How to activate Key6 BPER

If you often make online transactions and have an account with BPER Banca , perhaps with which you pay F24s or perform other operations, you have probably already heard of Key6 : it is a security code imposed by the European Union to limit minor phenomena. as pleasant as the use of bank funds by a third party following a data theft.

I guess you are already thinking about how much this addition to your security systems will cost you, after all, banks don’t offer many free services, right? In fact, you will be amazed to know that Key6 is completely free and you can activate it quickly and easily to protect all your online purchases on certified sites that use the Visa Secure and Mastercard Identity Check protocols.

Often, in association with the term Key6 you may also find 3D Secure , to avoid misunderstandings I’ll quickly explain what the differences are. Key6, as you will have already deduced, is a simple 6-digit code that is required of you every time you make a transaction using a card linked to your BPER account. 3D Secure is simply the technology that enables two-factor authentication, also often referred to as 2FA . But now let’s not go too far: since you now have all the preliminary information, I’ll show you how to activate Key6 BPER .


  • How to activate Key6 BPER Banca
    • How to activate Key6 BPER from the app
    • How to activate Key6 from Smart Web
    • How to activate Key6 from the BPER Card reserved area

How to activate Key6 BPER Banca

The methods to activate Key6 BPER are various: you can perform the operation via the smartphone app or from your computer’s browser . Below you will find all the possible options: choose the one you prefer and follow my instructions, I assure you that you will complete the procedure in no time and you can immediately use the code to shop online.

How to activate Key6 BPER from the app

The BPER bank has an app, called Smart BPER Card , which can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone smartphones . It is of recent conception and therefore very well made, in fact it allows you to perform various operations and check your cards even while you are away from the PC: among these, there is the possibility of activating the Key6 code. Before getting to the procedure, however, I invite you to download the app, if you have not yet installed it, and find your login credentials to the reserved BPER area, essential to continue.

Also remember that a mobile number must already be associated with your account in order to receive the OTP codes via SMS . The term OTP, if you do not know, stands for One-Time-Password, and is a random code, different for each request, generated by the system and sent directly to the customer.

When you are ready and you have collected all the data you need, touch the app icon and you will be taken back to the main screen where you will have to press the button marked BPER , you will then be prompted to accept the terms and conditions, read carefully the regulation of the Smart BPER Card service and then, at the bottom of the page, first on the Accept button . On the next page, you will need to enter the required data, i.e. the user code and password , then press the Login button to enter your personal area.

Before you get to the menu where the credit cards linked to your account will be listed, however, you will need to go through a couple of additional authentication steps. The first of those required is the unique PIN : enter it and then press the Activate button . After that, the application will send you an SMS with an OTP code : write it down and enter it where requested, then tapping the Enable button . Now the app will ask you to set a new 5-digit PIN : perform this procedure as well and, at the end, you will have access to the My Cards page of the app.

After this long initial phase you can breathe a sigh of relief, it doesn’t take long to activate the Key6 code. In the list of credit cards, there may be several, depending on how many you have, however I recommend that you choose only the one you use for your online purchases and on which you want to activate Key6.

When you have decided, select the card by tapping it and then press the Security icon . On the next screen you have to choose the item Set code Key6 and, to confirm your identity once again, enter the PIN you set previously. Here we are: all you have to do is choose the 6-digit code that you will use to confirm your online purchases, then press the Confirm button and you will have completed the procedure correctly.

If in the future you want to view or change the Key6 code, all you have to do is go back to the Security section of your card via the Smart BPER Card app.

How to activate Key6 from Smart Web

Do you have a computer and prefer to activate Key6 from a browser? No problem, I’ll tell you how to do it right away. First of all open the browser of your choice, connected to the official BPER website and click on the Login button , at the top right. On the next screen, choose the Login item located under the heading The Internet Banking Smart Web and get ready to enter all your data: your user code (or alias) and your password . After completing the fields, click on Log in to Smart Web .

Before you can get to the main page, you will need to confirm your identity: you will be sent an authorization request on the smartphone app, so tap the notification on the phone display and enter your PIN or use biometric identification . Look at the browser on your PC now and you should be inside your home banking service.

Now go with the mouse pointer on the Accounts and Cards option to view a larger menu, from which to choose the item Your cards . Below you will find listed all the cards activated on your account: select the one on which to activate the code and then click on Access the service , right next to the logo with VISA Secure written . A screen will open explaining how the 3D Secure service works. After reading the information, press the Continue button at the bottom right.

On the next page, press the Request Pin via SMS button and you will receive the code to use on your smartphone: enter it and then click on Access the service , also at the bottom right. You are now in effect in the 3D Secure service, but before proceeding you must enter the following data: social security number , email address and some identification numbers of the card on which you intend to activate Key6. Then confirm that you are not a robot by ticking where required and then click on Continue.

The next step is important, so read carefully what is required. The system will offer you to change the telephone number or keep the one registered to receive the OTP codes: confirm it by clicking on Continue or, if you want to use a different number, click on Insert new . At this point we are there, the next page is the final one, where you will have to enter Key6 twice and then press Continue to definitively complete the operation.

How to activate Key6 from the BPER Card reserved area

If, on the other hand, you prefer to use the BPER Card reserved area to carry out the operation, do not worry, just log in to your account via the official Bibanca website. Then click on the button at the top right that says BPER Card Reserved Area . The next screen will ask you to choose your status: if you are a private individual click on Private , otherwise click on Companies . You will be redirected to the login page of the reserved area, where, as usual, you will need to enter the user code and your password.

Upon access, an additional authorization may be required, to be confirmed via smartphone: then check the phone screen and press on the notification of the BPER app . To continue you will need to enter either your PIN or use the biometric identification system . Remember: you must complete the procedure within a minute or you will have to repeat it all over again.

At this point you will have access to your reserved area and you can proceed in two different ways: from the My BPER Cards menu , or from the 3D Secure – Key6 menu , both visible on the top bar. If you choose the first, just click on Set the code Key6 , an item that can be viewed after selecting your BPER Card; from the 3D Secure – Key6 menu, on the other hand, the button to press is Activate code Key6. The result is pretty much the same, as is the subsequent procedure, so don’t fret too much and choose the one you prefer.

As always, the system will ask for permission to proceed through a two-factor verification . Keep your smartphone handy because you will receive an SMS with the OTP code to enter to proceed, or you will be asked to authorize the operation by entering the PIN or biometric system.

Once the identity confirmation is complete, all you have to do is choose your Key6 code on the popup page that will open via the browser: then enter the 6 numbers you prefer and, if the combination is valid, the word Valid code will be displayed in green Proceed by clicking on Confirm. Follow the advice and press the Confirm button , at the bottom right. You will then successfully complete the setting of the Key6 code.

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