How to choose a microphone arm for gaming?

All gaming enthusiasts agree that audio quality is essential to enjoy a unique gaming experience. Beyond a quality microphone, an adequate microphone arm is also necessary. It allows you to optimize your performance in the game by allowing you to save space, but also to have a better position for your microphone. Here are the important criteria for choosing the right microphone arm for gaming.

Choose a suitable microphone arm for your microphone

First of all, the ideal microphone arm must absolutely match the characteristics of your microphone. If the latter is too heavy, a microphone arm strong enough to support its weight should be preferred. If this is not the case, you risk seeing your microphone arm regularly slip down during your gaming sessions. This will force you to interrupt your games in order to raise it each time. In the long run, this could disturb your concentration or even alter the quality of your voice. Likewise, a mic that is too light for a mic arm that is too heavy will tend to pop up.

Likewise, you need to make sure that the mic arm is adjustable and adjustable to it. The presence of a screw at the end of the pole is necessary in order to properly fix the microphone to it to avoid positioning problems. In this way, your comfort during your game will be optimized.

Look for value for money

The prices of microphone arms are very divergent depending on their quality. It is possible to find them at low prices. However, durability is not always there. The ideal is then to establish an amount according to your expectations and your budget. As a gamer, you must ensure that communication is the best with your opponents, but especially with your teammates. This is important in order to establish the best strategies that will give you victory.

That said, it is recommended to opt for mid-range arms . For those in professional gaming, high-end arms will be needed. These generally do not exceed the margin of 100 €. However, the prices differ from one brand to another.

Consider the microphone arm mounting system

Mounting is a very important criterion that must be taken into account when purchasing your microphone arm. It can be fixed on a desk or on the wall. Still others stand on their feet, although it is rare to see gamers opting for this type of binding. Indeed, it is the desktop fixation that is much more widespread in the gaming world given its removable nature .

Thus, you will be able to take your arm from one place to another as you wish. Moreover, many arms are sold with mounting brackets that can be adapted to many types of worktops. However, wall mounts are stronger and offer a greater possibility of movement. Only drawback, you will have to be sure not to want to change its location later.

Check mic arm size

The size of the microphone arm is another criterion to take into account. An arm that is too big would be too bulky and limit movement. Conversely, an arm that is too small will not promote proper positioning of the microphone. It is therefore essential to make a choice adapted to your convenience in order to optimize your gaming experience.

Furthermore, the articulation of the arm must also be taken into account. It is important that it can move from left to right, as well as up and down, and even diagonally without disturbing your gaming games.

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