How to fix error 0x80073CF9 in the Windows 10 Store?

Error 0x80073CF9 can appear in Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 users during installation or update of an installed application in the Windows Store. The error message, in most cases, looks like this:

try again

An error has occurred.

Error code: 0x80073CF9

In general, the error message does not provide any important information about the issue with the Windows Store. When the error 0x80073CF9 appears, it will block the main functionality of the Windows Store until the problem is resolved. It is the solution of this error that we will deal with in this article. We’ll cover four methods in total: using the SFC utility, creating the AUInstall or AppReadiness folder, resetting the Windows Store, and deleting a specific entry in the Windows Registry. So let’s get started.

Methods for solving error 0x80073CF9

Method # 1 Using SFC Error 0x80073CF9

can be the result of damage to system files that are directly involved in the Windows 8 and 10 Store. What exactly caused them to be damaged is incredibly difficult to determine. However, you can try to restore system files using a dedicated utility called System File Checker.

So, to run this utility, you need to follow these steps:

Press the Windows + the S .

Type in “Command line”.

Right click on the result and select “Run as administrator”.

Type sfc / scannow and press Enter.

Wait for the System File Checker to finish running, and then restart your computer.

Go to the Windows Store again. Try downloading or updating some application to check for error 0x80073CF9. If everything goes well, the problem was the damage to the system files. If the error is still present, then let’s move on.

Method # 2 Creating the AUInstallAgent / AppReadiness folder

If you encounter errors when using the Windows Store (and in our case, this is error 0x80073CF9), then it is recommended to check for the AUInstallAgent (or  AppReadiness ) folder in the system  . This folder is very important for the correct operation of the Windows Store. If it is absent in your system for one reason or another, this can cause some problems, for example, error 0x80073CF9.

Go to the C: \ Windows \ directory and try to find the AUInstallAgent (or  AppReadiness ) folder  . If it is not there, then create it in this directory and restart your computer. After logging in again, check for error 0x80073CF9 in the Windows Store. In most cases, this method most often helps users when this problem occurs.

Method # 3 Reset Windows Store Cache

If all of the above methods failed to bring a positive result when solving error 0x80073CF9, then perhaps something is wrong with the application of the Windows Store itself on your computer. Application cache accumulations are often the culprit.

Reset Windows Store cache can be done in just a few seconds: Press Windows + the R . Then type WSReset.exe and press Enter. While clearing the cache, the Windows Store may close and open. Once clearing the cache is complete, go to the Store and check for error 0x80073CF9.

Method # 4 Removing a key

We are left with the last method in which we will delete a specific key from the Windows Registry. However, before deleting it, we strongly recommend that you create a backup copy of the Registry, since, in some cases, modification of the Registry can lead to instability and critical failure during the operation of the operating system.

So, press Windows + R to open the “Run …” utility. Now write Regedit.exe and press Enter to open the Windows Registry Editor. Opening the editor window, find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Appx \ AllowAllTrustedApps = 1 key in it  and delete it from the registry. When you are finished removing the key, close Registry Editor and restart your computer. This method helped some of the users when dealing with error 0x80073CF9, and we hope that it will help you in the same way.

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