How to find slugs in Minecraft

Slugs are bouncy and elusive mobs in Minecraft. They have a unique spawning behavior that makes them hard to find. However, with a little knowledge, you should be able to track down the slime in no time.

How to find slimes in minecraft0

Slimes can be found in swamps at night. Most likely, they appear during the full moon and do not appear during the new moon. Under certain conditions, slimes can also spawn underground.

Step-by-step instruction

Follow these 3 easy steps to find slimes in the world.

Step 1. Go to the swamp

Find a swamp biome in your world. The swamps look like low-lying areas with shallow grey-green water and liana-covered oaks. Here is an example of a typical swamp:

How to find slimes in Minecraft1

Step 2. Wait for the night

Slugs appear at night. Wait in the swamp until it gets dark. Slimes are more likely to appear on full moons.

How to find slimes in minecraft 2

Slimes will not spawn during a new moon. If you see a new moon overhead, you will have to return for another night.

How to find slimes in minecraft 3

Step 3. Search for slimes

When night falls, roam the swamp and watch out for jumping green cubes. If you find one slime, chances are there will be more nearby. Good hunting!

How to find slimes in minecraft 4

Search for slugs underground

Slimes can also be found underground in spawning grounds called “slime chunks”. In Minecraft, a “chunk” is a 16×16 segment of the game world. A piece that can spawn slugs is called a piece of slime. 10% of all chunks in your world are slime chunks. Slugs can spawn in an underground slime chunk if the y-coordinate (height) is 39 or lower.

What to do if mucus does not appear?

Check the phase of the moon. Remember that slimes do not appear on the surface during the new moon. You can also check the difficulty settings. Hostile mobs will not spawn on peaceful difficulty.

Is there a way to quickly find chunks of slime in my world?

You can use external browser tools such as the Slime Finder , which allow you to determine the coordinates of slime chunks by entering your world seed.


Slimes can be elusive, but their goo drops make them worthy of being hunted down. By understanding the secrets of their swamp spawning, you can always replenish your supply of slime.

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