When uTorrent starts downloading, stop it, but do not remove the patch files from uTorrent. To do this, press the right mouse button, select “Stop”.
  • Return to the Updates directory.
  • Copy the patch file from the “Updates” folder of the tanks to the uTorrent download folder (the place where uTorrent stores downloaded documents). Replace it.
  • Go to uTorrent. Right-click the patch file (you are downloading it) and select Force or Force Download.

The patch will be checked for integrity. If any parts are missing, run the download to download the missing ones.

  • Recheck when the patch is loaded to be sure. To do this, right-click on the patch and select Force Re-Check.
  • If the download is complete, copy the downloaded from the downloads folder back to the Updates folder of World of Tanks.
  • Press the replay button in the game setup menu.

We recommend using the following WOT settings.

The above methods should fix the errors that appear. If none of the options helped you, then wait for the next version of the game / contact

those. tank support

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