How to fix tcpip.sys blue screen error in Windows?

When starting the PC before printing, many Windows users get an error. Tcpip.sys is a third-party system driver used to communicate with connected hardware and software. The errors in this file are due to a rare state of the TCP / IP driver where TCP segments are received on different processors. Sometimes an application program conflict causes this issue. This article describes the main ways to fix the error.

Reset TCP / IP

  • Tap the Win + S keys at the same time. Type cmd and open a command prompt as administrator.
  • Click Yes at the UAC prompt.
  • Copy and paste the text into the command line without quotes:

“Netsh int ip reset c: resetlog.txt”

  • Don’t you want to create a path from file to log? Write the following: “netsh int ip reset”
  • Restart your computer after changing.

Update network card drivers

As mentioned, the tcpip.sys issue has a lot to do with the TCP / IP driver. Therefore, if the first method does not work for you, we highly recommend trying to manually update the NIC driver automatically. Go to the manufacturer’s website and find the most recent correct software. Owners of a wireless USB card will need to update the USB port software and processor software.

Disable web protection

Oddly enough, the method worked for many users. Disable website protection in your antivirus software. We hope that one of the suggested methods helped you fix the problem. If this does not happen, then contact a technical support specialist.

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