How to enable 2FA on Nintendo Switch

In recent times you have become very fond of online gaming on Nintendo Switch , even buying various contents from the console’s digital store, the Nintendo eShop. However, after accumulating a lot of game progress, V-Buck for Fortnite and purchasing a variety of digital content, you begin to be particularly concerned about the security of your account. What you want to discover is the possibility of using a secure access method on the Nintendo Switch that you have heard a lot about: 2FA (Two-factor authentication) , or two -factor authentication .

If that’s the case, what you need to secure your console is a guide on how to enable 2FA on the Nintendo Switch . Well, I’m happy to tell you that on this page you can consult the complete 2FA activation procedure on Nintendo Switch: it will be my pleasure to explain to you what are the most important steps to enable the safest login method available for your Nintendo account.

During this guide, I will also focus on the specific procedure for activating access to two-factor authentication on Fortnite, an extra security measure, aimed at protecting your Epic Games account even when you play on your Nintendo console. What you need to complete the 2FA activation procedure is just a few minutes of your free time, after which I am sure you will immediately feel more peaceful and secure when you return to have fun online. Not a bad perspective, right? Enjoy your reading and have fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to activate 2FA on Nintendo Switch
  • How to enable 2FA on Fortnite Nintendo Switch
    • Email authentication
    • Google Authenticator or other apps

Preliminary information

Before getting into the procedure on how to enable 2FA on Nintendo Switch to protect your Nintendo Account, I think it is important to make a clarification. In particular I am referring to the difference between two-factor authentication and two-step verification (in English it corresponds to the acronym TSV which stands for Two-Step Verification ).

In this regard, it is important to know that although both methods are safer than simply entering a username and password, as they generate a disposable code for access, it changes the way it is sent and received. code type.

With the 2FA system , the code is sent through a method aimed at verifying the identity of a user on two or more levels . For example, the first level could be a password (i.e. something you know ) and the second level could be a fingerprint (i.e. something you are ), or a code sent directly to a personal device (i.e. something you have ).

On the contrary, two-step verification is more simply the entry of a password in combination with the use of a disposable code that can be received, for example, via an SMS, which always follows the same principle of something that is known , not requiring the use of something that one is or has . For this reason, it becomes potentially easier for an attacker to intercept or get hold of the access code (compared, for example, to “stealing” a fingerprint!).

Having clarified this difference, I think the advantage of the 2FA access system over the more classic login methods becomes quite clear. Reason why in my opinion it is always the one to prefer, also as regards its activation for the accounts of other services and social networks (I told you about it in a dedicated tutorial , if you want to learn more).

That said, to proceed with enabling 2FA, all you need is your Nintendo Switch in your hands and a Nintendo Account for online play. I guess you already have a Nintendo profile, but if not I can help you create one via this tutorial .

How to activate 2FA on Nintendo Switch

Are you ready to activate 2FA access to your Nintendo Account ? You must know that for this operation it is necessary to use a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet connected to the Internet. Furthermore, it is not possible to proceed if the Nintendo Account is managed by a relative / parent or guardian, nor if the account is of a child under 16.

That said, connect to the Nintendo login page and log in by entering your email address / login ID and password . You can also log into your account using that of a social network such as Facebook or Twitter , or again, using the login details to your Google and Apple accounts .

Whichever login method you choose, once logged in you will be connected to your personal Nintendo page. From here, select the Login and Security Settings menu and scroll down to Two-Step Verification , then press the Edit button . On the next page, continue by pressing the Activate red two-step verification button .

In doing so, the site will send a verification code to the email address used with the Nintendo account. In case of need (for example inability to log in), you can change this email address by going to the User Information menu and pressing the Change button located near the E-mail address item .

Now open your inbox to locate the e-mail containing the two-factor access code sent by Nintendo (the item usually starts with [Nintendo Account] ). Once the e-mail is opened, copy and paste the code (or memorize it in any other way) and then paste it (or write it) on the Nintendo page left pending, then press the Send button .

Now is the time to use a dedicated 2FA app, i.e. an authentication app . Among the many available, the one I would like to recommend is, for a matter of practicality and reliability, Google Authenticator . Other similar and equally recommended apps are Microsoft Authenticator and Authy .

The task of these apps is to unlock access to your account via a one -time activation code . All these apps work similar (but not identical), so you can still follow the suggestions I’m about to give you, taking into account the small differences between one application and another.

