How not to make the PS4 make noise

Lately, you get the impression that your PlayStation 4 is running its cooling fans a little too frequently, even at times when you’re not running demanding games and therefore there shouldn’t be a lot of airflow to dissipate the heat generated by the components. hardware.

In short, the noise emitted by the PS4 is considerable, and it is as if too much heat accumulates before even putting the console under stress. In this case, I think the time has come to do some maintenance on your console and give your ears some peace of mind.

In today’s tutorial I will talk to you about how not to make the PS4 make noise and I will suggest some methods to regenerate the console in order to reduce the premature accumulation of heat and consequently the early activation of its cooling system (factor which will also allow you, more generally, to extend the life of your PlayStation). So if you’re ready to take action, read on. Find everything explained below. I wish you a good reading and a good job!


  • Preliminary information
  • How not to make the PS4 make noise
    • Clean the PS4 vents
    • Change the position of the PS4
    • Use PS4 Cooling Bases
    • Clean and change the PS4 thermal paste

Preliminary information

The noise emitted by the PlayStation 4 in situations that do not overload the processor indicates that the console needs maintenance. In short, it is a clear sign that the console is experiencing some resistance in dissipating the heat accumulated inside it by the hardware components, which are still operational (even if you are simply in the system menu or in the PSN settings ) .

There are several methods to reduce the problem and get the PS4 to stop making a lot of noise – some simpler to implement and others a little more complex but certainly more effective – all have to do with the mitigation of the developed heat anyway. inside the console.

Among the solutions in question, there is the one that plans to clean the console vents externally and optimize the position of the PS4 : the narrow and suffocating spaces are, in fact, the worst enemies of ventilation and contribute significantly to the overheating of the console.

Another “simple” solution is to use a cooling base that facilitates the expulsion of heat with additional fans to those of the system.

The most effective method to restore the system in all its freshness, however, is the most complex and involves cleaning the console internally and changing the thermal paste between the processor and the heatsink, which over the years tends to dry out and therefore harden. , preventing proper thermal transfusion between CPU and heatsink.

In the next chapters we will take a closer look at each of these tips: you will see that after reading each tip you will have a bit clearer ideas on what to do and you will be able to identify which method is best for you and your PS4.

How not to make the PS4 make noise

Here you are at the point of the guide: armed with patience, take a few minutes of your free time and carefully read the solutions I propose below, you will find all the detailed information to know how not to make the PS4 make noise .

Clean the PS4 vents

A first tip, not at all invasive, that I give you to reduce the noise of your console, is certainly to clean the air vents of the PS4 . Often the rear vents become clogged with small accumulations of dust that you do not see since they are located on the rear side of the console.

To proceed with cleaning the air intakes, therefore, you must equip yourself with a compressed air can to blow out the dust and a medium-bristled brush to complete the work and remove the dirt that has accumulated on the edges of the casing. .


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When you are equipped with the necessary, you can start by spraying the compressed air into the side air intakes, directing the jet towards the rear of the console and not perpendicularly, so as to make the bulk of the dust escape from the rear vents. Then spray it also in the front USB sockets and, finally, in the rear air intakes .

After having expelled the bulk, when you notice that apparently there is nothing else to expel, pass the dry brush on all the points where you have blown the compressed air, so as to physically remove that veil of dust that has stuck on the edges of the air vents due to humidity.

If you want to deepen the topic on cleaning the console, I suggest you give a quick reading to my special guide which talks about how to clean the PS4 from the outside .

Change the position of the PS4

A second tip I can give you, in order to reduce the unpleasant noise of your console’s cooling system, is to try to change the position of the PS4 .

We often place consoles on a shelf surrounded by books or boxes or other obstacles that prevent proper ventilation flow. The worst position for a console is to be placed inside a cabinet with closed doors or in any case with little free space.

So, if this is your situation, I strongly suggest you try placing the console on a spacious shelf and not cluttered with books or large-volume objects that could obstruct the console’s “breathing”.

The more air volume surrounds the PS4, the better the airflow generated by the internal cooling system. However, you must always pay attention to where you place it, for example I do not recommend placing it near windows, on the floor or, worse, in the open air.

Use PS4 Cooling Bases

Another very effective tip to help reduce PS4 noise is to use PS4 cooling bases , which are also equipped with fans, but not very noisy.

The cooling bases for PS4 are produced with the purpose of providing additional ventilation in the PS4 and therefore helping to expel the heat generated by the console, as well as often providing support for charging PS4 controllers . There are bases of all kinds and compatible with all PS4 models, namely Fai, Slim and Pro.

Take a look at some bases that I propose below compatible with all PS4 models, easy to install and easy to find conveniently online at really interesting prices.


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If you want to keep the console horizontal, there are dedicated cooling kits for the different PS4 models, with the installation media in the specific dimensions for each console. So in this case you will only have to consider the product compatible with your PS4. Below, for example, you will find some that are compatible with PS4 Pro .


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Below, however, you will find some cooling kits for PS4 Slim .


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Finally, here are some cooling kits for PS4 Fat (the first model).


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The basics are very simple to install. Once positioned as per the drawing shown in the product instructions, just connect them to any rear or front USB socket of the console and you’re done.

Clean and change the PS4 thermal paste

The last tip I can give you in order to reduce the noise of your PS4, most effective of all those mentioned above but very invasive, is definitely to clean internally and change the thermal paste of the PS4 .

This will require a lot of patience and a minimum of skill in handling tools and electronic components in order not to cause trouble. Also, be aware that opening the PS4 will void its warranty . If you don’t feel like trying it yourself or if the console is still under warranty, I strongly suggest you go to an authorized service center .

For the procedure to open and clean the console you will need a T8 or T9 screwdriver , a Phillips screwdriver with a 3 mm tip , a dry paper towel or cotton ; also you will need the new silver or gold based thermal paste to apply in the console.


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The thermal paste , as mentioned, has the function of filling the imperfections of the adhesion between the processor and the heatsink, greatly optimizing the thermal transfusion, very little is enough and the better the compound, the better the final performance. I do not recommend using ceramic- based thermal pastes , as unlike competitors they tend to act as insulators.


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Finally, I suggest you handle the internal components of the PS4 with thimbles or latex gloves , in order not to inadvertently create small conductive bridges with your fingers between the internal electronics and therefore risk doing irreversible damage.


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Once you have found what you need, you are ready to disassemble the console. I recommend that you disconnect all connected cables and place the PS4 on a clean and spacious surface in order to work well and calmly without any obstacles or interference.

Each PS4 model is composed of a different casing and fixing set, so to open your console I suggest you identify the model in your possession and then follow the instructions I wrote in detail in my guide on how to open PS4 , in the which you will find instructions to open a PS4 Fat , Slim or Pro .

Once the console is open, you can clean the internal fan with a can of compressed air and finish the most stubborn dusty parts with a dry brush : this will be a cure-all for your cooling system.

Next, you will need to gently clean the processor plate and heatsink , removing the residue of the old , hardened thermal paste . Use a dry paper towel or cotton to caress the surfaces without limescale excessively.

After removing all the residues of the old pasta, you can apply the new thermal paste : just an amount equivalent to the size of a grain of rice, to be placed right in the center of the processor.

With a thimble or a latex glove , spread the thermal paste that you placed in the center of the processor starting from the center outwards: it does not need to be leveled, the important thing is that it is spread in this direction. The operation is very simple but, in case you need visual aids, you can find many guides on the subject directly on YouTube .

Finally, you can close everything carefully and reconnect the PS4 to the TV and power to test it. Good fun!


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