You can download Google Authenticator both on Android (from the Play Store or from an alternative store if you don’t have access to Google services) and on iPhone and iPad (from the App Store ) by following the usual installation procedure . Basically, you just need to visit the store page and press the Install / Get button . On iOS / iPadOS you may need to verify your identity via Face ID , Touch ID or Apple ID password .

The next step is to open the app and tap the START and END buttons after reading the instructions on the screen. Proceed by pressing the Read Barcode button to access your device’s camera and scan the QR code displayed on the Nintendo website.

If you prefer not to use the camera, you can also press the Enter code key provided by the Google Authenticator app, then enter the long code consisting of letters and numbers with manual entry .

Once this step is complete, you will get a new six-digit code to enter in the next step on the Nintendo website. Once this is done, you have concluded the procedure and, if everything went well, from now on, every time you log in to your Nintendo account on the Switch you will be asked to enter an additional code via the authenticator app.

Please note that Nintendo provides at the same time as the activation of 2FA a list of backup codes to keep as a reserve in case of access when you do not have the authentication app with you. These codes are disposable, so keep them tight and memorize them in the way most convenient for you, but remember to keep them away from potential prying eyes!

How to enable 2FA on Fortnite Nintendo Switch

If you want to keep the bad guys out of your Fortnite game account and safeguard the many hours of multiplayer done by your favorite console, what you need is to know how to activate 2FA on Fortnite Nintendo Switch .

To be honest, by enabling 2FA on Fortnite you directly protect your Epic Games game account , so access to the game will be protected not only when you play on Nintendo Switch, but also on all platforms that support this Battle Royale.

To enable this login method, you can use any web browser and connect to the official Epic Games website , and then log in by entering your e-mail address and password , after choosing the Login with Epic Games option .

Alternatively, you can select one of the many social networks and game accounts available to log in, for example, using the Nintendo Switch account , but also those of PlayStation , Xbox , Facebook and Google .

Once you have chosen the login method, press the Login button to display the screen dedicated to your account settings. If this does not happen, the reason may lie in the need to transform your provisional account into permanent by following the wizard. If you want more information on this, feel free to help with my guide on the subject. Furthermore, while you are on this page, I point out that you can also take the opportunity to change your name on Fortnite by following these specific tips .

Returning to the 2FA procedure, once you have entered your account settings, select the PASSWORD AND SECURITY item from the side menu , then scroll down to the TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION section to move the switch to the active position corresponding to one of the two choices available: E-MAIL AUTHENTICATION , or APP AUTHENTICATOR . I tell you about the procedure for each method in the following chapters.

Email authentication

By choosing to move the switch to active under E-MAIL AUTHENTICATION , the Epic Games site will automatically send you an e-mail containing a two-factor access code. The procedure is very similar to that seen for activating 2FA on Nintendo Switch .

After saving the code sent by e-mail from Epic Games, go back to the 2FA activation page and report the code in the text box with the writing Security code \ * (of course you can also use the copy and paste technique here ). Once done, select the Continue button .

Great! With this method enabled, a 6-digit code will be sent to your email address every time you log into your Epic Games account , after entering your email address and password. If you want to use the authenticator app method, read the next chapter.

Google Authenticator or other apps

By activating the APP AUTHENTICATOR option switch from the PASSWORD AND SECURITY menu of your Epic Games account, the 2FA login procedure will require the use of a “token” app with the function of receiving the use-and-security code. throws.

The procedure also in this case does not differ much from the one I described to you in the chapter dedicated to the activation of 2FA for the Nintendo account . Even if 2FA is enabled for your Epic Games account, I suggest the Google Authenticator app , but you can always use a valid alternative of your preference.

After installing or opening the authentication app, proceed by pressing the Read Barcode button to access the camera of your device and scan the QR code displayed on the screen after activating the APP AUTHENTICATOR option from the Epic Games website.

This will give you a 6-digit unlock code that you can use to log into your game account. This code is updated at regular intervals directly from Epic Games. To complete the procedure, type the code in the Security code \ * text box and press the ACTIVATE key below.

Congratulations, you have activated 2FA in Fortnite! How do you say? Would you like to use an app other than Google Authenticator but you don’t know how to proceed? Don’t worry, I think I can also assist you with other apps with the information I collected in this tutorial dedicated to activating 2FA to access Fortnite. Hope it helps!


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